So FX is in the middle of another Simpsons marathon. I personally love the marathons! I’m happy there is another one, since they moved The Simpsons to FX channel. Andy and I both Simpsons fans. But I think he is growing sick of the marathon. I’m still going strong. I WIN! Although, he hasn’t outright asked me to change the TV channel as of yet, but I sense he is growing weary. 

 I used to watch the Simpsons everyday after school. I would watch The Simpsons and Seinfeld, every weekday after dinner. It was my ritual. To me, it’s quite fun to come home from work and watch a marathon. My only gripe, I don’t like the newer episodes. So the last few days of the marathon will  not be enjoyed. I guess I’m too old skool? No matter, I’m going to sit down with my Duff beer, some grade Z Malk, and pack of Laramie’s tonight. Just kidding about the Laramie’s, I don’t smoke…not even fictitious products. 


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