Andy and I celebrated our anniversary over the weekend. It’s actually today, but we opted to celebrate it on a Saturday so we could enjoy the night. I realize this is the last time we’ll celebrate the anniversary of the start of our relationship, because it will be replaced with our wedding anniversary after we get married next year. *gasp* I’m not mad about it, because we’re getting married in September, so it will be much warmer than celebrating in November. I’ll take it!


It was actually snowing a tiny bit on Saturday night, it didn’t stick, but enough to turn my hair into frizz. Thanks Mother Nature, you bitch. haha! Anyway, we opted to try Abe & Louie’s. It was on our list of steak places to try, and we liked it! My favorite place is still “Moo….”, but they are a top contender. I got the bone-in filet, and Andy had the NY Strip. Both were really good!

I’m glad we got to check this place out. It was seriously super crowded when we got there. I was happy I made a reservation a few weeks prior, or we would have waited about an hour and a half for a table. I’m not sure what was happening there, but we were barely able to swim through the crowd to get to the desk so I could check in. We also got there earlier than our reservation. They said they would take us to our table when it was closer to the res time. The crowd made me nervous that we would be waiting over our res time for a table. But they made good on their promise, we only waited about 15-20 minutes. I was pumped! There was a crazed man standing next to us, complaining to anyone that would listen about how long he had to wait for a table. He claimed that he was some kind of “VIP” member there. I have my doubts about this supposed VIP membership, but he was probably mad we got seated before him. 


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