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I was an X-wing for Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s my favorite holiday. Since I’ve moved back to where I don’t have to deal with annoying college kids and have wonderful things like ample parking, this means we’ll actually have trick or treaters. Not sure how to deal with it though, as my dog loses his mind every time the doorbell rings. We plan to go out for dinner and drinks tonight, so we could just hold him back when the doorbell rings until we head out for the night. But I don’t know if I want to deal with it. It’s easier just to eat the bags of candy ourselves, haha. 


Anyway, I went to another Halloween party over the weekend. Fiona always does an A+ job with the decorations, this year was no exception. Andy made me into an X-Wing from Star Wars. I went with Red One so I could dress as R2D2, of course! The party was zombie-themed and my friend Emily did an awesome job with gory makeup. I’m sure her face is probably still stained red though. I had a hard time navigating the asteroid belt (party goers) in my giant costume. So I had to stay put for a couple hours until I took the X-Wing part off. I felt like Jabba the Hutt sitting around taking up 2 chairs in my giant costume. Maybe I could be Jabba next year? haha!




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I’m finally getting around to posting about a Halloween party I went to on Saturday night. It was with a bunch of friends. I dressed as Sailor Pluto. I picked her because she has this cool staff, despite not knowing much about her character. I haven’t watched the old Sailor Moon anime series since I was a kid, but I am not sure if Sailor Pluto is really in many episodes of the newer Sailor Moon Crystal series. I’ve only watched a few episodes of it so far.

Anyway, the costume itself was a little pricey. It was also extremely short, barely covers “me arse” so I rocked a petticoat with it. I still loved the costume though, it was a hit, especially at the bar after. I was dared to order a drink with my staff. It took a several attempts, but I completed the task and got a free beer out of some 23 year-old kid hanging around us.  I guess that is what happens when you pick a lesser-known character from the series. But I wasn’t anticipating the staff she uses only be sold for over $100 on Amazon. To that I say, GO FUCK YOURSELF GREEDY SELLERS! Know what I did instead? Purchased a clearance section Queen of Hearts staff, some spray paint, and foam heart online. Andy painted it and remodeled the top of the staff for me. PLUS it lights up, which the ones on Amazon don’t do. Turns out, Sailor Pluto is a pretty cool sailor scout. She is the guardian of space and time, and also darkness. BADASS! Apparently she can also stop time, which is pretty amazing. I didn’t have a chance to test out this superpower. 

The party was fun. We had not one, but TWO cereal killers! We also had Mrs. Doubtfire, Voodoo Doll, Little Red Riding Hood,  some Ricks (Rick & Morty),  and my sailor scout friends (including a clever Sailor Goth!), and other cool costumes. We did some dancing, and watched movies, all while being stalked by the kitty that wouldn’t let us pet her. Naughty Babette! Around midnight, we walked in a weirdo-parade to the bar to show off our costumes. I’m sure we were quite the vision.  

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Big reveal: my costume is the Millennium Falcon!

Hello blog! Its been a few weeks since I last blogged. I got back from Arizona about 10 days ago, but I haven’t gotten around to writing about my trip yet. I’ll get around to that real soon.

Anyway, my costume was finished just in time for a Halloween party this weekend. I told Andy I wanted to be the Millennium Falcon. I just wanted help with lighting, anything involving power tools, and measurements. Instead, he took the project and ran with it. He did a seriously impressive job, I love my costume! It was worth all the many trips to Home Depot and craft store to complete it. Not to mention all the money we spent on materials, yikes! Probably cheaper to build an actual Millennium Falcon, haha.

 The costume is made with foam, duct tape, and tons of paint. Andy rigged it to light up, so I flip a switch to hit warp speed. Which (admittedly) I did a lot, to travel between rooms. 

The party I went to was so much fun. My friend Fiona did an awesome job transforming her apartment into Stranger Things (Netflix series). I think her decorations were amazing. My costume actually ties in with Stranger Things. There was a scene where Mike tried to get 11 to fly his falcon toy, and she declined. Later on, she makes it fly with her powers.

There was a costume contest at the party. I somehow managed to snag Most Original and Best Costume. I was very honored to get not only one prize, but two! Andy was very thrilled his hard work paid off. There were lots of great costumes to compete with. There were even 2 very convincing Mrs. Byers. There were some other non Stranger Things related costumes were great as well.

 Once we settled down, we relaxed by the fire. But no night would be complete without a trip to The Drop to parade our costumes. Our Uber driver joined us at the bar, I guess we know how to party.

 I was thankful most people that approached me about my costume, knew what it was! Unlike last year, when a lot of people told me they loved my costume, then proceeded to ask me what it is. 😂 There were a lot of Star Wars nerds at the bar, all of them appreciated the costume. I think Andy was happy to get all the positive feedback on his costume baby, haha. Only two people had to ask me what my costume was, so that is impressive. I also made a new Facebook friend with a girl that I was talking with about Star Wars and Dr. Who. Nerdy friends are the best kind of people! 🤓

I need to start thinking about next year. But until then, I was tasked with carving a pumpkin for a department competition this week. I was nominated because I won the pumpkin carving contest at work a couple times. I have a lot of pressure now. Oh man!

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2015-10-26 09.01.36

I was pleasantly surprised that my “emergency” beach ball arrived on Saturday before noon.  I kept checking the tracking info obsessively. It was a close call to see if it would arrive not only on Saturday, but  early enough that I could transform it. Andy was skeptical of my beach ball idea, but I knew I could make it work. Forgot to mention, I made a Death Star costume, in case you can’t tell from the pictures or not into Star Wars!

It took me most of the day on Saturday to measure out the ball, and figure out how many foam pieces to cut out. I had to use the maths, and some of my math was wrong. Not sure what I did wrong, but I made the circle too big for the opening. Thankfully I’m pretty good at eye-balling measurements, so I didn’t end up cutting the circle as big as I measured. it worked out though, I only made the opening part of the costume slightly too big, but wanted to allot extra space for leggings and a top underneath. I also stuffed a bunch of tissue paper to help keep it round. The costume isn’t actually done yet. But it was good enough for the party on Saturday. Andy and I also won “Best Couples Costume” award. I was the Death Star to his Emperor! I’m adding a few extra elements to my costume, and I need to stuff more tissue in there as well. But it should be all done for my next party, as long as I don’t accidentally set myself on fire!

2015-10-26 09.04.20

Anyway, the party itself was a lot of fun! Lots of people went, and the costumes were fantastic. We met a little Darth Vader, so the Emperor and I took a picture with him. Gotta get the whole evil crew together! After the party, we went to a local bar (Vader went to bed by then). Let me tell you, it is not fun to squeeze into a bar when you’re wearing a stuffed costume. I couldn’t really sit without squashing my costume either. I also had to take the bottom off when I used the bathroom. Don’t worry folks, I was wearing opaque, galaxy glow leggings down yonder. A lot of people kept approaching me to touch the costume, but I guess that is to be expected among the drunks. My favorite was a very drunk girl that asked me what I was. She had no clue what a Death Star is, but she proceeded to obsess over my costume for ten minutes. She even reached under the skirt to feel the stuffing, that was super awkward. I repeat, thank goodness I was wearing leggings. HAHAHAHA! 

In addition to crafting a Death Star in one afternoon, I also spent basically three days working on my pumpkin for a contest at work. I won last year, and I hope to at least place this year. I picked up my pumpkin on Friday and bought some supplies during my lunch break. I carved it and started painting when I got home on Friday. I also worked on it some more Saturday morning, while waiting for my beach ball to arrive. I finally finished it last night, and it involved sculpting things out of clay and gluing it to the pumpkin. The glue isn’t sticking as well as I’d hope, but it seems to be holding up after a few attempts. Lord knows what it will look like by the time I submit it tomorrow, but I’m bringing glue and double-sided tape. Hopefully I won’t need to do any repairs, but I need to be ready. I’ll post pictures tomorrow for the reveal. Wish me luck!

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So I got what I needed for my Halloween costume. I knew when I picked it out, that I would get hit with “last-minute inspo”. I hate the term “inspo”, but I feel the need to use it for this post. So please forgive me my tresspasses! I was cruising Pinterest this morning, which I hardly ever do. I don’t really do “Pinterest”, but every so often I’ll log on and find something. Usually I log on to keep track of the all the Jamberry wraps I own, so I don’t get something I already have. This would also be useful with my shoes and wardrobe, but I don’t have the patience for that undertaking. Maybe I can hire a free intern to Pinterest my wardrobe for me. Any takers?

Moving on. I stumbled upon an amazing Halloween costume idea. Immediately I began to brainstorm how I could pull this off, and I figured out my game plan. I already own most of the things I would need. EXCEPT I would require a really large beach ball. In retrospect, a yoga ball would have sufficed, but those are more expensive. I found a website specifically dedicated to beach balls of all sizes, colors, and patterns. The catch? I don’t think it will arrive on time for party one of three. I’m not worried though, it’s not like I don’t already have a freaking costume.

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[photo] new socks and fun times at the Briar

 Ok, I think I’ve successfully over-celebrated Halloween this year. Last night I went to my fifth, FIFTH, Halloween party of the month. I’ve never been happier to put away a costume. As much as I love Halloween, going to more than 2-3 parties is just really excessive. Hopefully I can keep the partying in check next year? Anyway, I ordered new R2D2 knee socks for my costume with overnight shipping. I mean, the overnight option was only $3.99 more, so really it was worth it.  I wanted to be sure that I had my socks in time for Halloween. I can now say I’ve gotten overnight shipping for socks. In case I’m ever institutionalized, I’m chronicling my descent into madness. 


Apparently there was a costume contest happening at the Green Briar, but they didn’t pick anyone until just before the bar closed. We didn’t have time to stay because we wanted to avoid the lines at The Last Drop. We got there within minutes of a line forming and were able to get in with no problems. It’s probably for the best we didn’t waste time with the costume contest, I heard something really stupid won last year, so sounds like it is rigged. Also, Andy was too cool to wear a costume and some of my group of friends left around 11pm anyway. I thought I was going to be one of those people, but Andy pressured me into staying out until 2am. A full three hours later than I had wanted. 


Andy wore his Jedi Mind Tricks shirt for me!


I didn’t really want to go to the Drop because a lot of creeps hang out there and sometimes they realllly nerd out when they see a girl wearing something Star Wars-y. But Andy stayed close by, but that didn’t help us with this odd Lithuanian fellow that was talking to a few of us. At one point, we thought he was making a grab for my skirt, but he grabbed my purse instead. He said he thought it was a calculator, which happens a lot. It is a Betsey Johnson bag that has large studs on the front that make it look like a calculator or purse phone. Today I’m probably doing nothing and I’m fucking psyched about this! I can’t wait to relax and not go anywhere. Except I’m making Andy see Gone Girl with me, but we don’t know if we’re going today or tomorrow. 



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I’m going to split up my weekend activities into two posts, I did a lot of stuff and took four million pictures too. So, starting with Saturday I decided to carve my pumpkin for the contest we are having at work. They gave out the pumpkins last week and we have about a week to carve them for the competition. We did this last year and it was great! This year I’m actually carving and painting a pumpkin. Last year I got lazy and painted a pumpkin like R2D2. My pumpkin actually came out pretty good! But I lost points because I didn’t actually carve anything. I’m not revealing my pumpkin design this time until it’s finished. I’m waiting for the paint I ordered to come in. I’m glad I could finally use the Star Wars pumpkin carving kit I got last year though. I also roasted my own pumpkin seeds with a recipe I found online too. The recipe yields salty seeds, so I added some cinnamon and sugar. They came out really yummy! I keep eating some every time I go into the kitchen, this is a dangerous habit. 


{photo} Pumpkin, Star Wars carving set, and roasting pumpkin seeds

That night I went to my 4th costume party of the month. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I’m seriously debating not heading out to the bar on Halloween in costume.This time we went to our friend’s family Halloween party. They have it every year and we try to go. It’s really a lot of fun!



They go all out and decorate the hall, hire a DJ, cater some food, and have a bartender. The results are pretty fantastic, as are the costumes! Some of my favorite costumes were the American Eagle and 90s’ School Portrait. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with those.



I continued to be R2D2 and Andy was a pirate. We weren’t selected for the costume contest because Matt didn’t tell us there was a theme of idioms this year. Oh well, the prizes were scratch tickets and I doubt I would have won any moneyz anyhow. haha!

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