I went to Boston Comic Con over the weekend with my friend Fiona. Friday was a “casual cosplay” day. I went as a comic book lady? I don’t really know, I just really wanted to wear the dress. Fiona went as Preacher, the comic and TV show.

I got a few photo ops during the weekend. On Friday I took a picture with Jay & Silent Bob. They were awesome and very friendly and gave hugs. They got a kick out of my “berserker” thought bubble. Fiona got to perform a skit with them during their panel! Jealous!

No that’s not actually Robert Downey Jr. Just an uncanny look alike

Saturday was a very busy day! Fiona and I did our more serious costumes. She went as a really convincing Atomic Blonde (new Charlize Theron movie). She even had the hose to choke people, like from the movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I want to. Anyway, I dressed in my galaxy dress and threw on my Millennium Falcon costume and C3PO shoes.

 Unfortunately, my shoes were not made for quite so much walking. They started to really tear into my feet. I couldn’t find Star Wars socks at the Con oddly. So I bought some Spock socks at a booth, and transformed into the Millennium Vulcan. I had a minor anxiety attack on Saturday as the lines to get in were so long, I thought I was going to miss my Stan Lee photo op time. Thankfully the lines moved really fast and I had time to spare! Getting a picture with Stan Lee was awesome. I hope he is doing ok, as his wife passed away last month. My condolences!

I shopped around some booths and somehow ended up buying a new pair of glasses from a booth. Ya know, NOT LIKE I JUST GOT A NEW PAIR OR ANYTHING. Ugh, insert eye-roll. But but but, these will be the best pair of glasses I’ll ever own. They are 100% customizable. I’m getting a Star Wars pair! After I had a photo op with Anthony Daniels (C3PO). He really loved my costume and C3PO shoes. He was a delight to meet.

That night we went to the glow after party. I wore my glow  in the dark dress. It was such a fun weekend! I can’t wait to do this again.


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  1. I saw your photos on Instagram and it looks like you were having an absolutely amazing time! And I’m very much jealous of the photo with Jay & Silent Bob!

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