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I guess it takes planning a wedding to figure out how nuts some people can be. While brides and grooms can go crazy under all the stress, family can also be a cause of drama. Not sure if I actually posted about this before. But I’m already typing. So, let’s go back to a little over a year ago when Andy and I were sending out wedding invitations for our September wedding. We sent the invites out in early June, giving people about 2 ½ months to respond in August. This detail is key. He has two first cousins that are sisters. We invited both, one of them is married and the other (we thought) was single. Since we wanted to keep the wedding small(ish) we didn’t offer a lot of +1’s out until we had a better idea of how many relatives from Italy were coming from my side. We gave a +1 to the cousin that is married for her husband, and didn’t give one to the (presumed) single sister. Now, had the cousin that didn’t get a +1 contact us, we could have added on. Let’s also preface this by saying, I’m not very “bridal” so I didn’t really brush up on wedding invite etiquette either. But, Andy and I aren’t formal people anyway. So we trust that if there were issues, people would tell us directly.

 Anyway, so a couple weeks go by and we get two RSVP cards back from each sister. They both declined, and didn’t offer any kind of explanation to us as to why they couldn’t go. Let’s keep in mind, they basically sent the RSVP cards back practically right away. So we find out from Andy’s mom, the married cousin can’t go because she couldn’t find a babysitter. Ummm, what?! You have like 3 ½ months to find one!! So that’s clearly a bullshit excuse right there. I don’t think the other sister really even came up with an excuse. But the theory is, they are upset she didn’t get a plus one. Which AGAIN, had someone contacted us directly, we could have rectified the situation.

Andy was upset about their immature behavior, and basically cut off contact with them. People fail to understand it’s someone else’s wedding, not their own. So the bride and groom can do whatever they want with their wedding. Since Andy cut off contact with them, it just leaves me, as their Facebook friend. I didn’t hear anything from them until recently. 

 It turns out, the other sister has a boyfriend. They got engaged recently, and have been planning their wedding. Well, she sent ME a message on FB telling me they set their wedding date. They selected THE SAME DAY Andy and I got married. I shit you not. She also was explaining the reasoning behind selecting the date. To be honest, I don’t really care that they picked the same wedding date as us, or the reasoning. Just find it funny, that they decide to tell us why they picked the same wedding date as us, but couldn’t offer to tell us why they couldn’t go to our wedding.

Andy wasn’t ever planning on going to their wedding to begin with after their behavior. So no sweat off my back. But the mere fact they have the audacity to think we would even GO to their wedding is asinine. Oh ok, sure, I’m going to go to your wedding when you both were such divas about mine? Sorry guys, I can’t find a dog sitter this late in the game.

So I declined their RSVP and mailed it back within days of getting it. I am not offering up any kind of explanation to them either.  Andy didn’t want to respond at all, but I don’t have any intention of adding more fuel to the fire. I also declined the wedding shower. I didn’t actually know when it was, because Andy tossed the invite before I could take note. But I did have the courtesy of letting them know I couldn’t make it. I am being polite to their invitations and messages, since I’m not interested in adding more drama. I don’t think they know about this blog either, otherwise I wouldn’t post my rant. But hey, I wish them well. Just don’t expect Andy and I to be part of their lives.  



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Ye be warned, this is a wedding-related rant post that I just need to get off my darn chest.

One of my favorite cousins will not be attending my wedding next month. I cannot hide how hurt I am. She is basically like another sister to me growing up. Though, we definitely don’t see each other very often these days. Apparently it’s more important to attend her friends 2nd or 3rd marriage, that she was JUST ASKED to be in a few weeks back. As an aside, I asked people to be in my wedding before I even had a venue picked. Also, I sent my invites out in June, so she definitely knew about my wedding. She  kinda screwed over my Maid of Honor with my Bachelorette plans (which she knew about 4-5 months in advance), by backing out 2 weeks before the party. She never even contacted me after to explain why she couldn’t go. So instead of tossing her check in the trash that she sent as a gift, I’m going to cash it and give the money to my MOH to try to recoup the cost she ate for her not going to the Bachelorette party.

I’m truly very hurt she would choose to only attend her friends umpteenth wedding, instead of going to both. I practically begged her to try to catch the tail end of my wedding, despite the fact it would take her 2 1/2 hours to get to me. I would also like to clarify, I’m not a diva by any means. But it’s a big day for me, and I never imagined she wouldn’t be there for it.

I also get the impression she hasn’t even checked with her friend if it’s okay for her to leave after dinner or something during the reception. I would assume, if she truly wanted to go to my wedding, she would have told her friend that she needed to go to both and plan accordingly. Judging by our conversations, I don’t think she even told her friend the scheduling conflict.

I am just truly hurt by this whole situation. I hope she comes to her senses and figures out a way to catch the back end of my reception. If not, I just don’t think I can speak to her ever again.  I hate that sometimes it takes a wedding to weed out people that clearly mean a lot more to you, than you to do them. It’s a sucky situation, no use in dwelling on it. 

Edited to add, I would 100% understand if the arrangements to be in this friends wedding, had happened months and months ago. I would definitely not be as hurt about it had the timing been much different.  Also, forgot to mention, I was IN her freaking wedding years ago. 


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Thanksgiving break is over and it was too darn short! I went out for drinks on Thanksgiving Eve with some friends. I had a good time, I enjoyed some delicious cheesy artichoke dip, beers, and vodka sodas. 

Turkey day was a busy one. We had dinner with Andy’s family, and dessert with my family. we brought home tons of leftovers, my brother made a 28lbs turkey. I made a crumb cake and it came out pretty good!

I went out for drinks again with friends on Friday. Andy found a hat in the bathroom and insisted on wearing it. TBD if we’ll get lice. YUCK! I told him to get rid of that damn thing, and tossed it behind some bar stools, haha. 

We also went to the dine-in movie theater.  I ate fish and chips, and washed it down with a giant bucket of popcorn. Oh yes, we saw Bad Santa 2. it was pretty funny, and the kid reminded me of Elf. haha!

Now it’s back to work. Not looking for wars to it, but must be done. Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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Sorry guys, I’ve been preoccupied and haven’t had a chance to keep up with my goal of blogging at least 3-5x a week. Anyway, I had a busy weekend. I went to a communion party for my cousin on Saturday. Then I went out to dinner with Monique. We went to this small diner place that serves booze and really good food. I will have to go back another time with Andy.


On Sunday, we went to my nieces communion. Afterwards we had lunch at my brothers place for Mother’s Day. I can’t believe how big my brothers puppy got, he is almost has big as Zorro! Anyway, my niece looked so cute in her dress! Her party is on Saturday, so I’m not out of the Communion party circuit yet.Then after that, we start with the graduation parties. OMG, it never ends, does it?!

It turns out, I’m getting a cold. I thought my sore throat was from allergies, but allergy meds didn’t do a damn thing for me. Come to think of it, cold meds aren’t exactly doing a ton to help me either. Anyway, I’ve been popping cold meds and Echinacea like a fiend to ward this thing off. It seems to be working, my sore throat is gone. But I’m still left with congestion that is inhibiting my sense of smell. But I am determined to be cured by Saturday. Not only for my nieces communion party, but we are going to Michael Jordan’s Steak House for Andy’s birthday. I want to taste this steak I’m paying good money for, damn it! Wish me luck!

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I had another busy weekend! We started things off with some drinks at The Drop with some friends. It was a casual/impromptu celebration of Andy and I getting engaged. So it was the perfect chance to break in the “Feyoncé” shirt, haha. It was a fun night, glad we were all able to catch up. Except on the way back to the car, I bruised my leg on a branch that was sticking out from a shrubbery. Stupid shrubberies! 


On Saturday, we finally made it down to see Andy’s parents. They haven’t seen my ring yet. Then we met up with some friends that were in the area for Texas Roadhouse. This was my second time there, I just love their rolls and homemade cinnamon butter. The food and complimentary peanuts did not disappoint! I feel bad for anyone with peanut allergies, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy this place. There is a huge sign at the entrance warning people with nut allergies. 


Then on Sunday, we had a family dinner at Capital Grille. This isn’t my whole family, most of them couldn’t make it. But that didn’t stop the rest of us from celebrating some family birthdays, and delicious steak. The food did not disappoint! I’ve become quite the “fancy steakhouse” connoisseur. Capital Grille is my 3rd favorite steak place. Andy and I are excited to try Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse for his birthday in a few weeks. All in all, a very successful weekend. I’m still tired from the food coma!


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2016-03-08 13.28.42

Over the weekend, my family and I went to a brunch for International Women’s Day. It was a lot of fun. There was tons of food, dancing, and booze. The place was packed! Only one of my nieces came to the party, my other small niece was home sick with the flu. Poor kid, she was really looking forward to it.

But my youngest niece didn’t let that stop her, she was a dancing machine. She went up to random people to get them to the dance floor. My niece even stalked the photographer, poor woman couldn’t escape her. She probably has at least 20 photos of my niece posing on the camera. What a ham, haha! 


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I have a new family member named Chewy. He is my hairy new nephew and I love him, as any aunt should. He was very tired and slept most of the time I was there. My brother didn’t want to introduce him to Zorro quite yet, he freaked out when they tried introduced him to my parents dog. 

My brother surprised the kids with the puppy the other day. When my sister-in-law asked them if they were happy with “their gift”, my nephew had a golden response. He said, “I guess this is better than Legos”. HAHA! I put “their gift” in quotes because we all know my brother got the puppy more for himself. But whatevs, they had to put their dog down 6 months or so ago. My family has always had dogs, so I think he really missed having one. Either way, no complaints from me, I can’t wait to get to know the little guy. 

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