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I ordered a bridesmaids dress for my BFF Ginny’s wedding off Amazon. She opted to let us pick our own dresses, which is great. So I thought I found a great option and ordered it, despite the $20 shipping charge. Not only that, the dress would take almost a month to arrive. I think the long lead time had to do with the shipping location, and the seller supposedly custom stitching the dress to your specified measurements. I ordered the dress, despite the expensive shipping cost and shipping time. They asked for my measurements, and I sent them along right away to avoid delays.

About 3-4 weeks later, I got the dress. The color wasn’t what I was expecting, but I guess it is regency purple (since I ordered another dress from a different seller and the color is the same). The fabric on the skirt was also not what I was expecting. But I guess that can be the hazard of ordering things online? That is beside the point. The dress was about six sizes too large. Yes, SIX! I have no idea why they bothered asking for measurements when they clearly didn’t bother checking. Ugh.  I contacted the seller and sent them the measurements of the dress vs the measurements I gave them. After some back and forth, involving me taking loads of pictures with a measuring tape to show the size difference and screenshots of my original email to them, they agreed the dress was totally wrong. Uh, NO DUH!

Instead of being normal and offering me a full refund, they wanted to offer a partial refund and use the money to get it altered. I kid you not. I LOL’d at this, and declined. I’m pretty sure it would cost more than the full price of the dress with the crazy shipping to get it altered. Not only that, I don’t actually think the dress could be altered that much. You’re really only supposed to take dresses down two sizes, not six. So they gave me the refund on the dress, not the shipping. This was not acceptable to me. After all, it wasn’t my fault they sent the completely wrong size.

They said I could keep the dress as it was “customized to my measurements” [**COUGH**] and couldn’t resell it. Which I find perplexing, but whatever.

At this point, I was a bit sick of dealing with this seller as it was like pulling teeth to get them to admit the error and refund me. So a couple days later, I opted to reach out to Amazon directly to see if they could get my shipping refunded, or at least get it as Amazon credit. I guess what ended up happening was I opened claim. Since I’m not a seller, I don’t know how severe claims are against your seller rating. I ended up getting a sob story from the seller, saying she could lose her job…etc. I’m guessing they must have other claims against them, in order for the seller to freak.

I have no idea if her story is true or not, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and cancelled the claim. This allowed her the chance to refund my shipping without my re-opening it. Now suddenly, she wanted me to send the dress back?! She claimed it was part of the Amazon policy, but seeing as I cancelled the claim, I have my doubts.

She sent me an address of a person named Alex…who apparently doesn’t have a last name to ship the dress. I was mad at this point. So I opted to wait a few days before replying back. But hey, I’m still mad. So I called her out on the mysterious person with no last name, and told her I’d be happy to send the dress back, once she gives me a prepaid label to do so. TBD on what happens now, I’m expecting another sob story. In the meantime, I got another dress. I’m not in love with it, but it fits and it’s appropriate for the wedding. 





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Ignore the vintage trading cards, I’m recycling this picture from my Christmas post.

So I brought my awesome new wedding shoes into work, some people wanted to see them in person. I wore them around, and one of the footwear engineers zeroed in a fit problem I was having. I would expect no less,  I work for a footwear company (after all). I got the shoes in a 9, as they don’t offer 1/2 sizes. Which always aggravates me, when shoes are only offered in whole sizes.

ANYWAY, he offered to cut some foam for me to make my shoes fit better. While we were at it, he measured my foot for me. Turns out I’m not an 8 1/2 like I always thought. My correct shoe size is an 8 narrow. Oops! So needless to say, that is why my awesome new shoes are far too large. The foam helps a lot though, so I will be utilizing it. Otherwise I’ll have one of my bridesmaids carry around a safety net to catch me when I fall. 

In related news, I booked my first dress appointment. I only asked four people, as I didn’t feel like arriving with a giant posse. It’s a conundrum. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I also don’t want to bring 50 people. I assume I’ll be checking out multiple dress shops. So I’ll probably ask friends/family that didn’t join me the first time, to go along to my next appointment. Wish me luck! I need to clean up my Pinterest board, so I have a better idea of what I want to try. 

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My friends and I are going to an 80’s prom in a couple weeks and I’m so excited! Apparently, this is the 14th annual one. I can’t believe this is the first one I’m attending, so I’m putting it on my calendar for coming years. As much as I like 80’s music and fashion, the prom dresses are particularly tacky. I mean, I loved the movie Pretty in PInk, but if I was Iona, I’d be pretty pinking pissed at Sam for turning my prom dress into this!


This dress is awful

My friends and I had a heck of a time finding dresses. We scoured the internet trying to find the perfect vintage  without spending a fortune. We would text each other pictures of options each day. I was determined to find one that was 80’s but not so tacky. I found mine within a week or two, but it was super expensive! I contacted the seller of the dress to see if I could get a better price. I honestly didn’t expect her to take my offer, as it was much lower than the asking. But alas, she did and I scored this gorgeous Eugene Alexander dress! I can’t wait to wear it. Erin and I have already picked out our accessories, thanks to our trip to Charming Charlie’s. I also can’t wait to see who gets crowned king and queen.


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It’s called “Let’s See How Many Days (or Hours) Germana Makes It Before Buying This” (#LSHMDOHGMIBBT?). In this round, we have two really cute dresses. One is a TARDIS dress and the other is (of course) R2D2. I already have an R2D2 skirt, so maybe I can talk myself out of getting that one. But it’s R2D2, so there is no talking out of anything when it comes to the Droid that holds my heart. Thankfully, neither of these dresses are expensive, ranging in price from $40-45 each. But still, I don’t need any more dresses. =|

I’ve been eyeing the R2D2 dress and just noticed they now have my size  in stock. So I’m giving myself only a couple of days of resistance before I  (inevitably) fold and buy. Now I have to think of occasions to wear them. Let’s see if I can make it until Wednesday/Thursday (which I think is the day the new cycle on credit card starts). HA!

Capture2 R2D2

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In a meager attempt to shed light on the fact that it’s Monday and I’ve been stricken down with a bout crankiness stemming from sleep deprivation, I’m going to post a “positive” spin to my predicaments. I was going to title this, “Mrs. Brightside” until I remembered that I fucking hate The Killers.

  1. It’s Monday. => You can go home in 4 hours.
  2. Yeah, but I still have to sit through a 3 hour meeting => You’re getting paid at least. Unlike sitting through a 3hr film strip on the Maturation Process of Sperm Whales in 10th grade bio!
  3. It’s still Monday and I have fun things to do this weekend, like a birthday party, getting taxes done for moneyz, AND awesome Vday dinner at the Japanese steakhouse in Cambridge ! => Since you have been sleep deprived/cranky, go to bed super early this week to make the time go by faster! BONUS: In sleep you’re a Viking!
  4. I don’t know which dress to wear for Vday dinner! Indecision plagues me!=> Play pin the tail on the dressey
  5. It’s going to fucking snow for the 200th time in 2011 tomorrow => You can wear the spiffy boots you won.
  6. I may die since I suck at driving in snow=> You may not die?
  7. Fine, then what if I get into an accident since I suck at driving in snow? => You have insurance and can get a monster truck that will make the snow piss it’s pants, pick it self up, and run away screaming. BONUS, you can make extra money by driving in monster truck ralleys!
  8. I’m cold=> You have a Serengeti-themed Snuggie stowed at your desk for such occasions. You are so freaking fashionable, I’m jealous of you (me)!


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