My face when someone asks about wedding plans

Ugh, I was doing SO GOOD at blogging a few times a week. Then I got all stressed out about  moving and neglected my blog. But I moved back in April, and haven’t gotten back on the blogging horse. Sorry Bloggy Horse!  The new apartment is coming along. We have some furniture arriving soon, which reminds me that I have to call and ask when it’s arriving. 

I always have a bewildered look on my face when I get asked how wedding planning is going. Not that I’m necessarily behind on anything, I  just don’t really know what I’m doing. So I’m just stumbling along like everyone else who has never planned a wedding before. The invites went out last week. So far, only a few people on Andy’s side have responded. Good thing we don’t have a bet going on who gets the most RVSP’s, as I don’t have one single card back from anyone I invited. I guess my friends and families aren’t as eager as Andy’s side? 

 Anyway, last weekend we met with the event coordinator at our wedding venue. We ran through a bunch of items for the wedding. At the end, she said she wished she had more brides as organized as myself. I consider this a huge compliment, since I have no clue what I am doing! All I did was download a checklist by month of what I’m supposed to be doing (according to one of those wedding websites). It’s actually quite handy. 

I moved the checklist to my own Google Keep file.  I wanted the option to customize the list. I should have kept my master list intact, so I could share it with other brides who don’t know what they are doing either and are just stumbling through the wedding planning process. I also had my dress fitting this month. The top of my dress has to be taken in quite a bit, I bought a sample off the rack. It needs to be shortened so my crazy heels can peep through a little.  We did our cake tasting as well. I still dream about the chocolate cake,  I’m sure I’ll be sick of it when I have to take home leftovers.  Worry about that later, I suppose. 



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4 responses to “DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS

  1. It sounds like you are doing okay with the wedding planning. You just feel like you aren’t. That happens a lot. At least you got the invitations out. My niece just got married and some of hers didn’t get sent until a couple of weeks before. I think you are waaaay ahead of her and her wedding turned out great. So, no need to stress. Just enjoy the process.

    • Omg, I could never send invites that late. I’m too neurotic. I hope your niece had a great weddibg.
      Yes, I must be doing fine if the coordinator said so! Sometimes I wonder how much more difficult wedding planning was back before the internet was really what it is today. Without the the help of wedding websites, I would just elope. Haha 🙂

      • I think with the evolution of the internet, weddings have gotten more and more elaborate because you can see all of the possibilities. Before that, you did have wedding planners and wedding “shows,” but I just think everything was simpler.

      • My niece did have a great wedding. Thanks.

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