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20180212_091316.jpgI’m not happy it’s Monday, but I’m thinking about the fact it will be a long weekend coming up. So I can’t complain. On Friday night, I went to a Pajama/Mardi Gras party at a bar with some co-workers and a couple of friends. I dressed as Left Shark. The outfit was quite comfortable, I will definitely wear it again. The shark hoodie went well with the shark leggings I had on hand. 


To get into the spirit, even the bands that played were dressed to impress, with slippers and robes. There was also a face painter, palm reader, plenty of Mardi Gras beads, and masks for all. It was a fun night! The palm reader said I was very good with money. I tried not to LOL, as I’m terrible with money. 


On Saturday, we went out for a friends birthday party. It was at a new location for Flat Bread Pizza. It was a long wait for bowling, but we made it! I filled the time in by eating pizza, and drinking White Russians and some type of lemonade with blueberry moonshine in it. Fun times! I actually didn’t do that terrible with bowling. I somehow won the first string. Don’t ask me how, as I wasn’t able to replicate my victory on the second string. Oh well! A fun time was had, indeed.




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Sorry guys, gotta run home to watch Sailor Moon

As a kid, I took summer very seriously. It was a time for TV, ice cream trucks, running through sprinklers, riding bikes, playing Legend of Zelda or the Home Alone game on my trusty Game Boy, and eating too many Pringles. TV was the key component for me, as my dad would be at work so I had the TV all to myself! SWEET GLORY BE!

Seeing as summer is a sacred time when you’re a kid, I had to figure out a TV schedule. This was back in the day when you had to turn to the TV Guide channel or consult an actual TV Guide to figure out what time/channel a show was on. So I would use the TV Guide and a notebook to outline the times and channels of the best “day time” TV. Options were limited, as day time TV is generally boring. I mostly relied on Nickelodeon, PBS, Disney Channel (when it became available with normal cable packages, my parents wouldn’t pay for the channel outright), and Cartoon Network. I relied on my notebook to tell me what I could watch during the day. I even threw in some This old House, Aleene’s Craft Show, and Keeping up Appearances. 

After lunch I would usually hang out with my friends outside. We built a really rickety tree fort. It was miraculous nobody fell off and broke a bone while using it. I also started up a Harriet the Spy club at some point. It mostly consisted of tracking peoples whereabouts, and notes on where to catch the best frogs and caterpillars. But I knew as soon as 5pm hit I had to run home to catch Sailor Moon. I would just dip out  and watch Sailor Moon. After that it was dinner time!

Oh yeah, I usually chased down the ice cream man on the odd chance I had money. When I got older, my friend and I had a crush on the ice cream man, so we used to peek out the window when he drove past to get a good look at him, for our Harriet the Spy notes. Fun times! Now my summers are filled with the same exact thing I do during all the other seasons, work 40 hours a week. 

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Ever since we grew sick of playing trivia at a local pizza place called Regina’s, we’ve been on the hunt to find a new one. We tried the Green Briar, but the service and food have gone way downhill. Plus, it’s impossible to hear the questions when you’re in the other room. Hello, how about some surround sound?! After that, we tried The Biltmore,  but their service was crappy. Also, they only offered trivia in their tiny bar area, which wasn’t gonna work.

For a few weeks, we did head back to the burbs for trivia. We liked our odds better, usually less people. So we wouldn’t run into the issue of playing against thirty-five fucking teams (ughh)! But the place we picked, didn’t really understand how trivia works. Instead of giving people a time limit to answer questions, they would hold the game until everyone passed in their answers. Ummm….what?! After a few weeks of that nonsense, we continued our search. 

Thankfully, we found a place that is close to us! The food are service are good. Plus, it’s in a weird location that you can’t get to without a car, we avoid a lot of the college kids [AMEN!]. They also just started offering trivia, so I don’t think the word is out yet. But I’m waiting for that shoe to drop. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this trivia place before it becomes well-known. I’m not even posting the name out of sheer paranoia. I just wanted a chill trivia venue. Gosh dernit, I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

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Okay brain, stop annoying me with sinus pressure headaches!

Remember how I said I was feeling a little “off” yesterday? Let’s just say I continued the trend into the remainder of the day. Andy and I went to trivia by ourselves last night. After waiting around for 10 minutes, we noticed someone leaving the bar and I elbowed myself straight over there and snatched that shit up! While Andy was letting the hostess know we no longer need a table, I sat next to a group of guys. 

One of them looked vaguely familiar. He was the one that said I looked really smart and that they shouldn’t bother with trivia. I said it must be my glasses, because big glasses=big brains. Of course! Andy and I really nailed the first half of the game. Then the guy called me a “trivia hustler”. I said I had to do something else, since I’m horrible at pool. Then our luck ran out, I think “vaguely familiar” guy jinxed us. We started to tank really bad and were in last place at one point.

We decided we didn’t really have a fair shot of placing again, like we did last week. So we left a little early.  I was actually a little excited because I haven’t been sleeping very well this week, so I wanted to chance to catch some Z’s. But alas, I had trouble falling asleep. Then (OF COURSE!) as I’m about to drift off, a memory flashed before my eyes from high school. Turns out, I graduated with “vaguely familiar” guy! Heck, I even remembered his name. I just wish my brain had picked a different time to come to that realization. Ya know, like when I’m still awake?!

Anyway, I’m feeling really stuffy today. I have a bad sinus headache and I might have to leave early if it doesn’t subside soon. I’d really hate to use sick time this early in the year, so I’m gonna try to stay as long as I can. Wish me luck! I’m hoping to get some rest today, since it’s a long weekend and I finally get to hang out with Erin tomorrow!


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I’m feeling a bit “off” today. I mean, didn’t win the lotto, Alan Rickman died, and I forgot to pay a bill on time. Oops! I’m also a bit tired since Andy and I were in desperate need for beers last night, so we went to one of  our favorite pubs. That could attribute to my feeling a bit off. So naturally, when I’m tired, my mind does strange things. For example, I just recalled a memory from sixth grade involving spelling bees.

You see, our English teacher Mrs. Sommers loved herself a good ol’ fashioned spelling bee. So each week or so, we’d have one to strengthen our spelling skillz. Who knew, we’d all be carrying around smart phones in adulthood, which came with spellcheck. Anyway, sometimes these bees involved spelling countries around the world. The trickier the name, the better! Needless to say, nobody and I mean nobody, wanted to get stuck with Czechoslovakia! It happened to me a time or two, I can’t recall if I got it right or not. Even in adulthood, I struggle trying to spell it from memory. 

Here is the thing, Czechoslovakia officially stopped existing as of 1993. Heck, the US was one of the first places to recognize the Czech Republic as a country. So, why in 1996, were we being asked to spell that shit?! That is just wrong. Turns out, nobody actually needed to know how to spell it because it no longer existed. We were tricked, fooled, Goddamn-bamboozled, I tell ya! I don’t recall our teacher ever telling us that tidbit of knowledge either. Granted, she is an English teacher, BUT STILL. Not cool! If we were playing a game of spelling out countries that no longer exist, why they hell weren’t we asked to spell the U.S.S.R?! I think we all could have tackled that one. 

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2015-12-09 11.10.13

I went to my friends Taco Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun. I decided to walk there and brought along my Star Wars shopping bag so I could stick booze in it when I stopped at the liquor store along the way. I stored my tiny sombrero and Yankee Swap gift in there as well. The guy at the liquor store helped me remove my items from the shopping tote before putting beer and wine in it. He commented how cute the sombrero was, which made me laugh.

ANYWAY, Fiona did a great job with all the food and apps. The food was excellent, except I stuffed myself with chips and dip before the tacos. Oops, rookie mistake! After dinner we had a Yankee Swap. I ended up with my favorite kind of chocolates, so I kept my gift. I had a higher number, so not many people to fight the chocolates with. All in all, a fun night!


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Steve Carell’s chin is pretty distintive

I guess we’re really taking to our new trivia spot, as went for dinner last night and will be going again tonight (for Thursday trivia). This time I deviated from the mac and cheese and got a soup/salad combo. It was really good! I got Italian Wedding soup and a Ceasar salad. My Italian-ness is really showing!


We went to dinner to watch the Celtics game, and there was a singer/guitar player combo playing music in a corner. I didn’t mind them, they were pretty good. Anyway, I guess we must have become pretty disenchanted with the basketball game, because we made up our own drinking game. It’s called “Guess the Famous Chin”! We each pull up a celebrity picture and block most of the face except for the mouth and chin. I actually did pretty good with it! Except Andy tricked us by pulling an old picture of a celebrity and they look totally different now! I think there should be a stipulation about using more recent photos. I guess we’ll save that for next time. 

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