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So for the first time since 1997, my friend Jamie and I went rollerskating over the long weekend. We were definitely the oldest people there without kids, at the skating rink. That didn’t stop us! Neither of us fell, which was awesome. I actually was able to skate, I remembered it quite quickly. I don’t think I would have been as successful if I had attempted roller blades instead. After skating, we went to a cute shop where I got a couple pairs of sunglasses and some jewelry. 


After burning calories gliding around on skates, we had a delicious meal. It was at a flatbread pizza place. We had to wait for a table, as it was a happening spot. The food was really good, so I understand why there was a wait. I felt bad though, I barely made a dent in my giant hunks of fried chicken and I couldn’t take it home with me since we were heading out for drinks after dinner. 


After dinner, we went out for nitrogen ice cream. It was delicious! I got the cake batter flavor. As if the ice cream place wasn’t awesome enough, they have a speakeasy in the back!!


I did the honor of turning on the light, for delight! A window swung open, and we were greeted with a bartender. He checked our ID’s, and showed us to an empty spot at the bar. It’s not a place where you can just stand around, you have to have a seat. It was very cool! I think next time we’ll eat there instead of the pizza place, so we can sample their cheese platters and such. 


To complete our adventure, we went to a brewery. I actually really liked it. Unlike tons of other breweries out there, the beer wasn’t hoppy (unless you selected the beer in the “Hoppy” section). I was very happy with our brews. We listened to some live music before closing our adventure. 




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Last week was a struggle, I don’t think it will necessarily get easier, due to REASONS. But I met up with some friends for drinks one night, we needed to get out of the house. I haven’t been to Harry’s in a while, and I really need to go more often. It’s a much better crowd than the watering hole I usually occupy. 


Over the weekend, I finally got to see Erin. She gave me my Christmas gift early, it is awesome! It’s a really pretty sequin leopard print Gretchen Christine bag. We both love the Real Housewives, so I’m excited to have a RHOC bag. We decided to give Wahlburgers another try. We went to the original one in Hingham, MA and were not impressed AT ALL (read: we were served warm milk shakes). We actually ended up eating at Alma Nove, and the food was EXCELLENT. So if you’re in that area, go to Alma’s instead.

But they opened a Wahlburgers much closer to civilization. So we decided to try the new location. I’m glad we did, we both got the BBQ bacon burger (Donnie’s favorite) and it was really good. I will definitely go back again! We also did some shopping at Marshalls and the mall in the Pru. We ended up seeing The Accountant movie. It was okay, the beginning is very slow. I liked the ending though. But not sure I will opt to see it again when it’s on TV. 


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I had a satisfactory weekend. On Saturday, we went shopping. I picked up some goods from Sephora. We also stopped at Lowe’s to pick out cabinets and appliances for the new place. 

After that, we got all fancy. We went to Davio’s for dinner. We went to the one in Foxboro years ago, but didn’t like it.  We decided to give them another try, at a different location. I’m glad we did, because the food was excellent. I got swordfish and Andy had the steak. I was tempted to get steak, but our anniversary dinner is coming up. So I’m saving myself for Abe & Louie’s. 

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Sorry, I haven’t been blogging as much lately. I doubt anyone has noticed, so no harm there! Last weekend I celebrated my birthday. I was all “bah humbug”about it at first (because I don’t want to get old!), but we all had a very good time. I used the downstairs area of this new place called Article 24. I like the atmosphere there, and they have PARKING. Which is a rarity around here.

I went a little early and had dinner with friends. Once we were done eating, we took over the bar area. My friends began to shuffle in, and we had just enough seats at the bar for everyone. It got a little loud when two large parties sat down to eat, but they didn’t stay too long. We enjoyed some drinks, including ones that are set on fire. We ended the night at The Drop, which surprisingly wasn’t that crowded. 


On Sunday, I didn’t go to the fashion swap because Andy and I went to the last day of the Brimfield Flea Market. We had a lot of fun spending the day looking around. We also got really amazing donuts, and hot dogs. I saw loads of interesting things for sale, but I was good and only bought a few things. I grabbed a couple of spin drums for myself and Erin. We are going to see if Ralph Macchio will sign them for us. haha!


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I’m back from a very fun-filled fourth. We went up to our friends place in Maine. It’s right on the water, and quite gorgeous. There were well over 30 people joining in on the lakeside fun. So a tent city was born! 

We had a lot of fun lounging in the lake, and drinking by the fire. Andy I bought some beach loungers for the water. I ended up only using his lounger. I guess I will save my stingray floaty for another time. We did a ton of things by the lake, but most notably was the Beerlympics. 

I decided to be a spectator, because I hate chugging beer. Each event pretty much involved chugging 1-2 beers. I did chug 2 beers for Andy’s team. Spectators could chug beers to give points to another team. We each had a limit of 3, but I only gave 2. As I said, I’m no frat-boy, so chugging 2 beers was the best I could do. They made shirts to commemorate the event, I guess it’s been going on for 12 years now. Wow! I will cherish mine forever.

I found the small town very charming. The locals were very nice. We went out for ice cream, groceries, and donuts. I totally bought a flamingo egg at the grocery store. It’s a kids toy that you put in water. Eventually the egg will crack and a flamingo will grow. Stay tuned to see how long my flamingo takes to hatch.

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Andy and I have a running list of steakhouses to check out. We went to a place called Frank’s in Cambridge. It’s been in business since the 1930’s, so we figured they knew what they were doing.

When we arrived, the crowd was mostly older people. This was fine with me, that’s a telltale sign the food is consistent. I ordered the surf and turf, which came with a petite filet, and fried scallops.  The first time trying a new steak place, I go for the filet. That way I can compare it to other steak joints I’ve tried.

We were pleasantly surprised by the prices. Unlike the usual fancy steakhouses we enjoy, the steaks were half the price AND included sides! The food was good to boot. Andy got the sirloin, and it was big. The food was really good. I can’t wait to go back.

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Back from another busy weekend! Originally we wanted to go to Brimfield Flea Market, but the antique show isn’t until July. Instead, we decided to go to SoWa for a bit. I hadn’t been there in a while, but it is nice to walk around. Unfortunately the vendor I wanted, wasn’t there that weekend. But she has a site I can order from. I bought some cute shirts from her last summer.

We decided to bring our jerk dog with us. This was a mistake! He was fine at first. We walked around for a bit, and visited the fire station. Z got really excited when he saw their fake Dalmatian.  He thought it was real! He tugged us towards the firefighters to investigate the fake dog. He was sad to find out his new Dalmatian friend was inanimate! But he made friends with the firefighters and got a cookie for it.

Z was fine when we were exploring the food trucks later and made friends with various puppies. Side note, I got a really tasty grilled cheese sammich with some fried cauliflower. After, we had an unfriendly encounter with (what I think was) a Bullmastiff. Z pulled us toward the Bullmastiff, then the Bullmastiff got unfriendly. Which made Z get unfriendly.  We had to pull him away, but he was quite wound after the encounter.

He then tried to bark at a poodle, who was minding it’s business. I was all, don’t mess with the poodle, Z! They are smarter than you, and can out math you any day. Haha!  We decided it was time to go home after that, didn’t want to deal with Cranky McCrankyPants anymore.

He was fine once we were on less crowded streets. We decided after that experience, we will not be taking him to the Brimfield Flea next month. Normally my dog is fine, but he can be a troublemaker on occasion. So we’re gonna pass on bringing him along places where he will encounter tons of new dogs within a short time span.


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