In May, my work had a mobile eye exam company park outside for the day. The office is this really nice RV with a back section for eye exams and front area for frames and sales. It’s really convenient. This year I decided to buy a pair of glasses from them. I got a nice pair of Zac Posen frames and lenses. The glasses arrived quickly. Everything was totally fine until recently, when I noticed that the back of my ears seemed to have some kind of reaction to the glasses.

The area got gross and scabbed over. I soon realized there is a small metal bit on the temple tip of the glasses. I guess I was experiencing some kind of skin reaction from the frames. I already got in touch with the company. Not sure if I can get a full refund or not, I’m guessing I can only get my frames refunded. So I may opt to put my lenses into another frame. Now I need to to cautious about what kind of frames I select. Ugh! I’m bummed these frames didn’t work out. 



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  1. So, with metal, sometimes they treat metal with chemicals that can bother skin. That’s why silver rings sometimes turn fingers green, is because of the finishing crap they put on it, so maybe it’s something like that? Still absolutely sucks, and I hope they give you your dollars back!

  2. HEYYY LADY!! 🙂 Yes, I forgot to update the post. They are letting me exchange my glasses for another pair. The new pair I picked are actually cheaper than the ones I am returning, so I’ll get the difference refunded. I made sure to pick a pair that didn’t have metal on the temple tip.

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