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Last night I went to a wine and cheese night at The Clayroom with some friends. It was a lot of fun. I painted a dinosaur and shark because I’m not-so secretly a kid at heart. I probably should have painted something else because I finished early. But I couldn’t make up my mind on what else to paint, and I was tired. So there you have it, just a shark and dinosaur. Of course I thought up some design ideas I could incorporate after I left. Oh well, maybe another time! 



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I really wanted these awesome Louboutin boots my co-worker has that were covered in spikes. But alas, couldn’t justify the price tag. So when you cannot buy, you DIY! I got a cheap pair of boots and ton of studs and made my own, sans painting the outsole red. My next project is to stud a entire pair of booties. I’m already on the hunt for a cheap pair I can stud. 


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I met Lou Ferrigno, Joonas Suotamo, and Joey Fatone at their booths, and chatted with them for a bit.

I just got back from an intense Comic Con weekend in Rhode Island with Erin. A couple other friends were there as well like Fiona & Emily.  This Con was held in two adjacent buildings, unlike Boston Comic Con which was all within the convention center. Honestly, the arena building was a NIGHTMARE. But it was the area you needed to be in if you booked a photo op with a celeb guest, also some of the celeb guest booths were located there for autographs. The area was poorly laid out, you were forced to go into one direction only, and this was at the main entrance. There was also only ONE set of stairs for up and down along the concourse. It caused a crazy bottleneck! 

Unfortunately, that area remained extremely crazy all weekend. I also don’t understand why they wouldn’t allow people to use the tickets they printed at home, to use for their photo ops. I was able to do this at Boston Comic Con. Instead, we were forced to stand in this crazy long line to redeem our photo op tickets on Friday. Thankfully we did it all at once, and managed to not miss our session with Elijah Wood. 


Clearly I was not excited AT ALL to meet Christopher Lloyd

Saturday was also extremely busy. But we tried to limit the amount of time we needed to spend in the Circle of Hell area (that’s what we nicknamed the arena part). Thankfully Fiona let us use her hotel passes to get into the Con from the inside entrance, so we didn’t have to stand in the cold all weekend. I think if I go next year, I’ll stay at the hotel and limit the photo ops to Sunday only.

Other than the nightmare photo op area, the convention center was great! I was able to meet some celeb guests at their booths and chat with them. On Saturday, I dressed as a Discoball Deathstar. I had to remake my Deathstar costume from a few years ago. I guess you consider it Deathstar II, except this one looks finished. Haha, there is some nerd humor for you Star Wars fans.

Joey Fatone, Theo Rossi, Samantha Newark (voice of original Jem & the Holograms), and Brian O’Halloran all loved my costume! *swoon* We totally quoted Camp Nowhere to Christopher Lloyd when we met him, we got a laugh out of him. We were probably the only people that would quote Camp Nowhere to him out of that man’s extensive film history. I always replay the carwash scene of that movie, it’s my favorite.


Deathstar Discoball, the dish part lights up! I didn’t have time to make the rest of the skirt light up.

2015-10-26 09.01.36

Deathstar I


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Big reveal: my costume is the Millennium Falcon!

Hello blog! Its been a few weeks since I last blogged. I got back from Arizona about 10 days ago, but I haven’t gotten around to writing about my trip yet. I’ll get around to that real soon.

Anyway, my costume was finished just in time for a Halloween party this weekend. I told Andy I wanted to be the Millennium Falcon. I just wanted help with lighting, anything involving power tools, and measurements. Instead, he took the project and ran with it. He did a seriously impressive job, I love my costume! It was worth all the many trips to Home Depot and craft store to complete it. Not to mention all the money we spent on materials, yikes! Probably cheaper to build an actual Millennium Falcon, haha.

 The costume is made with foam, duct tape, and tons of paint. Andy rigged it to light up, so I flip a switch to hit warp speed. Which (admittedly) I did a lot, to travel between rooms. 

The party I went to was so much fun. My friend Fiona did an awesome job transforming her apartment into Stranger Things (Netflix series). I think her decorations were amazing. My costume actually ties in with Stranger Things. There was a scene where Mike tried to get 11 to fly his falcon toy, and she declined. Later on, she makes it fly with her powers.

There was a costume contest at the party. I somehow managed to snag Most Original and Best Costume. I was very honored to get not only one prize, but two! Andy was very thrilled his hard work paid off. There were lots of great costumes to compete with. There were even 2 very convincing Mrs. Byers. There were some other non Stranger Things related costumes were great as well.

 Once we settled down, we relaxed by the fire. But no night would be complete without a trip to The Drop to parade our costumes. Our Uber driver joined us at the bar, I guess we know how to party.

 I was thankful most people that approached me about my costume, knew what it was! Unlike last year, when a lot of people told me they loved my costume, then proceeded to ask me what it is. 😂 There were a lot of Star Wars nerds at the bar, all of them appreciated the costume. I think Andy was happy to get all the positive feedback on his costume baby, haha. Only two people had to ask me what my costume was, so that is impressive. I also made a new Facebook friend with a girl that I was talking with about Star Wars and Dr. Who. Nerdy friends are the best kind of people! 🤓

I need to start thinking about next year. But until then, I was tasked with carving a pumpkin for a department competition this week. I was nominated because I won the pumpkin carving contest at work a couple times. I have a lot of pressure now. Oh man!

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2015-12-22 14.54.39

I finally finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend. I started in early November and got through most of the people on my list. I only had two gifts left to buy, so I decided to handle it over the weekend. A while back I RSVP’d to a craft fair happening at a local mall. I thought I would poke around and see if there was some cute jewelry I could get. Not that I need any more jewelry, but I CAN STILL LOOK! I decided to check it out on Sunday that way the mall would be a little less crowded, and I could finish my Christmas shopping.

I knew this craft fair thing was going to be a shit show. My phone was pinging all day Saturday, with random people replying to the Facebook invite. They had serious complaints about the event, and how poorly planned it was. Apparently the event hosts did not take into consideration the sheer quantity of people that RSVP’d. Thus, the event was held in a tiny empty storefront, and the line snaked around the mall just to get in. Then once people got in, there was absolutely no place to move. Plus they were charging an admission fee, which was not stated on the event page. I mean, it was only $1, but still you should tell people!

Apparently Sunday (the day I went) was the “more mellow” day to go, as the line only went down to the entrance of the GAP. LOL! I wish I knew someone that went on Saturday, just to see exactly how much worse it was for comparison. I actually made a video of the ridiculousness of the smaller (?!!) Sunday line. I wonder if it’s safe to post it on here, as I don’t think the people recorded in line understand how to internet. Because if they did, they would have followed the pinned post on the event page, and shopped ONLINE for all of the craft fair vendors. That’s exactly what I did! Once I saw that line, I laughed and decided to visit the shops instead. Also, I didn’t end up liking anything from the vendors Etsy shops anyway, so it would have been a total waste of time.

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Today is the pumpkin carving contest at work. Please enjoy this photo of my pumpkin that I spent the entire weekend crafting. By the time Monday rolled around, I was SO SICK of looking at him! Overall, I think it came out really well. But I bought the wrong kind of material for the tail and legs. I meant to buy Model Magic by Crayola, but ended up with air-dry clay. I didn’t like the results with this medium, as it doesn’t dry light and foamy like Model Magic. So I had to keep re-gluing the legs and tail back on.

Thankfully I brought some super glue with me to work, as part of his tail came off in transit. The glue seems to be holding him together, so far. I just need this guy to survive for a few more hours, then he can fall apart all he wants.  While I was at it, I also entered the costume contest. I mean, why not? Wish me luck, and hope my pumpkin cat hasn’t turned into a zombie. 

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