Looks like I forgot to blog yesterday. This month is a bit crazy! My work is moving locations, and I will have a much shorter commute. Also, my new office won’t be in the middle of the woods, so it will be nice to be in civilization. Although, they did open a huge new strip mall (sort of) near my work. So the last year or so, haven’t been bad for this boondocks worker. But now I have to pack up my desk, which isn’t fun. I’ve been trying to dump things, but looks like I’m going to need more than 3 crates, only because my filing racks and binders take up a ton of space. UGH.

At least it will be easier after we move, I can walk to places for lunch and shopping. Plus I can run errands during lunch, e-gads! The best part of all, I will be near tons of Pokestops! Haha! I know I’m like one of 3 people worldwide still playing Pokemon Go, but I’m very close to getting all of the original Pokemon (that are available to my region). My goal was to try and get as many as possible, before they add  100 more to the game. Let’s see how far I can get. 

Anyway, I had a pretty fun weekend. One night we ended up at the bar near my place. We noticed a piano stored on the balcony, and wanted to play it. I think I convinced a guy to attempt to climb the balcony to play it, but I didn’t want to witness him getting kicked out, so I told him to not bother. 



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