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My friend and I took our annual casino trip over the weekend. It was also an inaugural trip with my fancy new Jeep. We wanted to get some pizza from Mystic Pizza, but it was not in the cards (so to speak). We usually plan these trips in April. Apparently in May is when all the people come crawling out of the woodwork, and take all of the parking spots in Mystic. RUDE. I’m sure even if we did find a spot, the wait for pizza would have been very long anyway. So we gave up and made our way to Mohegan. We were planning on going there anyway, but now were going for food as well. 


The good news, I finally got to try Hash House a Go Go. I’ve been meaning to try them for years, as there are two on the Vegas strip. But now I got to try them at a closer locale! The food was really good, but also huge. To the point where some of the dishes look like a puzzle you have to figure out how to eat. 


After Mohegan, we made our way to the hotel to unwind and get ready for dinner and shopping at Foxwoods. It was Cinco de Mayo weekend, so festivities were in full swing. When we got to the hotel, we had to stand in line to check in. This is where a very cranky Willford Brimley-like man in the lobby. He complained about the traffic. We sat in it as well, but don’t hear us complaining about it to people who don’t give a damn about your life story in line. He (of course) held up one of the desk attendants, with his various room requests. Buddy, it’s a fucking DAYS INN, save your laundry list of room requirements for the Ritz-Carlton! He was very adamant about having a non-smoking room, didn’t even want the room near the smoking rooms. This detail is key. The poor attendant even LEFT THE DESK to check the room was clean and didn’t smell like smoke. 

We finally got checked in, by the other guy manning the desk. Since the first guy was busy making sure Wilford Crankyass, was all set with his fucking budget room. We got unpacked and ready for dinner at the other casino. I am feeble-minded and accidentally set the Uber to send us to the wrong casino. Thankfully my friend was paying attention, and I was able to change the destination. Ooops! Once we got there, we put our name in for dinner. But the guy wanted us to check back in a few minutes with him, when he had his iPad back. This was fine, except 30 seconds later, a huge swarm of people descended upon the host station like some biblical locust shit. We had to yell at people that tried to cut in front of us when confirming our reservation was set in the official iPad. Some people even had to be reminded, TWICE.  Yes, we are in fact, in front you in line so shut your pie hole! Casino people are so rude. Thankfully after that, we didn’t encounter any more line-cutters. We enjoyed some shopping, food, sombreros, and drinks.

Let’s cut to the next day. We both didn’t sleep great, so we opted to get the free breakfast at the hotel. All was fine, until Wilford Crankyass (surprisingly) still cranky, made his appearance. He cut off a few people waiting for the waffle-maker. Nobody said a word. Like what?! To add insult to injury, he also proceeded to make THREE WAFFLES.  What is this guys deal? Incredibly rude and self-centered. I can only assume he isn’t married, as I can’t imagine a person that could possibly tolerate him. Or maybe he ate his wife long ago, when she got too close to the waffle maker? Jury is still out on that. After breakfast, we packed up and headed home. However, we noticed ol’ Wilford in the parking lot, smoking a cigarette. I kid you not, the man who was bitching about a non-smoking room. 




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Erin and I took (what is becoming) an annual trip to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos. On the way to Foxwoods, we went to Mystic. We both bought these really cute Helly Hansen anchor print raincoats. Now I’ll look forward to the rain, so I can wear my awesome new raincoat. I love the shops in Mystic, especially all the jewelry I can’t afford. But thankfully, we could afford some really good pizza. We went to Mystic Pizza again. At least this time, I finally watched the movie. 


After pizza, we spent some time at Mohegan Sun. I bought some stuff from Lush, because I’m addicted to that store. I’m going back there in a few weeks for Andy’s birthday. Hopefully I can stay out of Lush, but I doubt it. Haha! After that, we went to Foxwoods so we could check out the new outlet mall they added. It is actually a pretty large outlet mall, with tons of good stores. I may have purchased some more Coach bags…OOPS! I think it would have been cheaper to have a gambling addiction, as opposed to outlet shopping. Oh well, maybe someday I will learn my lesson. 


It was finally time to check into our hotel by the time we left Foxwoods, intending to finish the outlets later.So we loaded up on some snacks and waters, and checked into the hotel. The hotel itself was fine, but we had a lot of issues with the shuttle service to the casino. We got the shuttle on time, but they held it for a party of 37 females, each wearing excessive amounts of various perfumes. The shuttle smelled like someone dropped a nuclear bomb inside a Perfumania. Since we weren’t already irritated over having to hold the shuttle for these ladies, one of them forgot their ID. So the shuttle had to turn around. 

Thankfully we weren’t that far, BUT STILL. We had to crack a window, so I wouldn’t be the first person to get high on perfume. Once we finally arrived at the casino, the ladies realized the shuttle drop off location is at the opposite end of the casino, from their dinner res. One of the girls said they should have taken an Uber. I said, “YES, YOU SHOULD HAVE!” Since we arrived later than intended, the wait for a table at Hard Rock was an hour. We put our names in, and decided to finish checking out the outlets, we ran out of steam in the afternoon and didn’t finish the rest of the shops.  Once our table was ready, we ordered some delicious drinks and food. We enjoyed the rest of our evening. Minus the shuttle driver arriving 40 minutes late picking people up. Don’t worry, we complained about that, and the rude girl at the front desk. Thankfully the GM of the hotel was very pleasant to deal with, when we called to complain about the situation. 


We decided to sleep in the next day, our feet were killing us from all the walking. But we did manage to get ourselves some PANCAKES. All is good with the world!

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2015-06-29 08.19.07

We had a pretty busy weekend. It just stinks that weekends have crap weather and during the week is all nice and sunny. WTF?!! We went to a graduation party on Saturday. It was fun and we caught up with relatives we haven’t seen in a while. After the party, we had dinner and drinks with our friends that are visiting from NY. Once dinner was over, we went to the new casino that just opened. It’s a pretty small casino, but I like it. It’s great because you can wander around and not get lost, unlike every other casino out there. I only gambled $5, which I swiftly lost. Oh well, I wasn’t born a gamblin’ wo-man! 

2015-06-29 08.20.01

Despite it being the opening weekend, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. I mean, there were definitely a lot of people there. But it wasn’t hard to navigate around them. Plus we were able to find parking! There was a bit of a hangup getting in and around the parking garage though. But I blame that more on the stupidity of people, over the busy casino. Andy and I plan to go back for a date night at some point. Not sure if it will be during the summer though. As my summer is filling up mighty quick! Summer is so deceiving. I feel like I have all this time, but it’s already 4th of July (almost) and I have a list of things I want to do before it starts snowing again. 

2015-06-29 08.20.45 

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Now onto Saturday of my weekend recap. Erin and I woke up early and made our way down to Connecticut to begin our casino weekend. We initially wanted to hit up the Mystic Aquarium first. The huge parking lot was nearly filled to capacity and the line outside was long. We decided to put off the aquarium until Sunday, so we could actually see things without being engulfed by hoards of rabid children, and parents with strollers. We grabbed lunch early at Mystic Pizza. Yup, the same one from the movie! The pizza was really good and they play the movie on a loop while you’re seated. But alas, the pizza did not give me a fortune, like I had hoped. I guess it’s not mystical. 


Mystic is a pretty town right on the water. So after lunch, we walked and poked around in local shops. It was a warm day so we enjoyed the sunshine along the water. After we finished wandering around, we wanted to do some shopping at the Mohegan Sun casino. I’ve never been to Mohegan, but I like their shopping selection more than Foxwoods. I guess I didn’t realize how much smaller it is than Foxwoods, but they had cool decor. 


We did some shopping and wandered around the casino that afternoon. I’m not sure if I would ever stay at Mohegan Sun. It’s a nice casino, but it is much smaller than Foxwoods. Plus Foxwoods has outlets opening nearby, so the good shopping will be there too. But overall, had a good experience. By the time we left, it was time to check into our hotel. The hotel was nice but super thin walls. Our asshole neighbors woke us up at 3:30am with yelling and constantly having someone knock on their door. So I will likely not stay there again, despite the hotel being decent. 


Once we checked in, we got ourselves ready for Foxwoods. The hotel has a shuttle service to the casino, so we didn’t have to worry about driving around. Once we got there, we got a table at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had dinner and some seriously delicious drinks. I’m still dreaming about my raspberry limeade! We did some gambling and drinking afterwards. I gambled $20 and got up to $30 at one point. By the time I cashed out, I ended up with $15 left. I guess it’s not bad to only lose $5, right?


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It’s the weekend I’ve been waiting for! I took the day off because my friends and I are going to an 80’s prom tonight. We’ve been preparing for it over the last couple of months and my friends hairstylist is doing our hair for free (score!). We found out a few weeks back that C + C Music Factory will be performing, which is awesome! But I kinda consider them 90’s over 80’s. I guess they formed in 1989, so that counts for something? I found a random Google image of my dress, since I’m too lazy to pull a picture up from my phone. It’s pretty awesome and I may wear it to my friends wedding this summer.

I can’t decide on shoes. I was going to wear my awesome green and pink skull bow heels, but I plan on doing 1% sitting and 99% dancing. So heels may not be a practical choice for the night. I will likely end up wearing rainbow snake print pointy-toe flats (try saying that 5 times fast). I don’t think they will look as cute as the heels.

As if the prom isn’t awesome enough, we’re going to Foxwoods for the weekend too! We got a hotel room a few months back and we plan to do some gambling! And by gambling, I mean lose $30 in a slot machine and spend the rest of my time eating and taking random casino selfies. We’re also going to visit the Mystic Aquarium  because we want to see the white whale, Ahab be damned! PLUS, we want to eat at Mystic Pizza. Not that I’ve ever seen the movie, but I totally could at some point. 

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A few weeks back we decided to pull an all-nighter at a casino for a friends birthday. Since our friend decided the casino trip last minute, we were shit outta’ luck with finding a hotel room. A casino is probably the last place you want to go when you’re shit out of luck, but that didn’t stop us. We mostly drank, wandered around, and gambled a bit. I didn’t really win, but I didn’t really gamble either. I mainly go to casinos for the atmosphere. If we count the free bowling I got at “High Roller”,  and the creepy old guy asking if I wanted a drink, I’d say I broke even. Thank you, Foursquare and creepy old guy!


OMG, we're almost there!


Loosest Slots Around!


More Dirty Slots!


Roulette Action


Giant fish outside the "Country's Largest Bingo Hall". I kid you not, these people play for four hours straight. So hardcore!


Halloween decorations. I wonder if they make headstones for the money they take from you?

Lux Bowling

Luxury bowling!


They even have chandeliers at the lanes!

Chandelier-up close

The only way to bowl!

The Place to Be!

Everytime I come to this casino, I make it my mission to find the Green Acres game. I took this photo illegally, because apparently it's against the rules to photograph gaming equipment. I was told this after I spent most of the evening taking pictures in the casino. OOPS! People ask why I like the Green Acres game so much. It's because of the pig and it's "the place to be". 😉

Schweddy Balls

In addition to pigs on slot machines, Schweddy Balls ice cream was the peak of the evening!

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