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I’ve been sick for a few days and haven’t been sleeping well. It’s basically because my body refuses to let me be a mouth-breather. So sleeping at night with a stuffy nose, consists of not sleeping at all. Despite pumping myself with decongestants. I’ve found a good combo of saline spray and saline gel at night so I can do that breathing thing.

But I haven’t had time to catch up on sleep. So I’m feeling a bit long in the tooth. I dont actually know what that phrase means, but I’m going to imagine myself as a scraggly bunny in dire need of sleep. 

So we’re shooting to hopefully move in less than a few weeks. Which means there is no such thing as downtime or sleep. It sucks. I’m trying to find a balance between packing and having a social life. Easier said than done.

 I can’t wait for the move to be over. I’m beginning to feel like Tom Hanks at the end of The Burbs, when he accidentally sets that guys house on fire, and then the neighbor tries to murder him in the ambulance. Trouble is, I already feel like setting myself on fire and we haven’t even moved yet. 

They opened a new spa near work that does those saltwater pod things. I’m seriously considering booking a session next week. Otherwise I fear I may go mad!

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I ordered a bridesmaids dress for my BFF Ginny’s wedding off Amazon. She opted to let us pick our own dresses, which is great. So I thought I found a great option and ordered it, despite the $20 shipping charge. Not only that, the dress would take almost a month to arrive. I think the long lead time had to do with the shipping location, and the seller supposedly custom stitching the dress to your specified measurements. I ordered the dress, despite the expensive shipping cost and shipping time. They asked for my measurements, and I sent them along right away to avoid delays.

About 3-4 weeks later, I got the dress. The color wasn’t what I was expecting, but I guess it is regency purple (since I ordered another dress from a different seller and the color is the same). The fabric on the skirt was also not what I was expecting. But I guess that can be the hazard of ordering things online? That is beside the point. The dress was about six sizes too large. Yes, SIX! I have no idea why they bothered asking for measurements when they clearly didn’t bother checking. Ugh.  I contacted the seller and sent them the measurements of the dress vs the measurements I gave them. After some back and forth, involving me taking loads of pictures with a measuring tape to show the size difference and screenshots of my original email to them, they agreed the dress was totally wrong. Uh, NO DUH!

Instead of being normal and offering me a full refund, they wanted to offer a partial refund and use the money to get it altered. I kid you not. I LOL’d at this, and declined. I’m pretty sure it would cost more than the full price of the dress with the crazy shipping to get it altered. Not only that, I don’t actually think the dress could be altered that much. You’re really only supposed to take dresses down two sizes, not six. So they gave me the refund on the dress, not the shipping. This was not acceptable to me. After all, it wasn’t my fault they sent the completely wrong size.

They said I could keep the dress as it was “customized to my measurements” [**COUGH**] and couldn’t resell it. Which I find perplexing, but whatever.

At this point, I was a bit sick of dealing with this seller as it was like pulling teeth to get them to admit the error and refund me. So a couple days later, I opted to reach out to Amazon directly to see if they could get my shipping refunded, or at least get it as Amazon credit. I guess what ended up happening was I opened claim. Since I’m not a seller, I don’t know how severe claims are against your seller rating. I ended up getting a sob story from the seller, saying she could lose her job…etc. I’m guessing they must have other claims against them, in order for the seller to freak.

I have no idea if her story is true or not, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and cancelled the claim. This allowed her the chance to refund my shipping without my re-opening it. Now suddenly, she wanted me to send the dress back?! She claimed it was part of the Amazon policy, but seeing as I cancelled the claim, I have my doubts.

She sent me an address of a person named Alex…who apparently doesn’t have a last name to ship the dress. I was mad at this point. So I opted to wait a few days before replying back. But hey, I’m still mad. So I called her out on the mysterious person with no last name, and told her I’d be happy to send the dress back, once she gives me a prepaid label to do so. TBD on what happens now, I’m expecting another sob story. In the meantime, I got another dress. I’m not in love with it, but it fits and it’s appropriate for the wedding. 




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So we had our first major winter storm for the season. I can’t wait to move. I was hoping I would’ve been able to move into my new place prior to the winter. But the pad  needs a lot of renovations, so that didn’t happen. The good news is, almost done! The bad news, I had to shovel last night. 

The only way I got myself to do it, was I tried to psych myself up. Thinking, this is IT, G! It’s the Olympics of speed shoveling, do your shitty country proud! I started off strong. I shoveled the steps and sidewalks in record time. But then it came to the car and driveway. It’s not even a big driveway, just shoveling out my spot. But it took forever to clean off my car because there was a layer of ice under it. But still, I persevered! I cleaned it in about 15 minutes.

But then came the doozy, I had to shovel all the layers of snow from the driveway into a snowbank. This is where the other (non-existent) competitors excelled. It took a while to get all the snow out of my spot. PLUS, I had to clean off Andy’s car. Which I 1000% didn’t really want to do, but he cleans my car off quite a lot. So I thought it would kind of be an asshole move to not return the favor. So I cleaned off his car too. Then I raced indoors to see how I did on time. I did horribly, no medals for me! It took me an hour and a half. When I had it in my head to bang it out in 30 minutes. LOL, TEAM SELF. UGH. But hey, I dusted myself off and made it into work today. So that is an achievement. Plus I’m going to the Goblin Kings Ball this weekend, should be fun. 


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So the other day, Boston got it’s first “Eataly” location. I don’t really understand the appeal of it. I mean, I know it has it’s origins in Italy. But I feel since it’s a big chain now, it’s about as Italian as an Olive Garden. Not that there is anything wrong with OG, I love me some of their bread sticks and fake Italian fare! 

Even my own mother (off the boat Italian) has heard of Eataly by now. She told us she wants to go sometime this month. I’m dreading it, to be honest.  The place looks about as appealing to me as eating a rusty nail covered in Ragu. But maybe my mom will get some enjoyment out of it, I don’t have high hopes for the place. 

My main issue, I don’t think Boston needed an Eataly. We already have the North End. The North End is a section of Boston with loads of Italian restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, bakeries, and butcher shops. So I think Eataly will be bad for those small businesses, it will “Wal-Mart” the area.  Why couldn’t they just open it in Worcester or something? I’m sure people in the western/central part of the state would appreciate a fake Italian marketplace, since it will be a closer ride than Boston. Ugh, let’s hope the hype dies down and it doesn’t kill the North End. 

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Okay guys, confession time. Ever since my co-worker discovered the “brunch favorites” edition of candy corn at Target, I was hooked. The flavors are strange for candy corn, like French toast with maple syrup, chocolate chip pancakes, and waffles with strawberry. But damned if I can’t say, they are the most delicious candy corn I’ve ever had. 


Given that candy corn is mostly sold around Halloween, I didn’t have much time to stock up. These candy corn flavors are exclusive to Target, so I grabbed a few bags one day during my lunch break.

I gave a bag to a co-worker who also appreciates candy corn, as a Halloween gift. I saved the other two bags for myself, and if a random co-worker wanted some. Well, let me tell you, these candy corn bags did not last long at all. Want to know who ate the other two bags in their entirety? ME! I have no self control with these candies.

I feel like that old guy in the 80’s  70’s commercial that was like, “I can’t believe I ate that whole thing.” Well dear diary, I did eat that whole thing. Ever since I polished off the last of it, Target has sold through their stock. I was devastated, as I walked every single aisle with no remnant of a clearance Halloween candy shelf. They needed to make room for the candy canes. What about the candy corns?!!! Huh, Target?!! I found some remaining bags on Amazon. I started off just by ordering a pack of two. Mostly because I didn’t feel like spending $28 on four bags of candy.

The next day, I decided to polish off some Christmas shopping, so I ordered some gifts online. Know what mysteriously (deliberately) made it’s way into my cart? Another two pack of this candy corn. SEND HELP AND INSULIN! I’m hoping I’ll get sick of this candy corn with my first shipment. So by the time the second one arrives, I’ll be 1000% all set with this crack candy. 

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I probably say this phrase a lot. After I was finished flipping off every single person on the highway yesterday and being kind of an asshole, I began the process of getting over the shit stain taking office in January. Please note, I will not refer to him as a president. Just a Shit Stain  (S.S.) “taking office.” It is what it is, and I’m already sick of hearing about it. I’ve started the process of muting people on Twitter, and using the handy “unfollow” FB feature for those that are still ranting/grieving. People need time to sort out their feelings and views. I support that choice.

I don’t wish to tell those that are still suffering to “get over it.” However, I’m sick of hearing about S.S. at this point. That is the way I’m coping. I cope with distance and time. Other people cope by writing their thoughts and feelings on social media. That’s fine too. But since I cope by not engaging in those posts, I will mute them. I tend to get over things quickly. My rage burns brightly, but fades quickly. Maybe quicker than most in this case, because I didn’t like either candidate. But I still was very shocked and disappointed with the results.

To be fair, I don’t think there has been a president I’ve wholeheartedly liked. I know, I know! My views are neither right, left, up, or down. I also don’t have a party association. Nothing suits me. Maybe I also expect perfection, and that is why I wind up disappointed (to some degree) and apathetic.  So this election wasn’t going to leave me with the warm n’ fuzzies, regardless. But there is still hope. Many are taking steps to volunteer, and go out of their way to show kindness. They do this in spite of S.S., not because of S.S. Let’s hope this gains momentum, so good things can come of this. 

BTW, I found an S.S.  supporter among my FB friends. I guess they were all hiding. My thing is, if you have to hide who you support, perhaps you should reconsider? Also, she claims she isn’t a racist and supports the LGBT community. In my opinion, supporting someone who fuels hate among those that are different, makes you guilty by association. She is also (what I thought was) an intelligent woman. At first I was tempted to unfriend her. But then I thought, wouldn’t that be hypocritical? I would be unfriending someone who has vastly  different (misguided) views, who believes in a con-man, and someone who is intolerant. Wouldn’t that also make me intolerant? Bit of a double-edge sword there. So perhaps the “unfollow posts” feature will used in her case. 

P.S.   Oh yes, this will likely be my last post on this topic for a while. As I said, I get over things by not dwelling on what I cannot change. It won’t be easy or fun. I feel a deep sense of defeat and terror. But I need to sort through these feelings, and find ways to deal.  So no worries, back to vapid posts about weekend adventures and cosmetics.

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Well America, the truly unthinkable happened last night. I have to level with you, I was confident “Dump” wouldn’t win. I didn’t sweat it at all. Maybe because I wasn’t actually vested in either candidate. But I smell a rat here, because I know of exactly 0 people that like Trump. I’m sure his own mother didn’t even like him, so I can’t imagine the majority of the voters actually do. Me thinks someone hacked the swing states. Don’t get me wrong, I never bought into the stories of voting systems being hacked over the last few weeks. But now I’m wondering if I should have? I think the votes of the swing states need to be examined very closely, just to be sure the dead didn’t resurrect themselves and make it to the polls.

That aside, I’m calling bullshit on anyone that tries to blame this abomination on the third party voters. Perhaps the third party voters would have gone for a dem or republican candidate, had the majority done a better job at candidate selection. Also, maybe point a finger at the registered voters who didn’t vote. But at this point, we’re stuck with this oopma-loompa, and there is nothing we can really do. I just hope, he does something truly deplorable within 5 minutes of his presidency, so he can be immediately impeached. Not that Pence is really better, but maybe he would be too frightened to really do anything at all during the remainder of the presidency. A gal can dream, right? Until that happens, it’s going to be a long four years. Let’s hope we can survive this impending apocalypse. 

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