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We got randomly invited to attend a Celtics game in a suite. The only drawback, I couldn’t go to my friends birthday paint night. I wanted to show up for a little bit, but I guess they open up the suite area early and they wanted us to arrive together. Andy was none too pleased that he couldn’t attend, as he is a much bigger Celtic’s fan than I’ll ever be. But it was people from work, so I could not get a plus one.


I haven’t gone to a suite in the Garden before, only the Red Sox. It was pretty similar experience. Each one has a private bathroom, free (to us) food (even sushi!), and booze. There is also seating in the front to watch the game, and some TV’s as well. Although, I don’t know if anyone actually watches the TV’s. Pretty awesome experience!

I stuffed myself with food and drinks while watching the game. A couple of us did end up leaving a little early, since it was a weeknight. I guess we probably should have stayed till the bitter end (and paid a ton in Uber surge fees, and sit in traffic on the pike for over an hour), since they ended up winning at the last second. Also, Andy was annoyed to see that I left before the game ended. I guess I’m not that good of a sports fan, hahaha!!


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Steve Carell’s chin is pretty distintive

I guess we’re really taking to our new trivia spot, as went for dinner last night and will be going again tonight (for Thursday trivia). This time I deviated from the mac and cheese and got a soup/salad combo. It was really good! I got Italian Wedding soup and a Ceasar salad. My Italian-ness is really showing!


We went to dinner to watch the Celtics game, and there was a singer/guitar player combo playing music in a corner. I didn’t mind them, they were pretty good. Anyway, I guess we must have become pretty disenchanted with the basketball game, because we made up our own drinking game. It’s called “Guess the Famous Chin”! We each pull up a celebrity picture and block most of the face except for the mouth and chin. I actually did pretty good with it! Except Andy tricked us by pulling an old picture of a celebrity and they look totally different now! I think there should be a stipulation about using more recent photos. I guess we’ll save that for next time. 

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I wonder how far Carmen can travel on a single peso?

For some reason I had the theme to “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” game show stuck in my head. Don’t ask, I’m a strange one. Anyway, this got me thinking about the game that we used to play in school. I then wondered if someone had been kindly enough to make this game for my phone. Long behold, they have! I’m very excited about this! I haven’t had much of a chance to play it since I’ve been busy, but I need to read the directions on how to play. This Gumshoe needs more experience! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to interview Gypsy Rose Lasagna on the whereabouts of Carmen Sandiego!

Before I go, we had a great time at my sisters surprise party last night. Thankfully she really was surprised. She froze when she walked into the VFW hall that smelled like 40 years of cigarette smoke, and we all yelled surprise. It was great to catch up and the food was really good. I have to find out who made the brownies, we were all raving about them. I wonder if they were magic? haha


My mom had to lie to her to get her to go out. She said she was getting an award for work and didn’t want to go alone. The lie worked and [shockingly] my mom was able to get her to show up on time. This is a miracle since my sister hasn’t been on time for anything, ever.


I didn’t realize how pale I seem. This will change once I get back from the Caribbean! =P


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Hello, yes I’m back to bloggie land. Sorry, I’ve been busy and lazy, but probably mostly lazy. Anyway, I went to a party over the weekend, where I became addicted to the game Akinator. It’s like this genie guy that can guess what famous figure you’re thinking of in around 20 questions.  Unfortunately, he does not grant wishes. Otherwise, I would be the proud owner of a sandwich and a sack of money.

 I started with something easy:

Ben Affleck? Yes

Christian Slater? Yes!

Disco Stu? Yes! I guess it didn’t matter that he doesn’t advertise.

Side Show Luke Perry? He only got regular Luke Perry, ha! 

Jabba the Hut? Yes!

But, Pizza the Hut? Yes!

Uhh…Count Chocula? YES!


Dr. Claw? Yes!

Parker Lewis? Yes, I guess Akinator can’t lose either!

Kathleen Turner? NO! He was stumped by Serial Mom. Okay, I cheated, but whatever. 

Akinator, constipated?

Kathleen Turner makes Akinator angry, and possibly constipated


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