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Politics really gets under my skin. I personally can’t stand it, so I’m a part of my own political party called the Non-Assholes. What does it take to be part of this party? Don’t be an asshole! So basically there is no room for actual politicians.

What do you ask, is my tactic when it comes to voting? It’s to vote for whoever has proven not be a complete asshole. They all start off as assholes in my book, because that is how I view politicians. Then they must prove to me that they aren’t a complete asshole in order for me to vote for them. It’s tough, I basically vote for the lesser of two assholes. It’s not always easy to see who is the right asshole for me, when there really isn’t a good choice. Take this upcoming US Presidential Race, I have no clue who to vote for. I’m going to write in Ronald Reagan, because I think a dead guy could do a better job. 

In case you were wondering, I used the word asshole 9x in this post. Woohoo!



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I don’t do politics. I get easily frustrated with political candidates, and everyone with a keyboard blasting their views all over social media. I don’t mind people sharing their views, that isn’t what this post is about. I don’t really understand why certain issues are still issues in 2015? Get with the program, people! I get frustrated because I do not have a political party affiliation that suits me. I registered as a Democrat when I was eighteen, because EVERYONE [except Alex P. Keaton] is a Democrat when they register. 

But now I’m older, wiser, and pay taxes. Which means my needs have changed. That leaves me a bit marooned. When it comes time to vote, I generally go with the lesser of two evils. I’ve concluded I will NEVER find a candidate I like and trust. This is a truly depressing conclusion. I also can’t watch debates or over-run myself with articles. I used to do that, and all it did was leave me seething and full of questions. So now I just “opt out”. I know this isn’t really effective, and I’m taking the somewhat-ignorant escape route. But at this point, I’ll take that blissful ignorance. You can find me on an abandoned island drinking bathtub gin from a coconut during the zombie apocalypse. 

I would like to add, I do vote. I wish I lived in a swing-state where my vote would hold more weight.

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