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Since I’m not 21 anymore, I don’t end up doing much on St. Patrick’s Day. Typically, I’ll have an early-ish dinner with a couple drinks and go home. But not this year! My friend Patrick was in town from DC, and I haven’t seen him in a long time. So I felt it my duty to show him a good ol’ fashioned Boston St. Patrick’s Day. We ended up at my local watering hole, because it was our friends birthday. So Patrick got to meet my friends and celebrate with us. We managed to get the coveted corner spot. It’s ideal because people generally won’t try to cram themselves there to get drinks, and we have quick access to the bar. 

The roving bagpipers came by again. I feel like for the past 3 or 4 years I’ve witnessed a group of bagpipers, go to different bars on St. Patrick’s Day and play a quick set before heading to another bar. This has happened to me numerous times. Maybe I’m being followed?! Anyway, they did a good job.

We also had Andy’s friend Doug visiting us. He was wearing kilts all weekend, so he had no problem jig dancing to their music. They actually came by a few times throughout the night. I stayed out a bit later than I intended, but I was having a good time. One of my neighbors even turned up, and we did a shot of whiskey.

The people-watching was prime. I mean, that’s the main reason to go out on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston. You have to watch all the drunken shenanigans go down. I think I did a decent job of showing Patrick and Doug a typical Boston St. Patrick’s Day. Although, there was no green puke in the streets when we rambled out the door. 


Doug had tickets to the Dropkick Murphy’s show on Saturday. He had an extra ticket, so my friend Fiona was able to join us for the show. Doug had good tickets, we were in the floor section! I had a good time at the show. The two openers were fun, they got the crowd all pumped.

We didn’t have seats, so everyone in the floor section was standing around. This was good for dancing. There were also people moshing. But it wasn’t aggressive moshing, it did make me nervous to get bowled over. So I hid behind Andy, haha! It was good I did, because a big guy actually got knocked down and had to be brought away. He wasn’t maliciously pushed, he just lost his balance while he was moshing around. At the end of the show, the band had their whole family on stage for the encore.

Although I had a very “Boston” St. Patrick’s Day, I stopped short of going to the parade on Sunday. I’m not a parade person to begin with, and the gay veterans weren’t allowed to march (they ended up being allowed, but it was a big controversy at first) so the fact that was even an issue left a bad taste for me.  I spent my Sunday watching Beauty & the Beast. I actually really liked it. But I honestly haven’t seen the cartoon version since I was a kid, so I don’t know how close it was to that version. Doesn’t matter to me anyhow. I’m going to see it again at some point, with my friend Erin. 



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Saturday was an interesting night. Andy and I wanted to grab some burgers and booze for dinner. We had plans to see a friends cover band play in the area. We didn’t intend to stay for the whole set. The cover band was playing in the Foundation Room of the House of Blues. Meanwhile, down in the actual concert venue, Rick Astley was having a concert. I guess it was the last night of his tour for a while. We watched him on the TV’s upstairs, and they piped in the concert audio for us.

I give Rick a lot of credit. He played a 45 minute encore! Once his show was done, the cover band started to play. They were good, loads of Step Brothers references thrown in, they won me over just on that alone. About an hour into their set, none other than Rick Astley himself shows up. He asked to play with the band (Mr. Doubtfire) for a bit. This was a huge surprise, and we weren’t being Rick Rolled. I figured he would play a few songs, and be on his way. His tour manager told us they had to leave back to England early in the morning, so he was trying to keep Rick on a tight schedule.

It was quite the spectacle to see Rick Astley basically have a private concert for us. There was probably only about 40 or 50 people at the Foundation Room. I have to give him serious props, he played various cover songs with Mr. Doubtfire for a good hour and a half before calling it quits. So much for trying to leave early! We stayed until almost closing time. Which means there was a huge line for hot dogs when we left, so we couldn’t get any food from Sausage Guy. Bummer! But hey, we got a free private concert from Rick Astley, so I can’t complain. 



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It’s been quite hot this week in the city. I guess I shouldn’t complain, except it interferes with my Pokemon catching! We kept busy this weekend, but it’s not as busy as we’re going to be this upcoming weekend. Andy and I looked at a potential wedding venue on Saturday. I reached out to a bunch of places a month or so ago, and this Sheraton was at the top of my list. They look great on paper, but obviously wanted to check out the venue before making final judgments. We are waiting to get a quote back, but overall I was really impressed. As long as the total cost isn’t too crazy (it shouldn’t, because I did a quick tally on my own), then I’d like to go with it. We liked the smaller room more, but the smaller room doesn’t come with the fountain ceremony spot. Instead it comes with a small garden-type ceremony area, and the cocktail hour is by the pool. They said we could potentially have the fountain spot, but it depends if another wedding books the larger ballroom and has an on-site ceremony.

It’s not a deal-breaker for me. My ceremony is going to be short, and I won’t even be able to enjoy cocktail hour because of pictures. So wish us luck, the packages include almost everything. So all I need is a photographer, score! After the venue, we checked out the restaurant for lunch. They said catering uses the same chef and quality of food as the on-site restaurant. I have to say the food was really good. So I am confident I won’t hate the wedding food. Hopefully nobody else will either, but my mom liked it and she is a great cook. Oh yes, what is the deal with brides being nuts about the chairs for the reception? I couldn’t care less about chairs, but apparently it’s a thing. I personally DGAF, but I will draw the line at church basement folding chairs. Aside from that I won’t be doing crazy chair covers, or renting special chairs from Oklahoma. No thanks!


Aside from checking out the wedding venue, we met up with Ginny and Derek for dinner and drinks at Lulu’s. I love their fried chicken, it’s the only thing I order anymore. I should really branch out, since all the food is excellent, but I just can’t. After that, we discussed some Pokemon Go. It’s really a fun game if you haven’t checked it out. I don’t get why people shit on it so much. I mean, aside from the idiots that play while driving, dart out in front of cars, or trespass on private property. I do not condone that behavior! But I think it takes a lot of energy for people to complain about it, rather than just letting the fad pass.

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2015-11-16 08.19.51

When I thought I was done with parties for a while, I went to a really fantastic party last night. It was a work event at the JFK Library, and it was cocktail attire. I forgot to take a picture of my outfit, but you’ll just take my word that was cute. Anyway. it was open bar and also a sit down dinner. They kept the exhibit open for us to walk through prior to the cocktail hour, and I took advantage. I kinda rushed through the exhibit though because I wanted a drink, haha. This was my second time at the JFK Library, and I’d like to go back to go through the exhibits a bit more thoroughly. But aside from that, it was a great time!

2015-11-16 08.20.35

Our company prez gave a great speech and then there was a fashion show. Part of the fashion show had dancers, a gymnast, and tap dancer. It was really cool! The food was also fantastic and the tables were very fancy!

2015-11-16 08.21.29

It was a company-wide meeting so people from other countries were flown in. I hate to say it, but I saw a lot of people I didn’t know! But it was good to meet new people. Oh yeah, I forgot to post about the cocktail party I went to last weekend for Andy’s work. I’ll try to get around to that this week. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

2015-11-16 08.22.31

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I did so much crap this weekend, I’ll have to spend the week re-caping! So Thursday night I went to see Polaris and it was awesome! We started things off right and got some pizza from Bravo’s. I keep forgetting they have GIANT SLICES, and I ordered two. I only got through one and a half slices.


The opening band was Hallelujah the Hills. They are a local band and I liked them. So I will be downloading their songs whenever I can remember. The guitarist reminds me of Clifford Spleenhurfer from Clarissa Explains it All. A lot of people were dressed as 1990’s school bullies. Except there was one guy that looked vaguely like Young Pete (from the Adventures of Pete & Pete), except he was too short and had mesmerizing mermaid hair.


Polaris had a great set! I didn’t realize it was their first time playing in Boston. They sound exactly like they did on the show, even though they are much older.


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[photo] Trying this thing where I actually wear something I haven’t in a long time. I was surprised my skull pants still fit, haven’t worn them in years.

Over the weekend, my friends and I had a much needed ladies night. We went to Jillian’s for food and bowling. I haven’t been to Jillian’s since my 21st birthday, and it’s definitely more swanky (except the bathrooms). Despite having our own bowling balls and shoes, Erin and I are terrible bowlers. We didn’t end up bringing our ball or shoes. It was mostly because we didn’t feel like carrying them around all night, plus it leads people to think we know what we’re doing. Fun fact, we are pretty bad at bowling. We don’t let that stop us though, we still have fun! Thankfully Ginny and Jamie aren’t super awesome at bowling either, so it was nice to just bowl! I somehow ended up winning the first string, I guess someone has too, right?! But Jamie was the ringer for the second game and came in first. 


The food and atmosphere was really cool. I got a chicken Ceasar sandwich, which was yummy. We are planning to have more ladies nights, since we had a great time over the weekend. After bowling, we went to Yard House because we didn’t feel like paying a cover charge at Loretta’s. I’m happy to announce there are NO MORE home BC games, which means no more Saturday annoying-college-kids traffic! It was also  not the crowded when we went out because all the college jerks went back home to Idaho. I can’t wait until December when they are gone for a whole month and I can actually find parking.


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Andy surprised me the other day when he said he wanted to check out the Sowa Vintage Market. The market is open on Sunday’s and offers a variety of things. One part has a bunch of food trucks, another is a farmer’s market, and the other is filled with local vendors selling home goods, clothing, and accessories.  Most of the market is outdoors. But there is a large vintage flea market indoors that has lots of cool things like furniture, jewelry, housewares, and clothes. I spent much more money than I should have, but at least I’m supporting local business. These are things I tell myself to justify my purchases. Please enjoy the bajillion photo collages I made. It should come as no surprise I went photo-crazy. 


We had to drive around for about 15 minutes to find parking because we got a late start. Next time we’ll definitely make an effort to go when they first open. I started with the food truck section. Andy went to the hotdog place and I went to the crepe truck. I got an awesome smoked salmon crepe. After the lunch, the next stop was the farmers market. I wish I got Zorro some homemade dog treats, guess I will have to get some another time. 


Halloween activities and parts of the vendor tents and indoor vintage market

The vendor section was really cool! They played Halloween music and had some Halloween-themed entertainment. I noticed a lot of people brought dogs. I would love to bring Zorro except he thinks that all dogs and people want to be his friend, so I wouldn’t get any shopping done. Plus he would dislocate my shoulder yanking me around like I’m on a sled in the middle of Alaska.


We couldn’t resist the Cookie Monstah truck, I got some snickerdoodles

I ended up getting some cool shirts from a local company and plan to order a couple more online. A lot of stuff is a bit pricey because it’s crafted by local artisans. I don’t mind spending a little extra it since it supports local businesses. Now I don’t have to do as much laundry this week too, haha! I also got a nerd discount on an R2D2 painting. I showed the artist my socks and he decided to give me a nerd discount. Score! 


Lots of creepy things happening in this collage

Once we visited the vendor tents, we went inside to the vintage market. There were load of cool antiques everywhere! Some of the stuff was a bit creepy though, like the scattered doll parts. But I like how each vendor set up their sections, it looked really nice and artsy. I was tempted to get an old map from the map guy, but I already spent too much money already. I hope to go back soon, I could get a lot of Christmas shopping done there!



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