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My friend and I got to do something really exciting this week! We got to meet the queen of bling herself, Sondra! She is the genius behind all the gypsy gowns on a hit TLC reality show. My BFF and I watch all the time and dish about it. She is actually a local person and her studio is about 15 minutes from my apartment. So we are commissioning her to make a really fun (and of course BLINGY!) belt for my wedding dress. I can’t wait to see it!  

My friend and I were so happy to meet her. Her studio is amazing, not one surface left un-sparkled. Heck, even the address plate on her building is straight blingin’. She is also really nice. She spent some time in her busy day to talk with us and take a picture in front of her pink creation. I hope to see this dress on a gypsy bride soon!

I can’t wait to go back and see what my belt looks like, I’m hoping I can use it for something after my wedding too as I’m sure I’ll want to wear it again. Anyway, my veil should be arriving soon, and I finished ordering wedding invites, info cards, and RSVP cards for the big day. I don’t plan to start sending anything out until the summer. But I like to be prepared. I’m trying to balance time between moving and wedding things. But I think I need to shift gears and concentrate on moving (whenever that will be!). 



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2015-11-23 08.44.08

I had a really fun weekend! I’ve been looking forward to our fancy steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I actually like their steaks more than Capital Grille. Our next fancy steak dinner location will probably be Abe & Louie’s. We’ll likely save that for Valentine’s Day or something. Neither of us have tried Abe & Louie’s before, hopefully they won’t disappoint. I really love the location of Ruth’s Chris though. They took over the old city hall building, so each board room/office is a separate dining area, this time we were in a much larger dining room. I liked the larger room more, I felt like it was too quiet in the smaller room we had before.

2015-11-23 08.42.28

ANYWAY, Andy and I both ordered the New York Strip Steak. I got a salad and Andy got creamed spinach. Both dishes were excellent! I finished about 80% of my steak, but I just couldn’t finish the rest. Instead of taking it home, Andy scarfed down the remainder. I think next time I’ll stick with the filet, it’s a little smaller.

After dinner, we went out for more drinks at the King St. Tavern. There weren’t many people there (thankfully), so we had a chill evening. All in all, a great night. OH YEAH, I totally woke up at 5AM the following morning pouring sweat. That’s not my norm, unless it’s summer and I forgot to leave the A/C on. The only logical conclusion, I GOT THE MEAT SWEATS!


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Andy has been sick with a cold for a couple of weeks. He also has had shoulder pain, so he’s been sleeping in the other room. It’s lonely in our room, alone. But I’ve been managing.

I mean, how am I expected to sleep with nobody snoring in my ear?! I feel so empty when there is nobody around to accidentally slap me when I’m asleep. Yup, Andy has gently sleep slapped me when turning over in his sleep. We both have bed-sharing issues. He claims I take up most of the bed, but he sleeps like Jesus, with his arms straight out by his side.

Not gonna lie, it’s been nice to sleep without being slapped or snored on. But now I call us the Quaker couple. I mean, I have no idea how conservative some Quakers are, but I’m sure many of them are aloud to share a bed with their better half. Anyway, his cold is getting better. I am glad he spared me his illness though. I wouldn’t want to be sick for Vegas next week!

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I’m addicted to napping! Our new bed arrived at 10:15am on Saturday. I have to give Bob’s props, because the delivery window was 10am-2pm, so I wasn’t actually expecting it to arrive at the start of the time range. But it was all good! I got up early anyway because I had to wash sheets and remove all the bedding from my old mattress and move stuff out to clear a path for the delivery guys. 

They were done within 15 minutes or so, which was great. But it took Andy and I a while to figure out how to put the total encasement mattress protector on for the warranty. Once we did that, I threw on some sheets and took a nap! The nap was great. The salesman told us the mattress would be a lot firmer than the showroom model for the first 30-60 days or so, due to the nature of gel foam. I didn’t have a problem with this, as I like a firm mattress. I felt bad for Andy since he likes plush. Looks like he is going to be facing an adjustment period!

I also took a nap Sunday afternoon before dinner. I probably shouldn’t have done this because I slept longer than I intended. Thus I missed part of a friends gathering and I had trouble falling asleep last night. Oh well, I don’t plan to nap again this week. So hopefully I can get back into my sleep cycle. It’s a short week for me, I have Friday off since Erin and I will be spending the afternoon getting ready for the 80’S PROM! I’m deliriously excited about it!

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[photo] Went mattress shopping, found interesting decor around the furniture store!

My neighbor said he got a new mattress recently, after mentioning he had the same one since high school. This got me thinking about my mattress. I also have the same one since high school, I got it in 10th grade. So that makes my bed around 15-16 years old. YIKES! If it was a person, he/she could get their drivers license. That is a scary thought! Andy got a new memory foam bed about 6 years ago and he loves it, I HATE IT! I convinced him to move his mattress to the guest room and we will use my new mattress in our bedroom. Thankfully Bob’s Furniture accommodates picky couples that do not share the same sleep preferences.

Since I apparently only make a mattress change once every 15-16 years, I got a pricer mattress. I opted for a dual-firmness model, where Andy can have a cushy side and I can sleep on bricks…the way I like it! Since I’m not a fan of traditional memory foam, I got the gel instead. The gel foam is cooling, so I won’t roast to death in the summer! I know that means I’ll be cold in the winter, but I’ll get a couple sets of leopard print flannel sheets. I’m sure someone out there carries them. The only drawback, my bed won’t arrive for 12 days. It stinks to wait that long for a new bed, but I’ll try to be brave.

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If you grew up during the “golden age of kids TV”, you probably remember the TV show GUTS on Nickelodeon. Like all kids that watched the show, I wanted to be on it more than anything. Because I thought being a Tomboy automatically made me a super athlete. News flash: it didn’t. But that didn’t stop this gal from dreaming. Anyway, The show was actually only on for a few years, but the re-runs were played for years and years to come. Which made it seem like it had been on forever. I doubt I cared or noticed that I always saw the same episodes over and over. 


Anyway, this got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I (or someone much more capable) started a gym that was based off the obstacle courses on the show?! There could be a huge Aggro Crag, with blinky lights, giant chunks of silver confetti streaming at you, and a British lady commentator? That is a gym I’d actually go to! Each membership could come with a piece of the crag! I mean, the gym probably couldn’t be called GUTS for legal reasons. But maybe a rip-off like “GUTZ!” and we could change the obstacles around slightly to avoid law suits by the Nickelodeon peoples. That would be a Kickstarter I could get behind! 

Who knows, if things go well, it could get expanded into Legends of the Hidden Temple with an Olmec. Except, we’d probably have to change his name to Olmac, and maybe his face could be a giant hamburger or something. Taunting people to look for hidden hamburger treasures! This facility could help make you into the complete package, brains and brawn! Because this show also had a trivia portion in order for each team to advance. Legends of the Hidden Hamburger Fitness Center (LOTHHFC) sounds like my kind of gym! I’d be on the Silver Snakes Sesame Seed Buns team. Now don’t steal my idea I stole from Nickelodeon, or no hidden hamburgers for you!


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I’m apparently a “bed hog”. I personally don’t think I take up that much space, but according to Andy I do. I guess this is what happens when a person sleeps alone in a queen sized bed for over 10 years to sharing a full size bed. I still can’t handle the downgrade in bed size, apparently. So I think I’ve finally convinced Andy to get a new bed. We’re waiting until after the holidays.

We are going to compromise and a get a bed that is half firm and half soft. Praise Jebus that making dual types of mattresses is a common thing nowadays. Because I honestly can’t sleep on a plush bed, I prefer sleeping on bricks. I mean, nice bricks of course, with a down topper of some sort. I know, I’m a huge weirdo. You’d think of the two of us, I’d be the one that likes a plush bed. Absolutely not, it bothers my neck. 

I know it’s taboo to talk about dreams, but this my blog so I don’t care. I don’t really understand why people make a big fuss over it. I don’t  mind reading about peoples dreams, not that I know a damned thing about dream interpretation. Anyway, I had an odd dream the other night that I was being haunted by Gail the Snail. I didn’t deal with her in the correct manner to make her go away. I yelled at her instead of throwing salt, rookie mistake. She decided to glom onto my ceiling fan until I woke up. As stated, I’m no dream interpreter. But I think it’s safe to say that FXX moving the premier of It’s Always Sunny from September to [FREAKING] January is bumming me out. 

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