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My dress barely fit in the car!

Over the weekend I went to another Goblin Ball, this one was the light fairy kingdom vs dark fairy. It is based of the movie, The Labyrinth. It was fun! Though, not sure if I’d go to another. I feel like two is probably enough, especially when you have to find a ball gown. But who knows, I may change my mind. Anyway, the event was held in the same armory museum, which is really a great setting for it. It pretty much went the same as last time, except they much improved the professional photo system. So we didn’t have to stand in line for days. We got ready at Erin’s place, then headed to our friend Emily’s house to meet up with everyone. 


The costumes were really cool! I’m not really sure what I was dressed as. We’ll go with Cotton Candy Queen. As my giant-ass dress looked like cotton candy. It actually wasn’t that expensive. It was cheaper than renting a dress. I may cut some layers off and use it for 80s prom. I’ll “Pretty in Pink” it, except this dress hopefully won’t end up looking hideous. 


My only complaint was my shoes and some of the music selections. They played too much slow waltzing music. I came to jam out, not to be bored by waltz music! I should have worn flip flops. My feet were still pretty jacked up from Comic Con. So the shoes I wore were hurting me by nights end.  I stayed over at Erin’s that night. We got up the next day for pancakes, and did some shopping. 

PSA, for those people getting married that want to use the Bridal Buddy, I’d say don’t waste your money. I brought mine to test out for my wedding, and it wouldn’t even fit my ball gown. So I couldn’t use it. I actually had no issue using the bathroom in my giant dress. It was just a slow process, as I had to gather up all the damn layers of my dress. But it made me confident that I can successfully pee on my own at my wedding…WHICH IS IN 30 DAYS. Yikes. I mean, I’m excited, but also nervous. 



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Not that anyone remembers, but I made a post about this song I was trying to find without luck. The odd thing, I was just thinking about this song again last week and how I was pretty sure I’ll encounter it again someday. I’m mildly psychic about irrelevant things. I should start up a 1-800 line about giving out psychic readings for irrelevant life events. I think you’ll find that missing sock within the next three weeks! Anyway, I was thinking “someday” as in, maybe a in a few years I’ll find this song. I definitely was not thinking DAYS. 

I decided to start watching the Netflix series “Friends from College.” Boom, first episode the opening song is THE ONE I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND FOREVER BUT COULDN’T REMEMBER ANY LYRICS! Without further adieu, the song is “Cut your Hair” by Pavement. Which doesn’t have anything to do with an anchorman or weatherman, like I had previously blogged about. I must be thinking of another song from my college days? Regardless, I am just thrilled I finally found this song. 

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Sorry, I’ve been lacking in the posts this week, it’s been a busy one! But more on that later. Anyway, on Friday I attempted a Goth Night at a local music venue. I mentioned in another post about how I don’t know how to goth. haha! The event is held about once a month. It was really fun. I didn’t really know what to wear (duh), so I ordered some things online. I only ended up using the feather shawl, the rest of my getup consisted of things I already owned. I actually have a matching feather skirt, so it went nicely with the shawl. 

Anyway, I turned up a little later than I had wanted. Mostly because I was panicking at what to wear. My friend and I stopped for a drink beforehand as well. That and I was having technical difficulties with my temporary tattoos staying intact. I probably shouldn’t have put makeup on before adding the tattoos, as they didn’t stick very well over foundation. Oh well, lesson learned for next time.

It was a really fun night. There was good tunes, and people had some really fun outfits. My “IDK how to goth, so here I am as a bird” outfit was a hit.  My friends and I had a lot of fun. We stayed until close, and the snow didn’t let up. Thankfully we all got home safely in our Uber. 


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Saturday was an interesting night. Andy and I wanted to grab some burgers and booze for dinner. We had plans to see a friends cover band play in the area. We didn’t intend to stay for the whole set. The cover band was playing in the Foundation Room of the House of Blues. Meanwhile, down in the actual concert venue, Rick Astley was having a concert. I guess it was the last night of his tour for a while. We watched him on the TV’s upstairs, and they piped in the concert audio for us.

I give Rick a lot of credit. He played a 45 minute encore! Once his show was done, the cover band started to play. They were good, loads of Step Brothers references thrown in, they won me over just on that alone. About an hour into their set, none other than Rick Astley himself shows up. He asked to play with the band (Mr. Doubtfire) for a bit. This was a huge surprise, and we weren’t being Rick Rolled. I figured he would play a few songs, and be on his way. His tour manager told us they had to leave back to England early in the morning, so he was trying to keep Rick on a tight schedule.

It was quite the spectacle to see Rick Astley basically have a private concert for us. There was probably only about 40 or 50 people at the Foundation Room. I have to give him serious props, he played various cover songs with Mr. Doubtfire for a good hour and a half before calling it quits. So much for trying to leave early! We stayed until almost closing time. Which means there was a huge line for hot dogs when we left, so we couldn’t get any food from Sausage Guy. Bummer! But hey, we got a free private concert from Rick Astley, so I can’t complain. 



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I went to the I Love The 90’s tour over the weekend in Worcester. I don’t think I’ve gone to the DCU center before, so it was fun. I went with a fun group of friends, and we danced our faces off from the stands. Jamie got us good seats, so we weren’t with the crowds on the floor, but were in second row in the stands.

The show had  Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, All-4-One, Coolio, Tone Loc, and Young MC. I think we arrived a tad too late to catch Young MC. We had dinner beforehand at The Citizen. I had jeweled cat ears, painted whiskers, and a cat face shirt on for the show. I ordered the aristocrat burger, but I purposely kept calling it the aristocat burger. HAR! I probably made far too many cat jokes that evening, but my friends still love me. So they are good people…even after I said I had to use the litter box.


I have to say, I was very impressed with Lizz’s light up vest. I totally want one now, but have no idea when I would wear it…except for a 90s’ concert (of course!). Well, the tour is coming back around next year. So maybe a light up vest is in my future? All the performers did a great job. I was a little bummed Coolio didn’t perform the theme to Kenan & Kel, but I’ll forgive him because he shook my hand!

Vanilla Ice was the headliner, and he really wanted to party. He invited some audience members on stage to dance with him. Even after the concert was over, the DJ was spinning 90’s hits, and good ol’ V.Ice was still dancing and singing with people on stage. HOW AWESOME?!


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I’ve had a song stuck in my head and I can’t remember any of the lyrics to it at all. All I seem to recall is the chorus where the alt-rock band sings, “ooh ooh ah ohh ohh ohh.” I recall listening to this song on my iPod on college. I seem to think either the song name or lyrics had something to do with a weatherman or an anchorman. But Google search is no help. I even found a site where you can hum a song, but the results were null. I also tried a lyrics site using the search terms anchorman and weatherman. No hits in the forecast either.

Confession time, I don’t usually clean the songs out of my iTunes library. So the songs there, I’ve accrued since I got my very first iPod. It was a pink iPod mini, and I loved it so! Still the only Apple product I don’t despise. ANYWAY, I tried to search my iTunes library, and I got nothing. It’s possible the iPod it was on died, or the song was lost between several computer changes/restores since my college days.

But all hope was not yet lost. I keep all my CD’s in a giant binder, this includes about 20 mix CD’s I’ve created over my high school and college days. Consider it my early 2000’s homage to the mix tape. Not only this, I also kept the index card with the songs listed on them! Wow, my younger self was so organized, and a music-hoarder. My mix CD search didn’t yield any results.

All I learned, was I probably should have bought myself a Doors greatest hits album. Most of my mix CD’s seem to have at least one Doors song. I had no idea I liked The Doors that much. I forgot to try my Amazon music library, and the few odd folders of songs on the drive of my computer that I may have forgotten to link to my iTunes library. All hope isn’t totally lost yet, but trying to find a song without lyrics is rather impossible. Especially when you’re sure the song wasn’t really a big radio hit, and you can’t remember the band name at all. 


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Sorry blog, I’ve been neglectful! I’ve been enjoying summer and haven’t made time for blogging. But I took an early lunch from work, and am currently sitting at the sketchy gas station to get an inspection sticker for my car. The attendant is blasting mariachi music from his phone, and giving me the low-down on the lady that just got pulled over nearby.

So I guess that means now is the perfect time to blog! Except, blogging about what I’ve been up to the last few weeks seems exhausting. So instead, I’m going to snark the shit out of the lyrics to “Gives you Hell” by All-American Rejects. Why am I so annoyed by a single that was released in 2007ish? I can’t be sure. When it first came out, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. But now my local alt-rock station insists on playing it 3x a day, so I’m forced to listen. For the sake of brevity, I’m only posting parts of the lyrics here.


Gives You Hell-

All-American Rejects [Well reject is already in your name, so you got me there!]

I wake up every evening [Wow, so you slept all day? You sound like a huge winner already! #sarcasm]
With a big smile on my face [Eww.]
And it never feels out of place [Ha, like presumably your wardrobe?] 
And you’re still probably working
At a nine to five pace [Hold up, are you seriously trying to make fun of someone for HAVING A JOB?! What the fuck did you ever do with your life, aside from writing shitty lyrics? She sounds like a strong independent woman (or man, if that tickles your fancy).]

I wonder how bad that tastes [LOL, well he/she isn’t dating your loser-ass anymore. So I’m sure it tastes like the best fucking chocolate cake they’ve ever had!]
When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell [Again, LOL! Yeah, wanna run the hell away to avoid having an awkward conversation with you. Also to avoid smelling your BO from not having showered, since you slept 48 hours straight.]

Now where’s your picket fence love [He/she is working on it. They have that thing, it’s called a JOB.]
And where’s that shiny car [Probably driving it around. Meanwhile, you’re sitting at a bus station with a stained shirt, since your mom forgot to do your laundry.]
And did it ever get you far [Uh, yeah. Have car, will travel.]
You never seemed so tense love [He/she probably wanted to get as far away from your stench as possible. I’d be tense too, tensely plugging up my nose!]
I’ve never seen you fall so hard [You’re probably confusing their sympathy for you, with “falling so hard”. Narf!]
Do you know where you are [Yep, that shiny new car has GPS. They were able to add it on…ya know…with money from that job thing.]

And truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I’m lying [Well, which is it?]


If you find a man that’s worth a damn and treats you well
Then he’s a fool you’re just as well [Well that is just mean. This person who broke up with you, sounds way to good for this shit. You should be happy they have found someone that isn’t a loser. Also, maybe use that as a jumping off point to get a job, take a shower, move out of  your mom’s house, get a car?]

Tomorrow you’ll be thinking to yourself
Where’d it all go wrong? [Yeah, probably questioning why they ever dated you in the first place. Cuz their life is pretty awesome without you leeching off it.]
But the list goes on and on [What list? We know it wouldn’t be a grocery list, because you probably don’t have that kind of money.]


Now you’ll never see
What you’ve done to me [LOL, except these shitty song lyrics are pretty evident.]
You can take back your memories
They’re no good to me [I’m sure they want to “Eternal Sunshine” you from memory. I don’t even know you, and I want to do the same.]
And here’s all your lies [Well nobody is perfect. He/she was likely trying not to hurt your feelings.]
You can’t look me in the eyes
With the sad, sad look
That you wear so well [haha, it’s called feeling sorry for you.]


When you hear this song
I hope that it will treat you well [Bravo! You’re starting to show signs of maturity.]

You can sing along
I hope that it puts you through hell [Well now you just lost the half point for maturity. I’m sure they’ve never heard your shitty song, so moot point there, adolescent.]

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