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My new “go to” bag

Guys, a tragic thing happened last night. The zipper broke on my favorite “going out” bag. It was a Coach bag I bought probably close to 5 years ago at this point. I only used it when I was going out, as it is smaller than my everyday bag. I kept spare eyeglasses, a makeup bag, and phone charger in it. That way when I go out, I just drop my keys and ID with cash into the Coach bag and go on my way. While I have lots of other bags I should probably branch out and use, this one was always my go-to. It didn’t involve thought or much work to switch back between my everyday bag. Now it’s dead and I am sad. Unfortunately, since it’s so old I can’t find anything similar on the Coach outlet site. I was able to find something comparable though. I ordered a new Marc Jacobs bag. Hopefully I’ll grow to love it as much as  ol’ reliable. 

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I always say I’m going to blog more and I never do! When I think of things to blog about, I never get around to doing it. So now that leaves a lot of things I need to squeeze into this entry. My birthday was last week and it was a busy time. Andy and I got to see STP with Chester Bennington for free and our friend got us into the upstairs area so we didn’t have to stand in the crowds. I got some great video and pictures that I will link! We also saw Filter again and got a good video of Richard Patrick crowd surfing with his bad back. All in all, it was an amazing show! I feel like the shows I see for free are always the best. I saw NKOTB from 4 rows back over the summer for FREE! I also forgot to write about that one…OOPS! Not to mention the Red Sox games I get free tickets for always have much better seats. Why do I still pay for tickets?!

You can check out the pics and videos here.

We had hot dogs with the Filter bassist at the last show.

We had hot dogs with the Filter bassist at the last show.


Got a selfie with Richard Patrick from the other Filter show


Crowd surfing from the Filter show we just went for.


Andy got me Rock Band for my birthday, we’ve finally entered into the year 2006. High-Five! My favorite instrument is the keytar, which is kinda hard to play but I’m working on it. I never realized how much I like R.E.M until last week. I had Andy download an R.E.M pack and it’s been all “Radio Free Europe” up in my living room ever since. I think Andy is sick of R.E.M, but I’m not! 


For my actual birthday, I decided to go for a nacho dinner and to try a hookah lounge with Ginny. It was a lot of fun, but the wait for the lounge was nuts. I was pretty certain we weren’t going to get a table but thankfully we did. Hooray for birthday luck! I enjoyed my first hookah experience. Hookah is a flavored tobacco blend that you smoke, and not a heavy smoke like from a cigarette or cigar. You also don’t get high or anything off of it. I also like that I didn’t smell like an ash tray after, it’s a very light vapor-like smoke. We got the Lotus flavor which is white peach and guava blend.  We even got to have it out of a pineapple! How many people can say that? Probably a lot, the place was crawling with annoying college kids. I don’t recall liking college kids even when I was in college, the feeling has since intensified after the hookah lounge waiting experience.

There was also some Vine shenanigans while we waited. This weekend I’m having an actual birthday outing with the rest of my friends at another Mexican style bar, it should be fun! I will be rocking an R2D2 skirt, because nothing says 29 like robot skirts and nachos. Right?

Nacho libre


There was also some outlet shopping over the weekend. I had been meaning to check out the outlet mall in NH and was in the market for a new Coach purse. The outlet mall was smaller than the one I normally go to, but it was tax free, so that makes it better. There was also cake and family time. Hooray!

My precious


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