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In addition to a Halloween party, I got magical unicorn hair over the weekend. I gave  my hair stylist 6 months notice that I wanted to do this. She has never done rainbow hair before, so she researched it before I hit the chair. It was a great success. I love it! Who doesn’t want to look like a unicorn?


My stylist used Joico Intensity hair color for the job. 



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Big reveal: my costume is the Millennium Falcon!

Hello blog! Its been a few weeks since I last blogged. I got back from Arizona about 10 days ago, but I haven’t gotten around to writing about my trip yet. I’ll get around to that real soon.

Anyway, my costume was finished just in time for a Halloween party this weekend. I told Andy I wanted to be the Millennium Falcon. I just wanted help with lighting, anything involving power tools, and measurements. Instead, he took the project and ran with it. He did a seriously impressive job, I love my costume! It was worth all the many trips to Home Depot and craft store to complete it. Not to mention all the money we spent on materials, yikes! Probably cheaper to build an actual Millennium Falcon, haha.

 The costume is made with foam, duct tape, and tons of paint. Andy rigged it to light up, so I flip a switch to hit warp speed. Which (admittedly) I did a lot, to travel between rooms. 

The party I went to was so much fun. My friend Fiona did an awesome job transforming her apartment into Stranger Things (Netflix series). I think her decorations were amazing. My costume actually ties in with Stranger Things. There was a scene where Mike tried to get 11 to fly his falcon toy, and she declined. Later on, she makes it fly with her powers.

There was a costume contest at the party. I somehow managed to snag Most Original and Best Costume. I was very honored to get not only one prize, but two! Andy was very thrilled his hard work paid off. There were lots of great costumes to compete with. There were even 2 very convincing Mrs. Byers. There were some other non Stranger Things related costumes were great as well.

 Once we settled down, we relaxed by the fire. But no night would be complete without a trip to The Drop to parade our costumes. Our Uber driver joined us at the bar, I guess we know how to party.

 I was thankful most people that approached me about my costume, knew what it was! Unlike last year, when a lot of people told me they loved my costume, then proceeded to ask me what it is. 😂 There were a lot of Star Wars nerds at the bar, all of them appreciated the costume. I think Andy was happy to get all the positive feedback on his costume baby, haha. Only two people had to ask me what my costume was, so that is impressive. I also made a new Facebook friend with a girl that I was talking with about Star Wars and Dr. Who. Nerdy friends are the best kind of people! 🤓

I need to start thinking about next year. But until then, I was tasked with carving a pumpkin for a department competition this week. I was nominated because I won the pumpkin carving contest at work a couple times. I have a lot of pressure now. Oh man!

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2016-02-29 12.32.38

I finally got my taxes done over the weekend. I’m happy to report I’m getting mo’ money back than last year. I also got to see Erin over the weekend. We skipped the sushi and went straight for the nachos and sangria. After some dinner and drinks, we went back to my place to do our nails and watch Fuller House. We blasted through quite a few episodes, then I finished up the season on Sunday. I have no restraint when it comes to binge-watching on Netflix. It will be the same story when OITNB comes back.

I have to admit, I was a little scared to watch Fuller House. A lot of reviews were negative, which I totally don’t get after seeing it. I think it’s just those people that have to crap on things to make themselves feel cooler. I actually really liked the re-boot. Can I just have everything in Kimmy Gibbler’s closet, please?! I really want the bacon and eggs scarf, the cupcake scarf, and the cat kimono. I may have already found and purchased the Betsey Johnson Rubix Cube bag…ooops! To my defense, I need it for 80’s prom and I got a good deal. 


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2015-11-23 08.44.08

I had a really fun weekend! I’ve been looking forward to our fancy steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I actually like their steaks more than Capital Grille. Our next fancy steak dinner location will probably be Abe & Louie’s. We’ll likely save that for Valentine’s Day or something. Neither of us have tried Abe & Louie’s before, hopefully they won’t disappoint. I really love the location of Ruth’s Chris though. They took over the old city hall building, so each board room/office is a separate dining area, this time we were in a much larger dining room. I liked the larger room more, I felt like it was too quiet in the smaller room we had before.

2015-11-23 08.42.28

ANYWAY, Andy and I both ordered the New York Strip Steak. I got a salad and Andy got creamed spinach. Both dishes were excellent! I finished about 80% of my steak, but I just couldn’t finish the rest. Instead of taking it home, Andy scarfed down the remainder. I think next time I’ll stick with the filet, it’s a little smaller.

After dinner, we went out for more drinks at the King St. Tavern. There weren’t many people there (thankfully), so we had a chill evening. All in all, a great night. OH YEAH, I totally woke up at 5AM the following morning pouring sweat. That’s not my norm, unless it’s summer and I forgot to leave the A/C on. The only logical conclusion, I GOT THE MEAT SWEATS!


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I’ve been in a fight with my insurance company over a charge they wanted me to pay for a doctors appointment. I guess my old doctors office, charged my insurance. This happened when I told the new woman in reception, I couldn’t wait over an hour and a half for a routine check up. I have to get back to work, so therefore can’t allot 2 hours for a routine appointment. Instead, I opted to change doctors. It was the last straw for me, as much as I liked my old doc. I couldn’t deal with never being able to reach a human on the phone, and insane waiting room waits. 

Cue to a little over a month ago when I got a bill in for the doctors visit. I was like, ABSOLUTELY NOT! So after a month or so of deliberations, they took my side and covered the excess charges. I’m glad I have a decent insurance provider. I had to fight them a little, but they saw things my way. 

They updated the vacation time policy at work. When I looked it over, I saw they updated the anniversary thresholds for the amount of vacation days earned. Since I was on the cusp of a threshold, I’m basically losing 3/4 of a vacation day. I told them about this, as they changed the policy last year as well, but the amount of years was different. It worked out that I lost 3/4 of a day this year. I decided to question it this time. I’m sure there are other people that are on the same boat, losing time since the anniversary years were changed. Thankfully, they saw the error and corrected it. Hooray, justice for all! 

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I went to Dunkin’s this morning and only got a coffee. After I parked my car in the lot at work, I could sense that someone brought in Kane’s Donuts. Kane’s is this mom & pop donut shop in north shore of Boston. The donuts are HUGE and like trying to eat an entire cake by yourself. They are awesome!
I got the chocolate turtle donut. Just between you, me, and the entire internets, I could only finish half of my donut. Normally I can eat a whole one, but this morning I just couldn’t do it. I know, it’s so shameful. If only my psychic ability could have warned me, I would have cut one in half!

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2015-07-16 09.58.42

I was selected to try Rocksbox free for three months.  I’ve become an IT Girl, and you can try Rocksbox too, use my ref code (germanabff)! Once you sign up for Rocksbox, you take a style quiz. Then you get three pieces sent to you on loan. The pieces are selected based off your style quiz by stylists. But you can also create a wishlist and they will sometimes include those pieces as well. Or you can specifically request a piece from your wishlist. I thought this was pretty cool!

I got my third Rocksbox set the other day. This one is my favorite one yet. To the point where I might splurge and buy all three pieces. I got a gorgeous SLATE Spiked Out Necklace in Gold ($65 insider price, or $82 full retail), Gorjana Crescent Studs ($28 insider price, or $35 full retail), and Gorjana Wrap Arrow Midi Ring ($28 insider price, $35 full price). I’ve been on a midi ring kick lately, so I’m happy they sent me one. Although it is a bit pricey! But I definitely want to keep at least the necklace, we’ll see about the rest. I can’t wait to wear all these pieces!

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