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Andy and I have a running list of steakhouses to check out. We went to a place called Frank’s in Cambridge. It’s been in business since the 1930’s, so we figured they knew what they were doing.

When we arrived, the crowd was mostly older people. This was fine with me, that’s a telltale sign the food is consistent. I ordered the surf and turf, which came with a petite filet, and fried scallops.  The first time trying a new steak place, I go for the filet. That way I can compare it to other steak joints I’ve tried.

We were pleasantly surprised by the prices. Unlike the usual fancy steakhouses we enjoy, the steaks were half the price AND included sides! The food was good to boot. Andy got the sirloin, and it was big. The food was really good. I can’t wait to go back.


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It’s finally Friday, praise Jebus! I decided to share my favorite makeup removers/cleansers. I checked out micellar water, after hearing so much about it. So what IS micellar water? It’s made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. These balls help to draw dirt and makeup from your skin, somehow. It’s like science or whatever. I was (of course) skeptical, Thinking it wouldn’t really work that well.

But alas, I went to Target, and picked some up. Many different brands offer micellar water, so you should have no problem finding some to try. I’ve even seen it at Ulta as well, in a huge container. I opted for a regular-sized container, thinking I would just use it as an eye makeup remover. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. The water actually removed my eye makeup and regular make up better than a liquid makeup remover. That was pretty amazing to me! It also left my skin feeling soft. This cleansing water is perfect for people with sensitive skin as well, since it’s just water. I also liked it for my oily skin.


Now onto my favorite facial cleansing wipes. I’ve only used drugstore brand face wipes, and one from Josie Maran. None of these compare to Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths! I know they are fudging expensive compared to drugstore brands, but they are worth every last penny to me. I only need one wipe to get all my makeup off. These wipes always feel very moist and foamy, unlike other wipes that tend to feel dry. I can’t say enough about these. But to save them, I rotate between micellar water and these wipes to remove makeup. Both work great and I refuse to give up one or the other, just to continuously use one product. 

Anyway, I’m so happy it’s Friday. I’m going bowling tonight and will be eating a mac & cheese hamburger. I also have plans to check out a Korean restaurant where we’ll be grilling our own food at the table. I seem to like places where I cook my own food, Andy thinks it’s weird. I don’t blame him, it is kinda odd to pay money to cook my own food at a restaurant. But it can be a fun experience!


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2016-02-29 12.32.38

I finally got my taxes done over the weekend. I’m happy to report I’m getting mo’ money back than last year. I also got to see Erin over the weekend. We skipped the sushi and went straight for the nachos and sangria. After some dinner and drinks, we went back to my place to do our nails and watch Fuller House. We blasted through quite a few episodes, then I finished up the season on Sunday. I have no restraint when it comes to binge-watching on Netflix. It will be the same story when OITNB comes back.

I have to admit, I was a little scared to watch Fuller House. A lot of reviews were negative, which I totally don’t get after seeing it. I think it’s just those people that have to crap on things to make themselves feel cooler. I actually really liked the re-boot. Can I just have everything in Kimmy Gibbler’s closet, please?! I really want the bacon and eggs scarf, the cupcake scarf, and the cat kimono. I may have already found and purchased the Betsey Johnson Rubix Cube bag…ooops! To my defense, I need it for 80’s prom and I got a good deal. 


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2016-02-25 15.07.53

Continuing from last post, looks like word is spreading for trivia at the new venue. It’s not bad though. I just get concerned because the pub is small, and it can get packed very quickly. We got there about 20 minutes early and it was totally fine. I wasn’t very hungry, but I ordered nachos for dinner. It was very appropriate since it was National Tortilla Chip Day. I don’t know who gets to make up these holidays, but at least I celebrated properly.

Trivia went okay. We were actually in first place during the first half. Then some wrong moves really messed with our game plan. So we didn’t end up placing. But since this place is small, and we’re not competing against 35 teams, I’m confident we can win a few games. The other good thing, since the venue is more intimate, it does sorta curb cheaters. That was a big problem at a large place where we played. It was so big, and the booths were high, it was easy for people to cheat. We never cheat, but are always very suspect of teams that get a perfect score. Especially when they consistently get a perfect score.

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Gotta love a good long weekend! Bonus, I also have Friday off for a weekend trip. For Valentine’s Day, we celebrated early. Again, not really into V-Day, but I like the excuse for a fancy dinner. So we started things off with dinner at Del Frisco’s Grille. We got some yummy cheese steak egg rolls as a starter. I also got salmon for dinner and it was so delicious! 

After dinner, we saw Zoolander 2. I actually liked it, but I didn’t have very high expectations. The first movie was silly humor anyway, and the sequel is no different. So this lady recommends it, screw what some of the critics say. 

I also did some organizing over the weekend. I’m slowly starting to go thru closets and dressers looking for things to donate. I have a few bags so far. But I’m not finished looking for things yet. Today is supposed to be warmer than yesterday (praise Jebus!). So Andy and I are going out for lunch and shopping. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend. 

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2016-02-01 11.39.44

Why yes, that is a lightsaber skirt! 

I ate FAR TOO MUCH this weekend. It was all delicious, so it was totally worth it. On Saturday we went to the mall, then Ginny’s birthday party at Golden Temple a.k.a the Mos Eisley Cantina. I was starving, so I ordered a bunch of food and ate too much. Andy was very tired and my stomach was bothering me from eating too much, so we left shortly after dinner. It was for the best as my stomach didn’t feel better until the morning anyway.

2016-02-01 11.40.49

Unfortunately, stuffing my face the night before didn’t prevent me from making the same mistake on Sunday! My mom wanted to try a new restaurant in town. So we all met up there for lunch. The food was really good and I ate too much (again). Apparently I do not learn lessons easily. But this time I didn’t bother my stomach. All in all, a successful weekend!

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2015-07-13 07.55.49

Andy and I decided to see the new Terminator movie over the weekend. We opted to see it at the SuperLux cinema so we could recline and enjoy premium treats during the movie. I actually liked the new movie. We accidentally saw the 3D version though! At least I was wearing contacts. Nothing worse than seeing a 3D movie and having to wear glasses over your glasses!

2015-07-13 07.57.12

Before the movie we went out for dinner and drinks near the theater. This was a good choice. My dinner was excellent and my sangria was DELICIOUS!They even had a watermelon and pineapple Popsicle in my drink, which I ate. I tried so hard not to guzzle my drink down. But it was so yummy I couldn’t resist.

We have some watermelon at home. Andy thinks it’s funny that I love watermelon, but hate all other types of melons. Anyway, we have way too much for both us to eat before it goes bad. So he is suggesting I make my own watermelon Popsicle sangria. He has a juicer. So all we need are some peaches and Sprite, and I will be drunk off sangria in no time! I don’t have a Popsicle mold though. But I do have a giant ice cube tray. Which reminds me, I need to invest in a Death Star ice mold ASAP.

2015-07-13 08.00.46

We got to the movie early, so I had time to chill out and put my feet up. They offer free popcorn, so I definitely took advantage of this! Overall, a very satisfactory weekend!

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