I feel like the anti-bride. Not that I don’t want to get married. I could do without the planning part. I almost feel like I’m missing the gene for “extreme bridal enthusiasm since age five.” Surely I can’t be the only bride-to-be that actually doesn’t like wedding planning? I think it has to do with the fact I’m not really into cheesy romantic stuff. I also don’t care what kind of chairs are at the reception. Though, I will draw the line at 1970’s church basement folding chairs. One of my oldest friends (not in age, but in length of time known) got engaged a few months ago. She just got back from a trip overseas scouting wedding venues. She is just simply giddy with excitement and really wants to plan our weddings together. Together, like we’re still having separate weddings. I’m happy that she is getting married, and she seems to really enjoy the planning process.

But it only makes it more obvious to me, that I do not share the mythical wedding planning enthusiasm. Dude, I don’t even like weddings all that much. *audible gasp*  My ceremony is going to be short and sweet. I’d rather get to the fun part of my wedding. I want to have some drinks and dance with my friends + family!

Anyway I’ve got the big strokes done with my wedding. I have the date, venue, food, DJ, flowers, videographer, bridal party, and cake. Oh yeah, I recently asked my brother to be the officiant. He may or may not be using a Darth Vader voice changer. So that part is also done. Andy is working on the photographer part, because his friend is a photographer. But it makes me nervous he hasn’t firmed that up with him yet, apparently you are supposed to book the photographer the minute before you even get engaged. I’m already falling behind, haha.

The saving grace is dress shopping. One of my friends wanted me start that process over the summer, I thought it was too early. So I will likely start in January or February. I’m forcing myself to have a dress in place by mid-March. But I’m most not looking forward to the guest list. We each get 50 people. So I imagine there are going to be a lot of people mad at me. But I’m not having a 3000 people at my wedding so I “don’t offend anyone.” That is lunacy. People will just have to understand I’m having a fairly small wedding. 


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