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So for the first time since 1997, my friend Jamie and I went rollerskating over the long weekend. We were definitely the oldest people there without kids, at the skating rink. That didn’t stop us! Neither of us fell, which was awesome. I actually was able to skate, I remembered it quite quickly. I don’t think I would have been as successful if I had attempted roller blades instead. After skating, we went to a cute shop where I got a couple pairs of sunglasses and some jewelry. 


After burning calories gliding around on skates, we had a delicious meal. It was at a flatbread pizza place. We had to wait for a table, as it was a happening spot. The food was really good, so I understand why there was a wait. I felt bad though, I barely made a dent in my giant hunks of fried chicken and I couldn’t take it home with me since we were heading out for drinks after dinner. 


After dinner, we went out for nitrogen ice cream. It was delicious! I got the cake batter flavor. As if the ice cream place wasn’t awesome enough, they have a speakeasy in the back!!


I did the honor of turning on the light, for delight! A window swung open, and we were greeted with a bartender. He checked our ID’s, and showed us to an empty spot at the bar. It’s not a place where you can just stand around, you have to have a seat. It was very cool! I think next time we’ll eat there instead of the pizza place, so we can sample their cheese platters and such. 


To complete our adventure, we went to a brewery. I actually really liked it. Unlike tons of other breweries out there, the beer wasn’t hoppy (unless you selected the beer in the “Hoppy” section). I was very happy with our brews. We listened to some live music before closing our adventure. 




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2015-10-05 13.06.32

Jamie and I did the Color Run Night on Friday. It was a lot of fun! The event was at Gillette Stadium and I arrived super early. I was early because I got out of work at 4, and didn’t see the point in driving north to go home. I didn’t pay attention to where they wanted to me to park, so I just went to area I usually go. This was a smart move, because even after looking at a map, I couldn’t figure out where the hell lot P1 was! I walked around for a bit and went shopping. There is lots to do there to pass time.

2015-10-05 13.07.35

Jamie got there a couple hours after me, but was still early. So she found a spot right next to me. This worked out because she had to change, and I wanted to go back to my car to drop off my Color Run Night shirt and un-used glow sticks. I also got us some clear ponchos because it was damp out.

Thankfully it didn’t really rain while we were running, but it was misty. We had lots of time to kill before our heat was up, so we grabbed some beer and nachos at Toby Keith’s. The bartender told us a lot of people were opting out of the race and just hanging at the bar to drink. I say NO THANKS to that! I mean, we already paid to race, and we were gonna do it!

2015-10-05 13.09.05

The race was fun, we got a good power walk going and I was no longer freezing once we hit the half way point. The ponchos saved us a little bit. They made us feel like sexy sandwiches. The only color station I got nailed at, was blue. I got blue all over the sleeve of my rain coat. But it washed right off. Other than that, we were unscathed. My favorite station was the glow bubble one, it was so awesome! I wish I got pictures, but it was hard to take pictures in low-lighting when your phone in a sandwich bag for safe keeping. So please enjoy my sandwich bag pictures!

After the race, we got our medals. There was a pretty epic dance party happening too! We also went back to Toby Keiths for some victory beer! I like that the Color Run give out medals now, makes the fact we power walked through the whole thing worth it. 

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I had a pretty fun weekend! We went out for dinner and drinks followed by The Drop. We ended up meeting Lil and Kerry while there! Beth and I pretended we knew how to play darts and we didn’t do that bad. I just think it’s good when the darts don’t bounce off the wall or hit someone. I think we scared away the people that were seated near the dart boards, which wasn’t our intention, but it worked in our favor! We snagged the table and only had a few brushes with death when darts almost landed on one of us. We also saw a dude wearing a tweed blazer and concluded he must be a Social Studies teacher. He reminded me of Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World, trying to be cool and relatable with a mullet. 


I ended up binge-watching the show Hindsight and it is great! The music on the show is also really awesome, since it’s supposed to take place in 1995. Andy hasn’t complained (yet) about my singing to every single song that pops up. Unfortunately, the finale isn’t available to watch for another five days, so I have to wait to see how season 1 ends. But the good news is that it got renewed a second season, so I’m pretty psyched about that.


While doing my nails on Saturday, I also watched Going Clear on HBO. I was further horrified by Scientology and wonder how in the hell people get suckered into it. I’m pretty certain if there was a Guinness World Record for bullshitting, L. Ron Hubbard would take the cake. But I digress.

Easter was pretty mellow. I went to my parents house and most of my nieces and nephews were there except for the young ones. My brother and sister-in-law went to the in-laws for Easter so there wasn’t an Easter egg hunt. I miss watching them, especially my nephew who gets very competitive and is prone to throwing fits. Oh well, there is always next year!

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This weekend has been super busy, but fun! I went to a friends birthday party on Friday night and a 90’s rap and house music dance party broke out. I love me a good dance party, yo! I had to get up early (ish) for my hair appointment on Saturday. I was in the chair for like 3 hours, while my hair stylist foiled my whole head and re-applied the purple. I love how my hair looks, but I definitely want to go lighter in my next appointment by having her add more blonde pieces to mix in with the brown. Thankfully my next appointment is just before vacation number 1 of 3 this year. So I will have a chance to lighten it before I head to New Orleans.


That day, Jamie and I went to Bonchon for some delicious sushi and fried chicken. I definitely ordered way too much food and only finished like half of my meal. Yikes! We headed out for some drinks and went to the Sebadoh show. The show was really good! Andy and Mark joined us. 


The opening band was really strange! So we spent most of their set playing skeeball. Andy was a baller and gave us a wad of one dollar bills so Jamie and I could play skeeball while Mark and Andy played pool. We actually did fairly well!. In between some horrible games, I did get some high scoring ones. We also didn’t spend all of Andy’s one dollar bills, so I’m sure he appreciated that. 


Once Sebadoh came on, we made our way back to the stage area. I’m actually not too familiar with their music. But I downloaded a few albums off my Prime account and kept thinking they sound like Dinosaur Jr. Turns out, Lou Barlow (guy that looks like Cousin It in the pictures) was in Dinosaur Jr. Oh man, I didn’t realize how good I am! I took crap-loads of pictures. But I narrowed it down to just a few for your viewing pleasure. I hope everyone else had a really fun weekend too!


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[photo] Friday night adventures and selfies!

The title pretty much sums up my weekend. We started off by seeing my friend Nico, who was in town from California. We also got to see Bob, who lives in Boston but never get to hang out with. It was seriously awesome times! I wish I recorded our conversations because I almost died from laughing so hard. We went to this bar called The Lower Depths that has awesome tater tots and a decent beer selection. This time I did not partake in the tots, I’ll have to go back another time for some.  The wall art there is really weird though. One of guys looks like zombie Christopher Walken.


Strange wall art at the Lower Depths and our bespectacled selfie

On Saturday Andy and I changed our dinner plans to see The Pizza Underground (Macaulay Culkin’s Velvet Underground cover band) play at Brighton Music Hall. I honestly didn’t have high expectations, but I surprisingly had a great time! We grabbed some pizza before the show to get in the mood. But after we walked over to the venue, it was sold out. I was like, WHAT?! I didn’t think it was going to sell out because tickets were still available to purchase the afternoon of the show. So we went to a local bar to figure out a game plan. After checking various ticket re-sell sites, I came up with nothing. So I went on Facebook to see if I could ask around. 


couples selfie at Patrons and some pictures of Macaulay Culkin

Turns out, I didn’t have to do much poking around. A very kindly girl was willing to give me her extra ticket. Unfortunately, she only had one spare. So I was going to turn it down, but Andy insisted that I go without him and he called some friends to meet him at Patron’s. I exchanged numbers with my kindly ticket donor and met her outside walked over to the venue. Andy waited outside to make sure everything went smoothly, since I was meeting a random person off the internet, lol. 


Once inside I found my friends right away. They also had another spare ticket that I offered to Andy, but he was already out with his friends at that point. So I took tons of pictures and video, but I’m only posting a few on here. Overall, the show was freaking awesome! My favorite part was the dance sequence by the Candy Boys. Har Mar Superstar was also another great band, the lead singer wore a sequin poncho. So that is a win in my book!


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[photo] Our Anniversary!

Andy I celebrated our anniversary this weekend by going out and having an awesome steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I got the filet and had Andy had the NY Strip Steak. Both were really good! I must say, we both really loved the croutons in the Caesar salad too, and neither of us are huge crouton fans. We shared some mashed potatoes and asparagus as our sides. We decided to take an Uber black car to the restaurant because WE BALLAHS (sometimes)!


The restaurant itself is in a cool location. They are inside the old city hall, so the entrance is set back and is really pretty! The restaurant has about 6 dining rooms throughout. We started in the bar and lounge area and had a few drinks while waiting for our table to be ready. When it was ready, we were escorted to one of the conference rooms in the lower level. It was nice and intimate. Our steaks arrived on a 500F plates. Andy kept threatening to touch his plate, I advised against this. It’s part of how the restaurant prepares the steaks. They are broiled and then served on the extremely hot plates. But the steaks still came out cooked the way we wanted, which was cool! They are also only prepared with salt, pepper, and butter. Trust me, the steaks still taste great. Then again, I don’t usually use steak sauces anyhow. 


I bought a new dress for the occasion, it is green and sequined. I also got around to wearing my really cute gray oxford heels. They were very comfortable and didn’t want to chop my feet off at the end of the night. I’ll consider that a huge win! 


Yesterday I got up bright and early to pick up the beer I special ordered from the Craft Beer Cellar. I’ve been wanting to try Shipyard GingerBreadHead for a while now. I must say, it’s pretty good! It’s sorta like drinking a cookie, haha! Later that day we went to the 9th annual Friendsgiving party. The food was really good (as usual) and it’s a potluck. Andy and I brought some dessert cookies from a local bakery.


It was really great to catch up with everyone! We got to meet Noah (Katie’s baby), and Jen’s puppy. It was so great to catch up! We agreed to make time to see each other more than once a year, haha! 


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[Photo] A random pair of bear pants from a dollar store and fun times at the bar where we play trivia

Well, I don’t want to jinx anything, but we seem to be on a winning streak with trivia. For the past 6 weeks we have either gotten second or first place, which is awesome! I think it’s important to have a diverse team, one person that is good with science/geography, another for music/movies, and one for sports. I guess I’m the one that is responsible for random facts, girly things, and books. 

There is this tool-bag that goes to the bar each week and is mad that we stole their thunder. We just call him Bill Nye the Science Douche. Not because he has any science knowledge. We checked, he has none…or really any knowledge of anything really. But he insists on yelling “SCIENCE!” every time the category is mentioned. It was funny the first time we heard it, but now I think someone should punch him in the face so he can get his jaw wired shut. BNTSD is also very jealous of our mad trivia skillz and yelled out “cheaters” last night. This didn’t sit well with us, but he is clearly harboring some serious insecurities so I let it slide. His short comings are not our problem. 

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