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I really wanted these awesome Louboutin boots my co-worker has that were covered in spikes. But alas, couldn’t justify the price tag. So when you cannot buy, you DIY! I got a cheap pair of boots and ton of studs and made my own, sans painting the outsole red. My next project is to stud a entire pair of booties. I’m already on the hunt for a cheap pair I can stud. 



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I don’t know why I live in New England. I haven’t liked snow since I could no longer get snow days. I think I should just leave already! We had about an inch or two of snow this morning, nothing ground breaking. Thankfully I head into work early so I didn’t really cause a huge mess. I felt bad for my boss, she tried to come in but had to turn around. The traffic was insane in her area! 

I tried to make myself feel better by wearing my new glitter jeans with the metallic boots I won a year or so ago from work. I also took a picture of how I packaged all the gift cards I’m giving out for Christmas. I got sick of scrambling to find small bags to keep the gift cards in, so I bought old newspaper themed bags from Amazon, cut a couple inches off the top and folded them into envelopes. I dressed them up with Christmas theme stickers. There you have it folks, a quick and cheap way to wrap gift cards! Interesting stuff, I know!


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I just noticed that I haven’t posted in over a month. Ooopsie! I had no idea I neglected my slice of the interwebz for that long. Sorry one reader! The trouble with being gone for so long, I’ve forgotten all the things I’ve done in past 42 days. Praise the Jebus for Google Calendar, I try to be “adulty” and update that with my activities. 

Since I last posted, I pre-registered for #BiSC this year and glad I did. It’s the last year and I’m a little sad to see it go. This will be my third year and hope it will be the best ever! I can’t wait to hear what new things Nicole has planned to replace the magical #BiSC. I’m also excited that Kelly is going to be my roomie this year! She is an ace at remembering to take pictures, I’m hoping it will remind me that I have a camera(s) and should USE IT (them)! I vary between over-doing it with picture-taking, or not taking enough. Frankly, I’d rather over-do it. This is the last year of #BiSC after all, TAKE ALL THE PICTURES!

I’m generally not one to do New Years resolutions, but I am trying to be more consistent with working out and travel more this year. Speaking of, after attending my BFF’s Lia Sophia party, I’ve decided to try out being an adviser.  I’m hosting my first party in a few weeks and can’t wait to try it out. It will be nice to have extra money for Vegas and Nashville. I also made a meager attempt at thinning out my handbag collection by selling a few on EBay. Anything I can do to plunk some change in my travel fund is okay in my eyes! Incidentally  is anyone looking for a lightly-used kidney? 😉

I feel a little bad for Andy, he thinks I don’t want to travel with him! I’m going to Vegas and Nashville/Memphis without him this year. The Nashville/Memphis trip was a random idea my BFF and I thought up while discussing Paul Simon lyrics. Don’t ask, we are strange people!  Instead of our Cape Cod trip in August, we are subbing it with Graceland and Nashville. Initially we were going to road trip, but after adding up costs and travel time, we thought it more practical to fly. I’m such a dork that I made an elaborate Excel spreadsheet breaking down costs. Now we’ll have to download some Elvis for the 3 hour drive from Nashville to Memphis. I also need some gold aviators and stick-on mutton chops. If I sell enough Lia Sophia this year, I could earn a spot to Hawaii in 2014. Maybe that will get Andy to forgive me?

I’m almost sorry to say I’ve decided to have an obsession with Ugg’s. #SorryImNotSorry! I had a pair a few years ago that I ended up selling on EBay (noticing a trend here?). In retrospect, I should have selected a pair with a shorter boot shaft and went one size down. I didn’t realize the brand runs a little big, I felt like I was stomping around like an elephant. I do recall almost knocking over Andy’s floor lamp with my Ugg hooves, which was when I decided to chuck them. I’m much more satisfied with this pair and may have ordered another (oops!). Let’s not mention the few more saved in my wishlist, eep!  It’s cool though, I’ll be selling jewelry to satisfy my shoe-buying problem and wanderlust. *gulp*


This is turning out to be a long post, I think I’m going to put the rest of it into another. It’s mostly complaints about being old, I’m sure you are really excited to read it. 


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In a meager attempt to shed light on the fact that it’s Monday and I’ve been stricken down with a bout crankiness stemming from sleep deprivation, I’m going to post a “positive” spin to my predicaments. I was going to title this, “Mrs. Brightside” until I remembered that I fucking hate The Killers.

  1. It’s Monday. => You can go home in 4 hours.
  2. Yeah, but I still have to sit through a 3 hour meeting => You’re getting paid at least. Unlike sitting through a 3hr film strip on the Maturation Process of Sperm Whales in 10th grade bio!
  3. It’s still Monday and I have fun things to do this weekend, like a birthday party, getting taxes done for moneyz, AND awesome Vday dinner at the Japanese steakhouse in Cambridge ! => Since you have been sleep deprived/cranky, go to bed super early this week to make the time go by faster! BONUS: In sleep you’re a Viking!
  4. I don’t know which dress to wear for Vday dinner! Indecision plagues me!=> Play pin the tail on the dressey
  5. It’s going to fucking snow for the 200th time in 2011 tomorrow => You can wear the spiffy boots you won.
  6. I may die since I suck at driving in snow=> You may not die?
  7. Fine, then what if I get into an accident since I suck at driving in snow? => You have insurance and can get a monster truck that will make the snow piss it’s pants, pick it self up, and run away screaming. BONUS, you can make extra money by driving in monster truck ralleys!
  8. I’m cold=> You have a Serengeti-themed Snuggie stowed at your desk for such occasions. You are so freaking fashionable, I’m jealous of you (me)!


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Toy Story 3


As a child, I thought it would be socially acceptable to wear my rainboots to preschool everyday. Not because I wanted to be odd, I was just lazy. I didn’t feel like learning to tie shoe laces and I couldn’t be bothered with velcro. My cat bottom rainboots were the easiest things to slip on, not really though. I think I struggled to jam them on everyday…But that didn’t stop me! Sketchers didn’t have slip-on shoes back in the 80s’.

How unfortunate.

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