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Sharing one of my favorite wedding memories. It doesn’t even involve me or my husband. Instead, it involves the best man and good ol’ TB12! We didn’t realize when we booked our wedding venue, some of the Pats players stay at the hotel the night before the game. Some of the players just turn up for meetings.  The best man had to run up to his room during dinner, and on his way back to the reception had a chance encounter with TOM. Holy cow! We also met some of the coaching staff and another staff member asked the DJ to turn down the music. He politely declined. No harm no foul, because they won the game the next day anyway.



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So apparently I never gave Good Charlotte enough credit back in the day. I never really listened to much of their songs. But I rediscovered “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” song a few weeks back, and I can’t stop listening to it. Now I feel bad for thinking they were just another lame pop/punk band from the early 2000’s. Touché, Good Charlotte. 

The Superbowl (Super Bowl?) is this weekend. I’ve been calling it the Superb Owl, just to be a smart ass. I’m super nervous about it and I’m not even playing. When the Patriots won in Superbowl 49, I was an anxious mess in my living room. I was jumping around like a mad woman. I was so happy the Patriots pulled off the win. I have no idea if they will win this time around. I mean, I hope they do! I just don’t trust my instincts anymore, especially after the election results. So I’m making no assumptions or predictions at this time. We’re venturing out to watch it. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea, but I’ll play along. 

Busy weekend ahead though. Andy and I doing our food tasting for the wedding, so we can lock down the menu. I also have my friends birthday party. This year, I will not try to be “healthy” and get the seaweed salad. I happened to get sick from it TWICE. I will be sure to order the most unhealthy items on the menu, and hope I won’t get sick. That is how it works, right?! On Sunday we’re going to watch the game at a pub, and I plan on using my Patriots nail wraps. I took Monday off, so I can partake in the iHop all you can eat pancakes deal. I just don’t know if I’ll be eating pancakes, or using them as a pillow to cry in. TBD on that. 

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The Super Bowl was last night and it was pretty boring. Maybe because I really didn’t care about either team. But I was going Carolina all the way for several reasons:

  1. Good team colors
  2. Good team logo/mascot
  3. The team doesn’t have a Manning on payroll
  4. I love me a good underdog (or undercat) story 

Now before anyone pees on my Carolina victory parade, I stopped watching the game sometime during the 3rd quarter. Which means, I didn’t see them lose. So if I didn’t actually see the Panthers lose, it means they didn’t! Don’t you just love my ostrich syndrome logic? If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen! So shhhhh…don’t ruin the game for me. As far as I’m concerned the Panthers did win,  as I truly cannot stand the Manning family. Andy wishes me the best with this endeavor, but he knows how stubborn I am. So good luck to anyone that tries to convince me otherwise.

P.S. We have a snow day today!



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2016-01-19 11.43.15

Snaps over the weekend. Sushi at Bonchon, and drinks at Sunset Grill

I had a really nice long weekend and thought you may enjoy some alliteration.  I really threw off my sleeping cycle by staying up late, and sleeping in. So it was a very rude awakening when my alarm went off this morning. I rolled out of bed and staggered my way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. When I finally hit the road, I still didn’t feel very awake. For example, I managed to misread 3 bumper stickers on the car in front of me while stopped at a light.
One said, “Half the people are below average.” I read it as, “Hail the people are below average.”
Another said, “I made plans, and God laughed.” I read it as, “I made plans, and Goo laughed.”
The third one said, “hell on wheels.” I thought it said, “bell on wheels.”

Oh yes, let’s not forget how I almost killed myself 10 minutes later when I got on the highway. You see, they are doing major roadwork (as always!) and the lines on the highway have been drawn and redrawn several times. So it’s actually kind of hard to tell where the real lines are anymore. I thought I was following the lines farthest to the left, but that was the wrong move. As the lanes began to shift to the right more, and I almost hit a barricade. I almost had to call in dead to work today. Fun times! But hey, at least I didn’t lose the key to a chastity belt. HAHA

2016-01-19 11.42.28

Shopping and shenanigans at Faneuil Hall 

Aside from almost killing myself and forgetting how to read, I had a really fun weekend. One of the highlights was seeing Erin on Saturday. She came up my way and we went shopping at Faneuil Hall. We were going to eat there, but the call of Korean fried chicken and sushi from Bonchon was too strong. So we made our way back to Allston for some delicious food. Once were done, we went to Sunset Grill across the street for some grande sangria’s and to catch the last half of the game. We were both pleasantly surprised the Patriots pulled off the win. After the game, we went back to my place to watch movies and make plans for our adventure in April. Oh yes, I also saw the movie Sisters over the weekend. It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be!

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For those of you that are rock dwellers, the Patriots won the Superbowl on Sunday. This win was made more satisfying by all the haters, that tried to discredit my home team. I say, “HA-HA” to all the naysayers,trying to soil the team. I don’t give a crap about all the arbitrary shit to do with the “deflate gate”, I stopped reading all articles involving it last week. Either way, the Patriots were going to win that game against the Colts, and people just need to lose with dignity.

Like I said before, I don’t know why people seem to hate the Patriots so much. My guess is that they don’t like winners. Either way, that sounds like a personal problem, and you need to get over it. However, I’m curious to see what lame excuses people come up with to see how the Patriots “cheated” winning the Superbowl. Now the game was a very close one, so I’m glad that both teams didn’t make this easy. I was a huge ball of anxiety during the last quarter and almost shook the entire house with all the jumping when they won. But I’d like to thank all the Seahawks fans that took the loss with dignity, as losing is never easy. 

I went as far as to unfriend someone from FB and Twitter because she would not stop bitching about how the Patriots won (she didn’t like the Seahawks either, apparently). But it was also a culmination of things, she loved to complain about everything! I don’t have time for that kind of shit. We all complain, especially over social media. However, you need to know when to let up. I didn’t really know her that well anyway, so no loss there. It’s just unfortunate that I had to unfriend/unfollow a fellow blogger because she was trying her best to make people miserable with her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t mean I have to listen to it constantly. 


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Sometimes sports makes me angry, but usually only when it interferes with a team I like. Now, I don’t really understand why people hate Boston/New England sports so much. I mean, I get rivalries. For the longest time I hated the Yankees then I got over it, and now I couldn’t care less how much the Yankees win. Go fuckin’ Yankees, go win some stuff. I don’t care.

Anyway, that is beside the point. People must have a problem with teams that win, and that sounds like a personal problem. So toughen up and get over it! Or maybe there isn’t a real reason, sometimes there isn’t. Just like I don’t like the Cowboys. I don’t have a real reason. I guess it may have something to do with the time I was trying to catch my flight in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, and was stuck in a mess of old people riding in golf carts through terminals lined with shops selling only Cowboys memorabilia and nothing more. That could be why, but I’m not going to be an asshole about it and post articles that defame them.

This post is about the “deflate gate” BS and how people can’t just lose gracefully. Just nut up and get over it, you lost. Better luck next time! Use it as motivation to make yourself better for next season. Don’t try to make others look bad just because you didn’t win. Now I don’t know for sure what happened, but innocent until proven guilty.

But I think this article sums it up quite nicely. The Colts weren’t going to win regardless of the “underinflation”. Now I’m not condoning cheaters, I think you should win on your own abilities alone. I also think they should hire unbiased refs that know what the hell they are doing.

Let’s be serious for a second, pretty much all teams cheat in some way, and that’s horrible. It’s just that some get caught. Which sorta makes me think that this could be a set-up. Someone just trying to make The Patriots look bad over an arbitrary detail. Either way, don’t be an asshole about it. Your team didn’t win, get over it. Stop trying to ruin it for other people, I’ll try to extend the same curteousy when your team gets accused of cheating too. In the meantime, stop trying to piss on someone’s parade and move on!

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Now seriously guys, don’t fuck this up! We decided to brave the crowds last night and watch the Patriots game at a bar for dinner. We left fairly early and managed to snag a table with a good view of the TV’S ! That feels like a win already. We managed to catch the last quarter of the Seahawks game and were seated next to a crazy Seahawks fan girl. She was super annoying and I’m going to admit, I kinda wanted them to lose to see her reaction. I know that’s evil, but sometimes football fans get on my nerves. Anyway, the annoying fan girl left shortly after the Patriots game started.


We started off by ordering appetizers and beers. We were there for the long haul! We ordered some nachos and steak and cheese egg rolls. Both were delicious and devoured immediately. So much for pacing ourselves!  After a while, I ordered some butternut squash ravioli. I seem to be on a butternut squash kick this week. I wasn’t worried about the game once the Patriots had 45 points. So it was nice to not have a super stressful game, after barely squeaking by last week. But next will be the Super Bowl. The Patriots better win this one, I can’t handle another Super Bowl loss. Don’t F this up, my poor heart can’t handle it otherwise. No idea if we are going to brave the crowds to watch the Super Bowl, all the annoying college kids will be back to school. I don’t know if I feel like dealing with the college crowd, yuck!

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