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I finally moved to my newly renovated place! The work isn’t totally done yet, but it’s all cosmetic and can be completed while we’re living there. I just wanted to move as soon as possible, as the reno took longer than expected due to termite damage and the electrical had to be totally updated. But we finally made it! I really wanted to take advantage of the holiday weekend. We Massachusetts folks get Patriots Day off. It’s when the Boston Marathon happens, so a lot of people can’t get into work. Of course there is more of a historical meaning to the holiday, but I won’t bore you with that. Since my new office is near the marathon action, we have the day off. Thank goodness!

I’m trying to hoard my vacation time this year, so I can use some of it towards my honeymoon next year. ANYWAY, we’re slowly unpacking and the place looks like a mess, which is sending this neat-freak off the edge. But I am working on one room at a time. I have to find new spots for things, so my life is real-life Tetris. I finally have access to my shoe collection. I managed to find space for all my shoes, which is a miracle. I should really play moving Tetris competitively. HAHA! We got the bathroom totally set up and our bedroom. We’re slowly getting the kitchen up and running. The living room is mostly set up. But I need some more book cases to display my R2 collection and other nerdy items. The office will likely stay a mess for a little while, as it’s the “catch-all” room. 

My dog seems to be doing better. He has been really anxious the last few weeks, every time he saw me packing up boxes. He is settling in, but has to get used to sharing the yard with another dog. My sisters dog is friendly, so at least they are getting along. Although, I think he gets annoyed when Rocky doesn’t want to play with him, haha. I’m just glad the move is over, even if unpacking is annoying. 



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runners It seemed like such nice day at first! We walked down towards miles 21-23, cheered people on, and had a nice lunch. I was inspired by the crowds cheering people they didn’t even know. I was in awe of the fact these people running past me will cover 26.2 miles, the thought alone baffled me! I enjoy running, but I don’t love it enough to do a full marathon.

We decided to call it a day around 2PM and walked back to our apartment. Shortly after, we heard news of bombs going off at the finish line. The images were gory and seemed so unreal! Thankfully, a friend running in the marathon was fine, along with her parents that were near the finish. It’s very scary and sobering when something like this happens. I’m grateful Andy didn’t happen to be in office, otherwise who knows?! Thankfully we were situated few miles out from the finish line, others were not as fortunate. The windows of his building were blasted out, and there was supposed to be another bomb explosion right outside an entrance.

I’m nervous about the Red Sox game I’m attending this week. It’s in a suite with a private bathroom, free beer, and turkey dinner. I’m not sure I can enjoy myself after what has happened, I hope nothing like these bombings happen again. But we can’t let fear rule our lives, we will move on!

I’m glad the rest of the devices they found didn’t go off. Situations like this, really show how united people can become! Lots of people stepped in to do what they could, and some runners even went to donate blood immediately after. It was great to see tweets and photos of people rallying. I’m thankful for all the friends and family made sure I was okay, that really means a lot!

I don’t know what kind of a sick fuck would do this, but this image shows whoever did it hasn’t won! Today is also the 6th year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings. My heart goes out to all affected. 



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I guess you should be careful what you wish for, or complain about. I noticed our heat stopped working a few days ago. I tried to play around with the thermostat and boiler switch but nothing worked. I had to call my Landlord (dad) to see if he could fix the problem, I told him not to rush as it’s supposed to be 70 out anyway. He stopped by while I was at work, when I opened my front door a gust of hot air slapped me in the face. He turned the thermostat to 50, but the heat didn’t shut off! I fiddled with it for 5 minutes and couldn’t get to turn off. I had to shut the emergency switch on my boiler.

My poor pup must have been hot in my 90 degree apartment all afternoon! He seemed okay though when I got in, my poor baby! The plumber came by about an hour after I called and he didn’t have the part on him to fix it that night, but at this point I was content with not having heat until next October! I really hope when I get home tonight, my apartment can be a normal temperature. As much as I wanted the warmer temps, I’ll pass on a boiling apartment!

I have Marathon Monday off, so I’m hoping the weather will be warm (BUT NOT TOO WARM!) so we can enjoy our walk down and beers along the marathon route. I hope I see a lot of runners with crazy hats because that was what I enjoyed most watching the marathon as a kid.

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