Yesterday a ton of my Facebook friends, posted this funny SNL video featuring Casey Affleck . I feel like it might be lost on people that aren’t from New England. But it’s hilarious! 

Over the weekend, Andy and I saw Manchester By the Sea. It’s a movie that Casey Affleck wrote and starred in. I didn’t know what to expect from the movie. It’s an independent film, and we saw it at a small theater near my new office. 

I haven’t been to that theater in over 15 years, it used to only show foreign films. I went with my my mom once to see an Italian movie back in the day. I actually liked the movie. ANYWAY, Manchester by the Sea was a bit depressing. I got a little teary-eyed at some parts. Overall, I liked it. But it’s definitely a tear-jerker.  YE BE WARNED! We also went to dinner after at one of my favorite restaurants. That cheered me up a tad.

This week is short, but will drag. After Thursday, I’m not going back to work until January. I usually try to take the last week of December off. Hope I can continue this tradition. I also took last Friday off. I was sad I missed our company Christmas party, but lounging around my house prevails. 


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