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I went to Vegas with a group of friends a little over a week ago. It was a lot of fun! One of the highlights was going to old Vegas, and having a giant preying-mantis sing Queen to us. 


We spent a lot of time at the pool, it was a billion degrees. One day we got a day bed, the other we got ritzy and rented a cabana. Money well-spent. We also upgraded our room. We had 2 TV’s, a living room, and nice view.  I usually stay at the Flamingo, but we ended up at The Linq, which is next door. 


Adventures included burning to death, Vegas at night, and some light sun-poisoning. Thankfully I didn’t get a sunburn. I was pretty vigilant with the sunscreen.


Pardon me, I like to make weird faces in pictures!

We also went on the high roller. I’ve been on it before, but it’s still fun. Would I do it a third time? Probably not.


Next time I go, I’m spending most of my time in Old Vegas. It’s basically how Vegas is supposed to be. I also got to check out the Neon Museum at night. I’ve only gone during the day, and it gets quite hot there. It’s a cool place filled with old neon signs. One of my friends couldn’t join this time, due to her class schedule. So we’re going to plan a trip when she is done with school. 

I can’t believe tomorrow is Independence Day! I have a fun trip planned filled with hot air balloons, and brewery tours. 


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We encountered a real bear on Saturday morning, as he ran into the woods!

This post is about my awesome bachelorette party weekend. There were tons of penis decorations, which I was fine with. I just didn’t want a REAL stripper, and thankfully there wasn’t one! The house we rented in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was awesome! It has 5 bedrooms and fire pit area outside. We did a lot of fun things. One of my favorites was decorating our sashes for a night in the town. 


We spent the first day by the pool and did some light shopping. After I got back, my friends decorated the house and it looked awesome! We stayed by the fire that night, and we named our inflatable man Bernie. Thus began weekend at Bernie’s! 


On Saturday, we were supposed to go do the ropes course and zip-lining. But a lot of us were feeling a bit under the weather, so we decorated our sashes and decided to the sky gondola ride at the ski resort. The ride involved getting into these pods that brought us up the mountain. Once we got to the top, there were a bunch of things to check out. Apparently there was a wedding happening at the ampitheater area, which looked seriously awesome! The only draw back to getting married up there, is your guests would need to take a 15 minute gondola ride up each way. My relatives would freak out. Anyway, the only thing I didn’t like was the caves. They looked more like rock formations, not caves. Also, too many freaking stairs. No thanks!


That night, we went out to dinner and annoyed the guests at a local Mexican restaurant. We got all decked out in our bachelorette swag and hit the mountain town. We brought Bernie along to the restaurant. He was a hoot! A kid at a neighboring table was fascinated with Bern-Man, they were the same height. When we told his parents his name is Bernie, they definitely picked up on the movie reference. SCORE! 


After scaring away all the patrons at the restaurant, we went to a brewery/inn/bar. It was a happening place with an 80s cover band and good brews. I made some friends, and I may need a restraining order from this woman that was fine at first, but then wouldn’t leave me alone. But that’s a tale for another time. It was such a great weekend, and I love my friends for making this the best weekend ever. Now I’m aboard the struggle bus from being tired. 



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So it looks like I can’t escape mice at home or at work. We had some mice in our apartment a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve kept the traps set around in the house in case they decide to come back. About a year ago the trap in the kitchen caught a random mouse. I haven’t seen any “droppings” or anything since. I discovered over the weekend while vacuuming, that a trap in the living room had caught one. I didn’t notice any droppings around the house either. So it looks like we seem to get a random mouse about once a year or so (in the summer, which is strange). But they quickly meet their doom. I guess mouse karma came after me. I keep a toothbrush at work because I eat breakfast and drink coffee there. So I like to brush my teeth after eating. I noticed the baggie I keep the toothbrush and paste in, housed a foreign object. An object which resembled a mouse turd. I thought it was merely a piece of lint, as I had some leather swatches on my desk. NOPE, it wasn’t dear diary!

It was a mouse turd. THANK GOD I noticed before I decided to take the cover off my toothbrush and use it. Oh yes, the whole “mice hate mint” thing is bullshit.  I use mint toothpaste and that didn’t deter the little fucker.  Unfortunately, I also keep a box of tissues in my desk. I did use a tissue this morning, before realizing my mouse visitor had violated the top of the box. So there is a good chance I have the plague or something. Awesome, right? I ended up tossing EVERYTHING that was in the drawers, both personal items and office supplies. I told the facilities people about it, someone is supposed to come and clean the drawers. Until then, I went to Target on my lunch break to replace the personal items I had thrown out. I even got a cute little container with a lid. I moved all my snacks and stuff to a high shelf, hopefully the mouse can’t figure how gain access. Oddly, the mouse only ate some of my K-cups in the drawer. It missed the other drawer that housed actual snack foods. Clearly we’re dealing with Pinky, and not The Brain.

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There comes a time in every dog owners life, when they begin to really question their life choices. I mean, my dog has been a complete asshat the last few weeks and we don’t know why. We’ve had him 4 years now, and he’s actually been quite well-behaved when he is alone. 

As of late he freaks out, and busts down the gate of the room he stays in. Now that he’s learned this new party trick, he does it constantly. So we had to start crating him while we’re out, which isn’t ideal. But I just watched him bust through the crate on the cams yesterday. I was getting really fed up with his new behavior. 

When I got home, I noticed he managed to scratch the top and side of his muzzle with the crate escape. I was going to take him to the vet, but the injury doesn’t prevent him from eating, drinking, sleeping, leaping, and walking. So I figured he would be fine. He just looked as if he should audition for one of those incredibly depressing Sarah Mclaughlin commercials.

We’ve been trying to keep it clean and put Neosporin on it, but he just licks it off. It looks much better today. Thankfully didn’t really destroy anything aside from his crate yesterday. Last week ,he destroyed a set of blinds. Which tallies the window blinds death toll at 3. We bought new sets, but they are (of course) the wrong size. 

Another time, he scratched some paint off the bathroom door, and has left countless amounts of scratches on the back door. But at least he hasn’t gotten into our food, or destroyed furniture.

We have been trying to figure out how our dog has gone from zero to psychotic the last few weeks. We took him to the vet a couple weeks ago, and they determined he was fine. The only thing that we changed was his food. We let him pick his own food at the pet store a few weeks ago. It was a bag of duck-flavored Blue Buffalo. He seemed indifferent towards his new food. The food was the only change, so we decided to change back his food yesterday. Plus our vet told us not to get Blue Buffalo anymore. So we aren’t going to have him finish the rest off.

Thus far, he hasn’t done anything crazy. But the day is still young. Usually by now, he would have escaped the room. But he just snoozing in his bed, which is a miracle. But to be safe, we are going to take him for longer walks to tucker him out, couldn’t hurt.

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I went to the zoo and named this crane Dr. Frasier Crane

It’s totally blasphemous that it’s Monday already. It’s just plain rude!  Anyway, I had another busy weekend. I went out for dinner and drinks with friends on Friday. I had a delicious drink that tasted like a Jolly Rancher. On Saturday I finally got to see Erin! We went to the Roger Williams Zoo. There is a zoo that is a lot closer to her house, but we decided to change things up. As much as I like the RWZ, the zoo near Erin’s house is much larger.


We wandered around the zoo for a bit. I took many selfies with flamingos, elephants, and giraffes. The weather was nice, it wasn’t too warm. After the zoo, we had a seriously amazing dinner at this new Mexican restaurant near Erin’s house. I’m still dreaming of the fresh guacamole. They have a guy in the restaurant with a cart, and he makes guacamole right at your table. It is the best guacamole I’ve had. I wish this place was close to me, so I could go back again.

We planned to see the movie Central Intelligence at the drive-in movie theater near her house. So we gathered up camping chairs, blankets, bug repellent, and snacks. The movie doesn’t start until about 9pm. But we decided to show up at 7, to scope out a good spot. Turns out, all our prep and getting there 2 hours early was moot. The line to get into the drive-in well over a mile long. WTF?!

I’ve gone to this drive-in about a half dozen times over the years, and never had to wait in a crazy line. We think the line was for Finding Dory, which was on the first screen. That is why we planned to see Central Intelligence on the other screen. Thankfully there is also a movie theater near her house, so we tossed the snacks into a purse and snuck them into the theater. Central Intelligence was really funny! I love The Rock, so I probably would have seen it even if it was bad.

PS. It turns out, even if we did get to the drive-in early enough, it was too chaotic to enjoy the movie. My co-worker’s brother tried to go, and had to leave the movie. The drive-in was completely unorganzied and crazy this past weekend. We dodged a bullet there!

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Don’t let this sweet face fool you, Zorro is a naughty puppy! Not only was he a jerk store at the SoWa vintage market this week, but he freaked out yesterday when we were out. I guess my dad stopped by, but didn’t come in the apartment. He merely went around the yard to check for rat holes. Ah the joys of city living (I can’t wait to move)!


Anyway, Z gets really excited to see my dad. So he got himself all wild knowing he was around. He damaged the blinds trying to look out the window, and proceeded to plow through the baby gate. Then had free run of the entire apartment. I keep him in the dining room because I don’t want him on our bed, drinking toilet water, or eating things in the kitchen. Know what he did? BASICALLY ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

I was so mad when I got home and noticed the baby gate was bowled over. Mind you, I don’t have a big apartment. Also note, my dog is almost 80 lbs. I couldn’t find him at first. Where can a large dog hide in a small apartment?! He managed to jam himself in a corner up against the backdoor and cabinet wall. I couldn’t see him at first until I was near the fridge, due to the angle. Man did he look so regretful! He knew he was in trouble. I feel bad because I did yell at him, and he was clearly very sorry he did it.

So what did he do on his big day? He managed take a pair of scissors out of a pencil cup and bring them into his lair, leaving all the innocent pencils unharmed. I’m still trying to figure out how he did that without knocking all the pencils out. He drank toilet water, and dirtied up my tub. Then proceeded to stomp all over my JUST CLEANED BEDDING with his fudging toilet water paws. To add insult to injury, he had a full bowl of non-toilet water to drink from. Thankfully he didn’t do any of the 3 P’s (pee, puke, poop). But he did manage to knock over one of Andy’s routers.

Needless to say I was quite annoyed to clean my bedding twice in a week. I also had to spray down the tub, mop, vacuum, and sanitize the toilet. FUN.

Anwyay, I decided to check the security cam this morning to find THE PRISONER ESCAPED the dining room again! I guess I didn’t tighten the gate enough from yesterday. That, or the frame got weakened from being plowed through by a crazy 80lbs pup. I did jiggle it around a few times and thought it was secure when I fixed it.

I was so annoyed, thankfully Andy was kind enough to leave work to deal with him. He just bought me a bag of peppermint patties last night, and I didn’t want Z getting into those, or anymore toilet water. ALSO MY CLEAN BEDDING!! So help me, if I had to wash that all for a 3rd time in a week, aliens would hear me screaming from neighboring galaxies. Thankfully Andy didn’t find any fuzzies on our bed, so at least that was held sacred today.

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Back from another busy weekend! Originally we wanted to go to Brimfield Flea Market, but the antique show isn’t until July. Instead, we decided to go to SoWa for a bit. I hadn’t been there in a while, but it is nice to walk around. Unfortunately the vendor I wanted, wasn’t there that weekend. But she has a site I can order from. I bought some cute shirts from her last summer.

We decided to bring our jerk dog with us. This was a mistake! He was fine at first. We walked around for a bit, and visited the fire station. Z got really excited when he saw their fake Dalmatian.  He thought it was real! He tugged us towards the firefighters to investigate the fake dog. He was sad to find out his new Dalmatian friend was inanimate! But he made friends with the firefighters and got a cookie for it.

Z was fine when we were exploring the food trucks later and made friends with various puppies. Side note, I got a really tasty grilled cheese sammich with some fried cauliflower. After, we had an unfriendly encounter with (what I think was) a Bullmastiff. Z pulled us toward the Bullmastiff, then the Bullmastiff got unfriendly. Which made Z get unfriendly.  We had to pull him away, but he was quite wound after the encounter.

He then tried to bark at a poodle, who was minding it’s business. I was all, don’t mess with the poodle, Z! They are smarter than you, and can out math you any day. Haha!  We decided it was time to go home after that, didn’t want to deal with Cranky McCrankyPants anymore.

He was fine once we were on less crowded streets. We decided after that experience, we will not be taking him to the Brimfield Flea next month. Normally my dog is fine, but he can be a troublemaker on occasion. So we’re gonna pass on bringing him along places where he will encounter tons of new dogs within a short time span.


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