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Hello Wednesday! I am currently blogging while Andy is driving us to Brookline for dinner. I am also going to pick up my dinosaur and shark from last week’s paint night! Anyway, over the weekend I got ambitious and made a potato bacon torte for my friend Ginny’s potato party.

At first I was going to be lazy and just bring some chips and vodka. But my coworker offered up her tasty recipe. So I trudged to the grocery store on Friday night, and began making the torte on Saturday afternoon. I’m glad it turned out good, I was worried. THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD! I didn’t have a chance to try everything. I made the huge mistake of eating dinner beforehand, I wasn’t mentally prepared for the sheer quantity of food. After the party we went to Harry’s where I drank White Russians and relaxed with friends.


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Thanksgiving break is over and it was too darn short! I went out for drinks on Thanksgiving Eve with some friends. I had a good time, I enjoyed some delicious cheesy artichoke dip, beers, and vodka sodas. 

Turkey day was a busy one. We had dinner with Andy’s family, and dessert with my family. we brought home tons of leftovers, my brother made a 28lbs turkey. I made a crumb cake and it came out pretty good!

I went out for drinks again with friends on Friday. Andy found a hat in the bathroom and insisted on wearing it. TBD if we’ll get lice. YUCK! I told him to get rid of that damn thing, and tossed it behind some bar stools, haha. 

We also went to the dine-in movie theater.  I ate fish and chips, and washed it down with a giant bucket of popcorn. Oh yes, we saw Bad Santa 2. it was pretty funny, and the kid reminded me of Elf. haha!

Now it’s back to work. Not looking for wars to it, but must be done. Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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2016-03-16 11.35.03

Despite DST screwing me over this weekend, I had a lot of fun. On Saturday night, I finally met up with Jamie and Emily for a night in the town. We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant where our food was made at the table. I thought we would cook it ourselves, like for hotpot. But I guess not. I didn’t really mind, it was nice to not stress if the chicken was cooked enough. They also gave us a TON of sides! We only sampled a few of them, but left most at the table. It was a fun experience, and I will definitely try it again.


After the restaurant, we went for some drinks at Patron’s. At first it was pretty chill, but then this group of 40 year old dudes wouldn’t leave us alone. One of them said he was about to go outside to smoke weed. He asked if we wanted to join. I was all, thats a “puff, puff, PASS”, on that one bro. I really had to resist the urge to ask him, “are you, or are you not, a nahhhhc?” If you haven’t seen the movie, The Heat, you probably won’t get my reference. I’m sure the stalker guy wouldn’t have gotten it. He never actually left to smoke either. Believe us, we watched! After that, we needed to make a quick exit.

Thankfully, we weren’t followed. But we just started jogging down the street. We ended up at a bar, that happened to be hosting an event for the hearing impaired. It took us a second to realize what was going on. There was a man on stage with raffle tickets, signing the numbers. Also, groups of people were sitting on folding chairs. We were going to leave, but Emily had to use the bathroom. So we quietly made our way to the bathroom. Then we swiftly exited the bar, we didn’t want to disrupt the event. We also didn’t want to let-on that we stumbled in accidentally. 

After that mishap, we made our way to Lulu’s for a couple of drinks. I love Lulu’s, the food is also fantastic. From Lulu’s, we made our way to Deep Ellum. Everyone was super-nice in Deep Ellum, it was a nice break from the 40 yr old stalkers at Patron’s. We stayed there for a bit longer, since we were enjoying the atmosphere. Jamie and i may have stilen a few sugar cubes from the bar, when nobody was looking. At this point, we went to 4 different places. But no night would be complete without a trip to The Drop (insert confetti emoji)!

Andy was there with his friends waiting for us.  I also ran into my friend Lil, it was great to see her! It was a crapshoot as usual. Loads of drunk guys in our way. Andy was playing pool with an odd fellow. I nicknamed him Moon-River and he appeared to be dressed in (what looked like) his great grandfathers burial pajamas. It was the strangest thing! It was a white shirt, that was super long and tattered. It also had a super deep V, so we could see Moon-River’s chest hair. GROSS. The bouncer got a kick out of my snarkiness. 

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It’s finally Friday, praise Jebus! I decided to share my favorite makeup removers/cleansers. I checked out micellar water, after hearing so much about it. So what IS micellar water? It’s made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. These balls help to draw dirt and makeup from your skin, somehow. It’s like science or whatever. I was (of course) skeptical, Thinking it wouldn’t really work that well.

But alas, I went to Target, and picked some up. Many different brands offer micellar water, so you should have no problem finding some to try. I’ve even seen it at Ulta as well, in a huge container. I opted for a regular-sized container, thinking I would just use it as an eye makeup remover. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. The water actually removed my eye makeup and regular make up better than a liquid makeup remover. That was pretty amazing to me! It also left my skin feeling soft. This cleansing water is perfect for people with sensitive skin as well, since it’s just water. I also liked it for my oily skin.


Now onto my favorite facial cleansing wipes. I’ve only used drugstore brand face wipes, and one from Josie Maran. None of these compare to Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths! I know they are fudging expensive compared to drugstore brands, but they are worth every last penny to me. I only need one wipe to get all my makeup off. These wipes always feel very moist and foamy, unlike other wipes that tend to feel dry. I can’t say enough about these. But to save them, I rotate between micellar water and these wipes to remove makeup. Both work great and I refuse to give up one or the other, just to continuously use one product. 

Anyway, I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’m going bowling tonight and will be eating a mac & cheese hamburger. I also have plans to check out a Korean restaurant where we’ll be grilling our own food at the table. I seem to like places where I cook my own food, Andy thinks it’s weird. I don’t blame him, it is kinda odd to pay money to cook my own food at a restaurant. But it can be a fun experience!


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Dear Blog,

I’m reporting from the workout trenches. I survived the 3-day cleanse, and will definitely try a cheaper and less tedious option next time. I mean, I’m glad I tried it. I’ve never done a cleanse before, so I thought it might be nice to kick start my 21 Day Fix routine. The cleanse involved 4 shakes a day, along with 3 real-food meals and two snacks. I liked that I was able to eat during the cleanse,  but didn’t like the shake flavors. The chocolate breakfast shake was almost okay, but the mid-morning fiber shake was yucky! The lunch and dinner shakes are vanilla and not great tasting either. But the vanilla shakes are definitely better than the fiber one!

I’m glad I survived the cleanse and shockingly wasn’t very hungry! But I’m very glad I can go back to all solid foods, and not pinching my nose to guzzle gross shakes as quickly as possible. I found different cleanses online that involve vitamins instead of shakes, I just have to research more. Although I’ve been keeping up with the workouts,  I find the diet “container” system really confusing.  I have some pre-made meal plans from 21 Day Fix groups, so I will gather the ingredients for those next time I shop. But I won’t be shopping for a while since our last couple of grocery bills were crazy. So for now I’m winging it a little with the diet.  I’m still learning and I’m sure I’ll get better with meal planning as I go along.  I still have to work on reading labels more.  I’m often shocked at how many things have sugar and salt.

I have the day off, since I’m going to a wedding this weekend. But till then, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK BINGE-WATCH FEST!

Yours Truly,

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Andy and I spent a fun extended weekend in the mountains with a bunch of friends. The ski house we stayed at sleeps up to 25 people, but there were 19 of us total. I was a bit nervous at first because I only knew four people out of the 18 (not counting me). But we all got along great, so MTV wouldn’t have bothered filming us for a geriatric edition of the Real World: Catskills. It took us a while to get up to the mountains because Andy woke up late and we had to drop Zorro off. But we did stop for lunch and at BEER WORLD! We bought so much beer for the weekend, the employees at the store let us use their cart that is supposed to be for palettes for our haul.


The house was huge but we couldn’t figure out if it was crappy or not? It was a funny game. There were high-end building materials used in some spots and the bathrooms looked fairly updated. But you could tell they definitely did all the renovations themselves and it’s not up to code. For example, the giant hot tub in the backyard was plugged into the bathroom. haha! The upstairs common area was pretty nice actually! There is a pool table, Foosball, darts, TV, and a wet bar! There is also a nice view of the mountains.


The first night everyone was crazy drunk and having a good time! We each took turns cooking something for dinners and breakfasts, so there was lots of food to go around. We also drank and played drinking games and made snow angels after we got out of the hot tub. 


Since we arrived at the tail-end of the ski season, and because of the weather, most of us didn’t get to ski. We got to the house too late on Friday to ski and it turns out the Adventure Park area where XC skiiing is, wasn’t open. So we went on a ski trip but didn’t actually ski. I didn’t mind. We found other things to do. We visited Pratt Rocks, which was featured on Ripley’s. It’s a stone wall in the woods that a man named Zadock Pratt had carved to signify life events. The hike was a little icy and we had to take our time going up the trail. But nobody fell off the edge of the trails, so we’ll call that a win!



After the hike we went shopping and we all went out for food and drinks into town. We stopped at a place that has a really large beer selection and a really good cheese selection. I LOVE CHEESE! So I’d definitely go back! One of the shops sold those fake cats that look like they are sleeping in a basket. They are really weird, but the fur is so soft! I kinda wanted one to pet, but Zorro would have ate it. Plus I have no idea what kind of fur they use for the fake cats. It could be rat or squirrel for all I know. YUCK.


We had a Foosball tourney one night. I haven’t played Foosball since I was a kid, so I didn’t have high hopes. But Nina and I did a good job on our first game which got us to the semi-finals. We didn’t win our last game though, we did pretty awful actually. But I think the fact we won a game is an achievement in itself. Team Side-Ponytail for life! But I did win Cards Against Humanity, so there is that! We also did a beer tasting, everyone brought some of their favorite local brews. I love doing beer tastings because it’s always a risk to buy a six pack of beer you’ve never had before. So now you have the chance to try other beers and get a full pack if you like them.

Next year we will definitely not be staying at the same house. It turns out it was double booked the weekend we had it. But the people that also booked it, didn’t show up until almost midnight. They were pretty upset, but it wasn’t our fault. We were afraid we were going to get beat up by a giant Canadian guy driving a mini van, but the rental company found a place for them to stay. But I don’t think it was nearly as large as the place we had. I feel bad because they must have driven all day to get there, only to get turned away! 


Don’t worry, that is a bubblegum cigarette!

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I wore a new purple glittery dress with argyle tights and black patent pumps! #fashion


Yes, I know the name is actually spelled capital, but I was trying to be cute and use a Hunger Games reference. Anyway, Andy and I had our belated Valentine’s Day dinner at the Capital Grille (read: we just wanted the excuse to have a good steak). It was excellent! When they called to confirm our reservation, they asked about the occasion. I stated it was “nothing crazy, just a belated Valentine’s dinner”. I didn’t think anything of it.


The food was great! I started off with a salad and we ordered a side of mashed potatoes. I was also impressed with the bread basket, breads of all kinds! But Andy warned me not to fill up, I’m famous for loading up on salads and bread when we go to fancy steak places. I can’t help it, bread is my bread and butter…and so is the butter. 



For dinner, I opted for the filet mignon. It was yummy and I wish I could have more! Don’t worry, I did finish my whole steak. So I practiced self-control and didn’t devour the whole bread basket. Would it be weird to take the bread basket home in a take-out container? I wondered this as they took the bread away, and I stared longingly after it. 


I was disappointed this wasn’t a singing fish

Our waiter surprised us with a Valentines Day dessert, which we weren’t expecting. We didn’t end up finishing all the dessert, but we tried. As much as I liked Capital Grille, Ruth’s Chris is better in my opinion. Next up, we will try Abe & Louie’s.

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