Yesterday a homeless man was standing outside Dunkins at 7am, when I went in for coffee. An officer gave him a dollar. Then he stood next to me in line and asked for a dollar. I gave him one. I don’t usually carry cash, but I happen to have a dollar. This guy looked a bit shady, I will admit I mostly gave him the money so he would leave me be. 

Anyway, I guess around noon he was still hanging out in the area. He ended up stabbing a man, as the man was exiting the movie theater. The man did not know the person who stabbed him. It was just bizarre! 

The man was rushed to the hospital, and will be okay. I got more information on the stabber. He is a schizophrenic, who stopped taking medications. He was apprehended by the police. Now everyone at work is saying it’s good I have the man a dollar. Otherwise it’s possible I could have been stabbed too. I hope the man gets the mental help he needs. 


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  1. That’s scary. Glad the guy who was stabbed will be okay and, I too, hope the homeless guy gets the help he needs.

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