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We had a fun weekend. On Saturday, we met up with some friends for a local dinner. We then made our way down the street to visit a townie bar in my city. Andy keeps calling me a townie to get a rise out of me. It was working. I don’t have a problem with living back in my hometown, I prefer it over where I was living before. I just have a certain definition of a townie in my mind, and I’m not it. I always picture a townie as someone who has never left their city/town, frequents the local bars, probably has a beer gut, possibly a mullet, drives an I-ROC, and always speaks highly of their “glory days” in high school. I only live here and I do hang out at the local bars at times. But it will be a cold day in hell I ever grow a mullet! 

When we got to the other bar to watch the game, I immediately spotted 5 people I graduated with. I wasn’t popular, or unpopular in high school. I pretty much swam the waves of mediocrity, haha. So I don’t expect  many people to remember me from high school, unless we were friends or acquaintances. So I was a bit surprised when someone remembered me. He and I chatted for a bit and it was good to catch up! Too bad the Celtics lost though.

On Sunday, I stopped by my parents house to wish my dad a happy birthday. I also owed my mom a ride in my new Jeep. So we went for a cruise around the block.  Andy and I caught a late afternoon showing of Deadpool 2 but we got soaked by a passing rain storm on the way in, but the movie was hilarious! I definitely recommend it. 


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I saw Deadpool last night with Ginny, Fiona, and Derek. Before the movie, we went to Bar Louie for dinner. I was torn between the mac & cheese and fried chicken sandwich. The fried chicken sandwich won out, bonus I could swap the fries for tater tots. I think I made a very wise dinner choice, it was yummy!

Anyway, the movie itself was really good. It’s nice to have a break from the typical style of super hero movies. Which are more on the serious side over clever dialogue. Deadpool was actually hilarious! Some parts, I totally forgot I was watching an anti-superhero movie. Blind Al, has a seriously fabulous sweater collection. I first noticed her purple husky (or malamute, hard to say) sweater. I squeeled in my seat, thinking I must get one! Of course I couldn’t find the exact sweater she wore, but I did find something similar. Since I’m a shopaholic, I’ll probably end up getting it. Then Zorro can be embarassed to be seen with me. Haha!


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