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Trunk Club, the box looks like luggage!

This post is long overdue! I’ve been too busy to blog as of late. In lieu of either getting a Wantable shipment or a StitchFix, I wanted to try Trunk Club. It’s available for women now. If you want to try, please use my referral link! Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, so you’re already getting some good brands and quality. the prices are around $45-$100 per piece. You also get ten pieces to try and/or buy instead of five. 

I told my stylist what I was looking for and price ranges. She listened to my requests for some cropped pants and off-shoulder tops. Some of the items were a little over my budget I gave, but I didn’t mind it . They also show you what you are getting, so you have the option of swapping things out before they ship. The styling fee runs $25, instead of $20. But you get the styling fee back as a credit, if you end up keeping any of the pieces. You do not get an additional discount if you end up keeping all 10 items.

Trunk Club

I ended up keeping the black dress, black crop pants, denim crop pants, and the gray convertible sweater. I was going to keep the black off-shoulder top, but I didn’t feel like spending $70 on it. Didn’t like it that much, haha! I liked the cut of the flower dress, but not a huge fan of the print. I also would have kept the white top, but the sleeves made me feel like a pirate. Andy offered to pay for that one, just so he could get me an eye-patch and call me Pirate Pete. I didn’t keep the gray tunic, it looked cute on the site, but I ended up looking like a cult-leader. haha! I also didn’t keep the floral top, I just didn’t like that it was cropped. I wanted to keep the salmon crop pants, but they were too big.  My absolute favorite items are the jeans and the gray sweater. I wish I could wear them everyday! 

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2016-02-04 14.19.37

I’m trying Wantable styling service. If you want to sign up, please use my referral link so I can get credit. I started off by filling out a style quiz, so your stylist knows what items you prefer. You can also send them a note if you want outfits for a specific reason, like a party. I paid the $20 styling fee, which can be used towards items that you want to keep. I found all the items under $80 each when they arrived. I find the prices a bit higher than I would normally pay for tops, but the quality is quite nice!

2016-02-04 14.18.22

This round I got the Mia Toothpick Skinny Jeans, Midge plaid top, Coated Faux Suede Bias Zipper Jacket, Cowl Neck Sweater, and V neck Contrast Sweater. I ended up keeping all the items from this shipment. But the plaid top had a hole in it and they didn’t have a replacement, so I had to send it back. However, they were still able to give me the 20% discount on the order, since I checked out five items. I’m still a bit bummed about the plaid top, but I’m sure I can find something similar next time I go shopping. I’m excited for my next order!

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Please admire my reindeer LuLaRoe leggings

The great debate, are leggings pants? I say not really…unless you wear them with a long top or sweater. CYA is what I always say! For those that aren’t down with my lingo, CYA=Cover Yo’ Ass. A versatile saying that extends beyond the realm of wearing leggings as pants.

Anyway, I used to silently judge those that wore leggings as pants. But then I thought about it. As long as I CYA, I should be a-ok! Now I’ve exponentially expanded my already overly-expansive wardrobe (fashion addict problems). Plus, I’m comfortable as hell right now. I’ve already gotten loads of compliments on my reindeer leggings today, plus maybe a couple of side-eye glances. Haters be jealous because they aren’t as cozy as I am right now.

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Ok not really, or yet anyway. I did a bunch of shopping recently, and stumbled on the perfect New Year’s outfit. The problem? I haven’t exactly figured out what I’m doing for NYE this year. I mean, I hardly ever know what I’m doing for the new year in November anyway. When I found the outfit, I promised myself I wouldn’t sweat the details until it was much closer to December 31st. But… now I’m sorta freaking out because I jumped the gun and got an outfit. Now the expectations have been set, and I don’t know if I can meet them when I don’t really know what is going on. Ugh, see what I mean?!

For the last four years or so, Andy and I have gone out with friends to see a band play. Andy and I are friends with the band, so we don’t mind spending New Years that way. But I’m kinda sick of the overcrowded bar scene. But I don’t know if I want to go to a house-party either. I wish there was a compromise, like a non-crowded bar that had room for all our friends, and no douchey college kids. Does such a paradise exist?! Doubtful. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled, just in case. 

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2015-08-26 13.22.10

I got another Stitch Fix package the other day. It’s a monthly styling service that sends five pieces of clothing/accessories each month based on your style profile. It costs $20/month plus the cost of the items you want to keep. But if you keep any items, you get the styling fee back as credit towards your clothes. Also, if you decide to keep all five pieces, you get 25% off your order. Sound good? Sign up using my referral link. You can make things even easier for your stylist by creating a Pinterest board with your fashion tastes.

2015-08-26 13.21.29

Anyway, this round I got Corinna Striped Dolman Top, Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse, Potina Draped Cardigan, Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress, and Malin Bootcut Jean. I loved all these pieces except for the abstract striped henley. I just wasn’t feeling it. Not sure if I’m keeping all the pieces as the styles can be a bit pricey. Although, you do you get your $20 styling fee back and 25% off when you buy all the pieces.

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As much as I like StitchFix, their items run on the pricier side. I discovered a new company called Nadine West that is pretty similar! They give you 3-5 items that were picked for you by stylists after taking a profile quiz. A good thing about Nadine West, they do not charge a styling fee or shipping! So try on what you like, send back what you don’t and they will bill you for the kept items. The items are reasonably priced as well. Most items are between $15-$30 each, what a relief!

Anyway, this month I got a paisley tank top, cherry blossom necklace, and Aztec design earrings. I really liked the tank, but didn’t like the fit. I thought the neck and sleeves were too high, making it uncomfortable. The necklace is nice, but I have something similar. So I only kept the earrings from this shipment.

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1) Tory Burch 2) Reebok 3) Reebok 4) JCP 5) Forever 21

1) Tory Burch 2) Reebok 3) Reebok 4) JCP 5) Forever 21

I didn’t know what to blog about the other day. Then I decided to go shopping, and inspiration hit in the form of PINEAPPLES! Pineapples are EVERYWHERE! I don’t really understand this trend. I mean, I have nothing against pineapples. They are yummy! They also provide under water shelter for animated sea-dwelling sponges. But I just don’t know where this is coming from.


I mean, I even fell for it (no surprise there). I bought the pineapple top from Express (Pineapple Express, ha!). This was before I noticed that pineapples are slowly taking over everything. To the point where Forever 21 not only sells pineapple clothing, they carry coin banks as well. Come to think of it, you can actually make fabric with pineapple fibers. Trust me, I did a report on pineapple fiber in college. Little did I know it would in later years become “a thing.” Although I have yet to encounter any pineapple print clothing made from pineapple fiber. That is probably coming! Watch out world, you might be typing your next blog post on a Pineapple Computer.


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