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Happy #tbt to the last time I visited the ice castles in NH

My eye is twitching, so I’m ready for this short week to be over. Bring on the weekend! I am heading up to NH this weekend with my friend Erin. We’re going to visit the ice castles, before they close next week for the season. I went once a few years ago. The line SUCKED. We were stuck next to an annoying girl who wouldn’t stop complaining about how cold it was. It got the point where a mother and child in line offered up the child’s gloves and scarf in an attempt to shut her up. Unfortunately, she declined. So we all had to hang out in line for an hour and a half listening to Debbie Downer. FUN!

Thankfully, they have improved the ice castles since (so I’ve heard). They now offer timed tickets and only offer limited ticket sales on site. They also moved the castles off site of the ski resort. This will make it much easier because we were standing in line waiting to buy tickets, which is where the cluster fuck was. PLUS, we’ll be VIP. My friends cousin works there, and will be letting us in! I’m very excited to get away for the weekend. We’re probably going to be doing some exploring and finish the weekend off with pancakes at Sugar Shack. I think we’ll also be doing some outlet shopping as well. Can’t wait!



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Wrapping up my weekend adventures, we woke up early the next morning. We wanted to squeeze in the Submarine Force Museum, Mystic Pizza, and Mystic Aquarium before heading back home. The submarine museum was very cool! It was also a very Andy thing to check out on his birthday weekend.

The museum itself was interesting. They have a mock control-room area where they have periscopes set up that over look the area outside the museum. After we finished touring the inside, we actually got to tour the USS Nautilus SSN-571 submarine. It was really cool inside, and they show how the crew live aboard a sub. I’m a petite person, and even I struggle to see how grown men can comfortably fit aboard. So to that I say, better them than me!


After the museum, we made our way to the Mystic Aquarium. I’m going to level with you, I really just wanted to go to see my whale friends again. I love the beluga whales so much. They even gave me the opp to take a selfie (whalefie) with them again. I was very excited, probably more excited than the kids at the aquarium.



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2016-01-25 10.12.48

I didn’t let the crappy weather get in my way this weekend. We all went to a hibachi place for my friends birthday. Andy and I had been there before. But we call it “No-saka”, instead of “Osaka”. This is because everytime we’ve tried to go in the past with this group of friends, they usually drop out. So at long last, it was a “Go-saka”! The food was great as usual. I think our hibachi chef was in a hurry though, he missed a lot of the classic hibachi tricks. Also, chef at another table made balloon hats, so we had to infringe upon the other table to get ourselves in on the balloon action.

2016-01-25 10.16.36

After hibachi, we went to the Foundation Room for drinks and shenanigans. I sat on a couch near the fire because I was freezing. I guess that is the hazrd of having a cute outfit, tights and cold weather don’t mix. Oh well!
Andy and I also went to the Museum of Science over the weekend. I really wanted to go to the planetarium. So we saw two shows there. We got the museum early in the morning, so there wasn’t a lot of people there. But by the afternoon it was getting pretty packed. We decided to leave when it was getting too crazy. It also snowed over the weekend, but (for once) we were spared the major impact. I think we got maybe about 4″ of snow, as opposed to 42″ in some other places. 

2016-01-25 10.44.23

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2015-07-20 09.39.32

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with the TV show Antiques Roadshow. Aside from that fact I used to watch it when I was in high school and college. While we’re on the topic of public broadcasting TV shows, I also watched This Old House as a kid. I was a very strange child/teenager/young adult. Even more so when you consider we’ve pretty much always had cable TV growing up. 

I’m getting off topic here. Andy and I got up early on Saturday to drive to the boondocks to check out this giant flea market. We ended up parking at a church that allowed people to use their bathroom. This is key because the flea market only has porta-potties and I’d rather get a UTI than use one. Anyway, this flea market was HUGE! It was a lot of fun to explore it. I ended up doing over 3 miles of walking, according to my FitBit.

2015-07-20 09.40.37

I took a million pictures, but I’m only going to post a few collages here. I didn’t end up buying anything, but it gave me ideas on how I want to decorate my future home. Which will probably involve a lot of crafting on my part. Next time I go back, I’m going to get some plants. One of my favorite booths was selling exotic plants in interesting containers, like skull heads and intricate glass structures. We grabbed their card, I’m going to check their site as well.

2015-07-20 09.43.37

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For the sake of brevity, I’m combining a couple of days together so I can just do ONE MORE post after this and be done recapping (I know, I get carried away!). I swear, I’m trying to keep things short. Anyway, one day we went to The National WWII Museum. It’s huge and seems like something that should really be in the Smithsonian, but I digress. It took us about three hours to get through the museum, and we didn’t do any of the add-on’s like IMAX or watch some of the movies. So if you go, plan to spend the day. You should also expect to encounter more hordes of zombie school children (unless you go in the summer, but you’ll probably melt to death). Apparently kids in the area don’t go to school ever. They just dress in school uniforms and go on field trips all the time. I wish I was able to go on field trips EVERY DAY when I was in school (end rant). One of the coolest things about the museum is they give you a dog tag card and you swipe it at kiosks around the museum to follow a soldiers journey in WWII.  They also have areas dedicated to each country for the war.


After the WWII museum, we found a cool place for lunch. I got Cajun meatball soup, it was yummy! We encountered a random afternoon rain storm, but it only rained when we were eating lunch. By the time we walked to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, it subsided. I did get my flippy floppys wet though. BOO! It should come as no surprise that there were also school kids at the Butterfly Garden. But thankfully they were on their way home as we were entering. HALLELUJAH! We encountered lots of creepy crawlers in the museum, a lot of them grossed me out like the tarantulas and millipedes. 

Moving on to the next days activities, we grabbed more beignets for breakfast (duh) and walked around Jackson Square. After walking around, we grabbed lunch and went to the outlet mall. Once we got out of the mall, it was time to board the Creole Queen! 


We opted for the battlefield tour instead of a jazz cruise, Andy doesn’t like jazz and it was his birthday. The cruise was really cool, I’ve always wanted to go on a river boat. I was sure to make videos of the turbine. The battlefield itself was pretty cool. We walked around and learned about the battles. Andy is a big history buff, so he enjoyed this very much! Okay, that’s it for now. I definitely left out some cool dinners and nightlife stuff, but I’m running out of steam here.


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I’m always surprised at how quickly summer passes. I had to quit flip flops this week, it’s so sad! September was a busy month with my birthday and all. Since I was sucky at blogging most of the month, I’ll do another bulleted recap with pictures. Oh my!


  • Spending Labor Day with my BFF by the beach and pancakes from The Pancake Man. I posted some pics in my August recap.
  • Quality bowling time with my #VEDA-rans. Patrick made an awesome video of this! #VEDA- Day 38?

This place hasn’t been updated since the Reagan administration.

Myspace duck face shot

Can’t own boring bowling shoes

  • My sister surprised me with a massive amount of lawn flamingos for my bday. BEST.DAY.EVER!

  • I met Wakefield from the Sox. Super nice guy!

  • Headed to Maine for some bday fun that involved outlet shopping, seaside dinner, and seaside drinks. I have better pics on my Nikon, but I’ve been too lazy to upload them. 

Good nomz

Dinner view

Perkins Cove

Delicious drink

Testing out my attachable iPhone fisheye lens.

I just love Maine…

  • I had a (mostly) lovely bday outing at Yard House. I’m glad my friends were able to make it and the food was good. We did have a bad waitress though. I complained to the GM and she worked with us to be sure we were happy. I wrote a Yelp! review on it and I’m over it already. I just hope she finds another career path, for the sake of other patrons!

  • Andy got me an Xbox Kinect for my bday with a dancing game. My BFF stayed over after my bday outing and we DANCED OUR FACES OFF most the following day to the gift she gave me, Michael Jackson: The Experience. It’s seriously the best game ever!
  • We had some adventures with creeper dog.

  • Andy and I had a pretty chill past weekend. We went to party, got some more Kinect games, and WATCHED DEXTER!


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