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Some pictures from the Our Lady Peace show, yes I did take a picture of the giant guy I was stuck behind. 

I went with a couple of friends to see Our Lady Peace this week. It was a good show, I saw them before. I just don’t like this particular venue. I’ve been to shows there dozens of times, and I concluded I can’t pretend to like it anymore. The acoustics are off, and the layout is terrible. They also lack good temperature regulation, it’s always sweltering. Also, the women’s restroom on the first floor is usually disgusting, the one on the mezzanine area is okay enough at least. But good luck trying to get to the mezzanine from the ground though. 


Much better view after we moved spots!

I think the venue needs to be remodeled as they have these GIANT posts next to the stage which impairs people from being able to see the whole stage from the sides, which is very limiting for a sold out show. It is also general admission, there is no seating in the venue.Anyway, we spent the first half of the show in our obstructed view area. Not only was there a post in our way, I  got stuck behind Andre the Giant. The band had a brief intermission. We used this moment to move spots,  only seeing the guitarist was annoying.

The band came back on, and we liked our new spot much better. Then a crowd of people from Buffalo plowed through the area and bumped into my friend Ginny a few times. She called out “what the hell” or something to that sense, since nobody said “excuse me” as they shoved through. They came back around and one of them complained to my other friend Fiona that we “stole their spot, but it’s fine”. To which she retorted,  “yes, it is fine!”

That shut them right up. I don’t think people really understand how general admission tickets work. If I leave my spot for any amount of time, I don’t expect it will still be there when I return. Also, if you go to a show with a huge group of people, you best choose a venue with assigned seating. You honestly can’t expect your large group will remain together. But apparently this is a difficult concept for people to grasp. Despite the annoying people and sweltering heat, we enjoyed the show. We grabbed a night cap afterwards and I got a ride home. 



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I’ve always loved the Nickelodeon show Pete & Pete. I watched it all the time growing up, so I became really familiar with all the songs on the show. To the point where I bought the album “Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete” by the band Polaris. I know Polaris has loads of other songs and albums, but this is the only one I have. [EDIT: I lied, they only have the one album, apparently]

I’m super excited to see them at an upcoming show! I just hope they concentrate more on this album, rather than the ones I don’t know. I think they will,since this tour is for the release of the album on vinyl for Record Store Day. I knew about this show for a while but wasn’t sure if I was going to go, primarily because I didn’t think anyone would be willing to join me. I’ve dragged Andy to too many shows he didn’t want to see, so I’ve been barred from asking him. But I was surprised when he mentioned he wanted to go when we were out one night seeing Sebadoh. You can only imagine my excitement! So I bought us tickets right away. I can’t wait for the show!

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