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We got randomly invited to attend a Celtics game in a suite. The only drawback, I couldn’t go to my friends birthday paint night. I wanted to show up for a little bit, but I guess they open up the suite area early and they wanted us to arrive together. Andy was none too pleased that he couldn’t attend, as he is a much bigger Celtic’s fan than I’ll ever be. But it was people from work, so I could not get a plus one.


I haven’t gone to a suite in the Garden before, only the Red Sox. It was pretty similar experience. Each one has a private bathroom, free (to us) food (even sushi!), and booze. There is also seating in the front to watch the game, and some TV’s as well. Although, I don’t know if anyone actually watches the TV’s. Pretty awesome experience!

I stuffed myself with food and drinks while watching the game. A couple of us did end up leaving a little early, since it was a weeknight. I guess we probably should have stayed till the bitter end (and paid a ton in Uber surge fees, and sit in traffic on the pike for over an hour), since they ended up winning at the last second. Also, Andy was annoyed to see that I left before the game ended. I guess I’m not that good of a sports fan, hahaha!!


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Yesterday there was a local celebrity basketball game at work. My favorite part is the slam dunk show that Lucky (the Celtics mascot) performs. This dude has some serious moves! I’m not really privy on who some of the other celebs were, but I did recognize Jermaine Wiggins. Andy was supposed to visit me since he is off work this week, but he drank too much the night before and was too hung over. He missed out!




In other news, not really sure what I’m doing this weekend aside from having dinner with Ginny, and a post-graduation family gathering for my nephew (OMG, I’m so old!). Both should be fun!

In other frivolous news, I decided to stop taking allergy meds everyday. This is a very brave decision since I’m risking getting allergy headaches if I don’t take something. I’m sick of buying meds and they make me sooooo thirsty. I ran out of Zyrtec last week so I was trying to use up the Allegra I had, but it makes me way more thirsty than Zyrtec. I drank so much water yesterday! I’m shocked I didn’t get a call from the whales,¬†complaining¬†about the sudden dip in the water supply. Consequently, I felt like I had to pee every five minutes. So I think I’ll take my chances and only take an allergy pill when needed. We’ll see how long this lasts, my eyes already itch.

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