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My friend and I got to do something really exciting this week! We got to meet the queen of bling herself, Sondra! She is the genius behind all the gypsy gowns on a hit TLC reality show. My BFF and I watch all the time and dish about it. She is actually a local person and her studio is about 15 minutes from my apartment. So we are commissioning her to make a really fun (and of course BLINGY!) belt for my wedding dress. I can’t wait to see it!  

My friend and I were so happy to meet her. Her studio is amazing, not one surface left un-sparkled. Heck, even the address plate on her building is straight blingin’. She is also really nice. She spent some time in her busy day to talk with us and take a picture in front of her pink creation. I hope to see this dress on a gypsy bride soon!

I can’t wait to go back and see what my belt looks like, I’m hoping I can use it for something after my wedding too as I’m sure I’ll want to wear it again. Anyway, my veil should be arriving soon, and I finished ordering wedding invites, info cards, and RSVP cards for the big day. I don’t plan to start sending anything out until the summer. But I like to be prepared. I’m trying to balance time between moving and wedding things. But I think I need to shift gears and concentrate on moving (whenever that will be!). 


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One of the good(?) things about moving is the panic-induced state forces me to purge things like crazy. I’m trying to dedicate some time this week to purging extra items I no longer see a use for. I have some wine and liquor I will never use. People love to give me wine or liquor as a gift. While I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t like wine, and I’m too lazy to mix my own drinks. So basically the booze just takes up valuable counter space until I can find a chance to give it away, or forget about it entirely. So picture it, my kitchen yesterday in the early evening.I’m dumping bottles of liquor down the drain. I finally get to a bottle of white wine my cousin gave me 2 years ago. I don’t know much about wine, I know you can age it. But frankly, it’s been sitting in my kitchen for two years, clearly I’m not going to ever use it. I had grand plans of making sangria, but that never happened. I do actually like sangria, mostly because the wine flavor is hidden.

So, after I was finished dumping liquor I got to the wine. Apparently it’s one of those nice wines that has a cork. I just realized I don’t actually OWN a wine cork. I thought I did, but no. I mean, Andy and I aren’t wine drinkers, so that is why we went 5 years living together without a cork screw. But I thought I at least had a courtesy one for guests? I’m a bad non-hostess! Just to clarify, Andy and I do drink. But we’re beer people. While I do like sangria and mixed drinks, I leave those to the experts at a pub to mix up for me. ANYWAY, I thought maybe using a steak knife would help me open the wine bottle. Not really. All I managed to do was chip away at the cork. I didn’t care, as I wasn’t going to drink it. But I got to the point where the cork was free and plopped directly into the bottle of wine. I splashed wine all over my face and counter! UGH.

After I was done dumping booze and making my kitchen smell like Barney Gumble threw up everywhere, I started clearing out the bedrooms. I dumped a huge contractor bag of stuff. Plus 2 bags of clothes and shoes to donate. I still want to donate more clothes, but I was too tired to finish digging around. This morning I dropped the donations off at a Planet Aid donation box. See guys, I’m helping the planet by de-hoarding! hahaha. It just stinks I still have to look for things to donate in the other rooms. I also have to start packing soon, yikes. 


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So I’m just realizing Christmas is SUNDAY! Like, what?! I HAVEN’T EVEN DECORATED YET! Not that I go nuts with decorating. All we do is put up a tree and ornaments. Then I hang some stockings, and tinsel around the mantel. 

But we now give Zorro (almost) full run of the apartment while we’re out. I fear he’ll eat the fake tree and poop out blue holographic fake pine well into the New Year. Plus break my R2D2 ornaments. R2Tree2 would be ruined! Also, it’s laziness at this point. 

Anyway, I finished shopping in November. I also wrapped gifts a couple weeks ago. So I’m definitely ready for this Christmas business, even if my apartment isn’t. As for me, I bought myself a peachy Christmas treat! I already had the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow pallette. Now I added on the Papa Don’t Peach blush, and Peach Glow highlighter kit. Plus I got a gorgeous deep plum Urban Decay lipstick, and Boscia wipes. Treat yo self! I should probably get myself some new underwear too. I also have dump some of my old ones, that have rips in them. Haha

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I needed a new summer wardrobe. So I got a bunch of cute things online. One of the items I picked, is an adorable cactus top. I thought it would be great for my upcoming desert adventure. My shirt came in recently and I decided to wear it to work. We happen to be having a spring social that day. It involved eating cheese and drinking beer. SCORE!
The social was at the end of the day. It was just a few departments that were invited to the social. But I guess the Prez of our company was able to join our little soiree! It was when I was near the Prez, that my co-worker decided to point out it looked like my shirt was flipping her off. I was like, WHAT?! I was a tad embarrassed that I didn’t notice the vulgar cactus. But I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, as the site I got it from doesn’t carry shirts with swears. It’s ModCloth for goodness sake!

Anyway, normally I wouldn’t have minded, but I had to zip up my hood so the Prez wouldn’t notice. I didn’t want to be the one that sparked a dress code! We are a pretty casual office, after all. I don’t think anyone actually thinks the shirt is flipping the bird, but I think I’ll save this beauty for the weekends.


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I had a nice long weekend, but it was super busy! Hence why I have to split my weekend recap into additional posts. I took Friday off, as I had to run errands and needed ample time to get ready for 80’s prom. I’m pretty sure I spent more time getting ready for 80’s prom, than I did for my proms in high school. I guess people in the 1980’s were very high-maintenance. They rocked teased hair, copious amount of hair spray, and wearing blush that blends all the way into the hair line. My makeup took me a little while, I decided to do rainbow eyes to match my dress. It came out pretty cool, but I suck at photographing eye shadow. So you’ll have to take my word on it.


Anyway, Erin and I had our hair done by her mom. She did a great job! I really suck at doing anything beyond basik with my hair. So I was happy to get help! The prom itself was a blast! We met up with Jamie, Emily, and Lizz. There was a big group of people with us, so we had our own dancing circle.


I wasn’t impressed with the special guests. The guests were Information Society and Shannon (a.k.a. Electric Slide lady). I guess Information Society was okay, it was hard to hear them in the back though. But we wanted to stay towards the back because it was a lot cooler. Shannon was disappointing because SHE DIDN’T PLAY THE ELECTRIC SLIDE! You had ONE JOB LADY!

The costumes people came with, were pretty impressive. However, the costume contest is a sham. I voted for the Goblin King, he did a fantastic job with his costume. A couple dressed as characters from the 2000 re-make of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas won. WHAT.THE.FUCK?! THAT’S NOT 1980’s! I’m actually still mad about this. 

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I’m so ready for 80’s prom, it’s coming up soon. I bought my dress a while back, I didn’t go actual vintage this year. Instead, I found a cheaper dress online! I’m going for a Rainbow Brite theme this round, in case the rainbow dress wasn’t a dead giveaway. I have all the accessories I need, like jewelry, tights, and a Rubix Cube bag. But I don’t know what I’m doing about shoes. I’m definitely picking flats from whatever I already own. I just don’t know what yet.

I do have a pair of cobalt blue flats with rhinestones on them. The color would match the bodice part of the dress perfectly! I also have a pair of silver holographic flats, and dark gray holographic flats from Forever 21. Not sure either of those would really go with the dress though. I won’t know until I try them with the dress.

My jewelry is kind of funny! I found a pair of unicorn earrings from Avon, circa 1994. They are in perfect condition, and cheap. I also ended up with two unicorn necklaces. How does one end up with TWO unicorn necklaces you ask? Blame indecision. I found a glitter unicorn necklace for cheap, so I bought it. Then a couple weeks later, I found one I liked more (also cheap) so I bought that as well. I don’t know which one looks better, but I’ll decide later.

They announced the musical performers for prom. I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping it would be Tiffany or Pat Benatar. Instead it’s Shannon and Information Society. I honestly had no idea who either of these performers were, until I looked up their music. Shannon is the Electric Slide lady. But I don’t remember how to do the Electric Slide, and there are multiple versions! I also thought the song, “What’s On Your Mind” by Information Society was by Duran Duran. Ooops! To my defense, they do sound like Duran Duran. Prom will still be fun though, I can’t wait!


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2016-03-16 11.35.03

Despite DST screwing me over this weekend, I had a lot of fun. On Saturday night, I finally met up with Jamie and Emily for a night in the town. We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant where our food was made at the table. I thought we would cook it ourselves, like for hotpot. But I guess not. I didn’t really mind, it was nice to not stress if the chicken was cooked enough. They also gave us a TON of sides! We only sampled a few of them, but left most at the table. It was a fun experience, and I will definitely try it again.


After the restaurant, we went for some drinks at Patron’s. At first it was pretty chill, but then this group of 40 year old dudes wouldn’t leave us alone. One of them said he was about to go outside to smoke weed. He asked if we wanted to join. I was all, thats a “puff, puff, PASS”, on that one bro. I really had to resist the urge to ask him, “are you, or are you not, a nahhhhc?” If you haven’t seen the movie, The Heat, you probably won’t get my reference. I’m sure the stalker guy wouldn’t have gotten it. He never actually left to smoke either. Believe us, we watched! After that, we needed to make a quick exit.

Thankfully, we weren’t followed. But we just started jogging down the street. We ended up at a bar, that happened to be hosting an event for the hearing impaired. It took us a second to realize what was going on. There was a man on stage with raffle tickets, signing the numbers. Also, groups of people were sitting on folding chairs. We were going to leave, but Emily had to use the bathroom. So we quietly made our way to the bathroom. Then we swiftly exited the bar, we didn’t want to disrupt the event. We also didn’t want to let-on that we stumbled in accidentally. 

After that mishap, we made our way to Lulu’s for a couple of drinks. I love Lulu’s, the food is also fantastic. From Lulu’s, we made our way to Deep Ellum. Everyone was super-nice in Deep Ellum, it was a nice break from the 40 yr old stalkers at Patron’s. We stayed there for a bit longer, since we were enjoying the atmosphere. Jamie and i may have stilen a few sugar cubes from the bar, when nobody was looking. At this point, we went to 4 different places. But no night would be complete without a trip to The Drop (insert confetti emoji)!

Andy was there with his friends waiting for us.  I also ran into my friend Lil, it was great to see her! It was a crapshoot as usual. Loads of drunk guys in our way. Andy was playing pool with an odd fellow. I nicknamed him Moon-River and he appeared to be dressed in (what looked like) his great grandfathers burial pajamas. It was the strangest thing! It was a white shirt, that was super long and tattered. It also had a super deep V, so we could see Moon-River’s chest hair. GROSS. The bouncer got a kick out of my snarkiness. 

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