I don’t do Black Friday shopping. I used to do it, but waking up extremely early on a day off is criminal. To me, it’s not worth the hassle. Aside from shopping, it’s basically a day filled with things I despise. Lack of parking, tons of people, long lines, and tons of people. PASSARONI SALAD ON THAT! That’s why Cyber Monday is where it is at. This introvert can truly appreciate the lack of human interaction Cyber Monday entails!

I actually finished my Christmas shopping already. Andy just has to pick up something for his parents, and I have to order the gift for Andy. But aside from that, no more shopping! It’s quite freeing to be done with online gift shopping.

 I always have a mini panic attack as the holiday season approaches, mostly because I have a ton of people to shop for. There is a lot of thinking involved, but it’s done. Now the not fun part of having to wrap gifts is coming up. I usually wait until a few days before Christmas to do that.


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