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20180212_091316.jpgI’m not happy it’s Monday, but I’m thinking about the fact it will be a long weekend coming up. So I can’t complain. On Friday night, I went to a Pajama/Mardi Gras party at a bar with some co-workers and a couple of friends. I dressed as Left Shark. The outfit was quite comfortable, I will definitely wear it again. The shark hoodie went well with the shark leggings I had on hand. 


To get into the spirit, even the bands that played were dressed to impress, with slippers and robes. There was also a face painter, palm reader, plenty of Mardi Gras beads, and masks for all. It was a fun night! The palm reader said I was very good with money. I tried not to LOL, as I’m terrible with money. 


On Saturday, we went out for a friends birthday party. It was at a new location for Flat Bread Pizza. It was a long wait for bowling, but we made it! I filled the time in by eating pizza, and drinking White Russians and some type of lemonade with blueberry moonshine in it. Fun times! I actually didn’t do that terrible with bowling. I somehow won the first string. Don’t ask me how, as I wasn’t able to replicate my victory on the second string. Oh well! A fun time was had, indeed.




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I had a low-key(ish) weekend. I took Friday off because my husband was having some minor surgery. The surgery went well and he came home on Saturday morning. He didn’t want to stay in the hospital overnight, but the doctor wanted to be sure he was all clear. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been sleeping well because of the discomfort, but he’s getting better each day. Aside from that, I did go out for a nice dinner over the weekend. I have the leftovers in the fridge!

20180122_131837.jpgOn Sunday night, I went to a pop-up oyster party with some friends. It was so fun! The party was Mad Men themed. I managed to pull together an outfit with things I already had.  The parties are always at a “secret” location, apparently. This was my first one. It was sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, so the only drinks served were gin-based.


There was all kinds of flora and fauna in my gin and tonic. 

At first I was hesitant about that. But out of 4 different gin drinks, there was only one I didn’t like. I’d say those are great odds. I also decided raw oysters aren’t so bad? Normally I only eat broiled oysters, but for the sake of the party, I tried a few raw ones. Plus I figured if I get a tape worm, that would be a great diet to follow for my upcoming honeymoon. Har har. 

The party was at an old candle pin bowling alley. They had popup bars set up on each floor. The first floor had the oyster bar, and the second floor boasted a caviar bar complete with donuts and mini pancakes! There was also a DJ and the lanes were all open for party-goers to use. We played a string. I did bad, but I’m also not great at candle pin in general. Well, I’m also not great at regular 10 pin either, but I can somehow at least land a strike or two. After the party, we grabbed some burgers and made our way home. 

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I had a pretty busy weekend, but not as busy as last weekend. Yesterday I did my first in-home Jamberry party. The party went really well, but I think I should draft up a script or an outline next time. I decided to “wing it” and forgot to mention some information. The party still went fine without it, but I will need some more practice before I get the in-home party thing down pat. 

After the party, Andy and I went on a double-date with some friends. We went out for a really yummy dinner and drinks. Afterwards we went to Lanes & Games to do some candlepin bowling, since Andy complains we never do candlepin. He is the only one in our group that likes it. I prefer regular 10 pin, so hopefully next time we can go back to that. Anyway, the alley is old and has the same decor as an early 1960’s roller disco. But they remodeled the bar area upstairs. It was cool to see parts of it updated! I think we will go back again. 

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We had a really fun work outing yesterday. They closed the office early and we made our way to Patriot Place in Foxboro. We got to have lunch at Howl at the Moon/Splitsville. I’ve been to the Howl at the Moon in Boston and Baltimore, but not Foxboro. It was pretty nice! I’ve also been to the Splitsville in Orlando! Splitsville has pretty good food and a retro vibe that I dig! We made our way to the Patriots Hall of Fame for a scavenger hunt. 


Although I’ve been to Patriot Place loads of times, and was even there during the Hall of Fame grand opening where I narrowly missed being hit by a golf cart toting Dan Marino, I haven’t been inside yet. The Hall of Fame was really cool! We answered all the scavenger hunt questions and got to play games like kicking a field goal, and trying to jump as high as Devin McCourty. I did poorly at both, but I’m short!


Also at the Hall of Fame, they have a mock locker room area where you can dress up like the players and go into a huddle! I pretended to be creepy and sniff the items in Brady’s locker. I mean, I probably wouldn’t do that in real life. Maybe. After the hunt, we went back to Splitsville for booze and bowling. It was a really fun day! I can’t wait to see what we do at the next outing, I just hope it’s closer to home.


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I went out for a friend’s birthday last night and it was fun. We started things off at McGreevey’s and had some drinks. After we did some bowling and 4 person air hockey at King’s. Let me tell you, four person air hockey is intense!


The food is pretty good at King’s. I got a salad and some tater tots. The tots look more like mini mozzarella sticks, but they were good! We waited a couple hours for a bowling lane to open, and ended up in the King Pin room. I shockingly did really good and got 3 strikes in one game. I’m pretty sure that has never happened to me in non  videogame bowling. I also tormented Andy all night by slipping Sum 41 lyrics into casual conversation. We actually both like Sum 41, but he was getting really annoyed with my antics. But I told him I’ll never fall in line and become another victim of your conformity,
and back down!


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[photo] Trying this thing where I actually wear something I haven’t in a long time. I was surprised my skull pants still fit, haven’t worn them in years.

Over the weekend, my friends and I had a much needed ladies night. We went to Jillian’s for food and bowling. I haven’t been to Jillian’s since my 21st birthday, and it’s definitely more swanky (except the bathrooms). Despite having our own bowling balls and shoes, Erin and I are terrible bowlers. We didn’t end up bringing our ball or shoes. It was mostly because we didn’t feel like carrying them around all night, plus it leads people to think we know what we’re doing. Fun fact, we are pretty bad at bowling. We don’t let that stop us though, we still have fun! Thankfully Ginny and Jamie aren’t super awesome at bowling either, so it was nice to just bowl! I somehow ended up winning the first string, I guess someone has too, right?! But Jamie was the ringer for the second game and came in first. 


The food and atmosphere was really cool. I got a chicken Ceasar sandwich, which was yummy. We are planning to have more ladies nights, since we had a great time over the weekend. After bowling, we went to Yard House because we didn’t feel like paying a cover charge at Loretta’s. I’m happy to announce there are NO MORE home BC games, which means no more Saturday annoying-college-kids traffic! It was also  not the crowded when we went out because all the college jerks went back home to Idaho. I can’t wait until December when they are gone for a whole month and I can actually find parking.


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I joined Yelp the other day to give a restaurant some constructive criticism, blame my Virgo-ness. Although most of my reviews are good, I am using it to get my 8th grade revenge (sorry, Mean Girls reference). With smaller places that I didn’t like, I was careful to include constructive criticism and not judge them too harshly. But the big places that have royally pissed me off for one reason or another, got put in their place.  Here is a snippet from one:

I’ll give it two stars because the food is good. The first time I went I had a good time. I got to mini bowl, yes MINI BOWL. It was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately,  I went back again on what I like to call “disco and dress-code Gestapo Saturdays” and it was my private hell. Disregarding the fact that we absolutely couldn’t move an inch to save our lives, my boyfriend was asked to check his Old Navy hooded sweatshirt by the dress code Gestapo. Yes, an Old Navy sweatshirt.  Also, it goes without saying that the zombie reincarnation of Stalin wearing an Old Navy hoodie probably had better odds of getting a table or a lousy string of bowling in before we did. Oh yes, and while I was continuously shuffled around to avoid being pushed, they seemed to pipe in a never ending stream of disco hits. I was dismayed to find that disco, in fact, didn’t die. It made me want to choke Donna Summer.

Moral of the story, don’t go on a weekend unless you’ve made a reservation 5 years in advance.

I also wanted to add this in regard to the hooded sweatshirt ordeal, but I figured the review was dripping with enough sarcasm already. I realize your anti-hooded sweatshirt crusade is a vain attempt at curbing gang warfare at your hoppin’ disco bowling establishment. You could remedy this by charging a small cover, thus eliminating the need to have a coat check for sweatshirts. No thug will pay a cover to stab someone when they simply wait in the parking lot and do it for FREE.

[EDIT:] The owner contacted me and offered us some passes to give them another try. That was really nice of him! Turns out, the hoodie thing was a request from patrons, not because the place happens to be in a town that has gang activity. We may give them another try. Thanks for caring, manager![/EDIT]


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