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So to make an update on my post about the new glasses I bought in May, the company did let me exchange them for a new pair! I made sure to pick out a pair from the site that didn’t have metal along the temple tip. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are blue. I really like them! They sent me a return label for the old pair and I sent them back this week. Phew, now I can wear my new glasses.

It’s now Thursday and I’m starting to feel more normal. It’s pretty sad that it took me 4 days to recover from my bachelorette weekend. But I guess that means I had a really good time! My issue was more related to lack of sleep. I went to bed kinda late and it took me a couple hours to fall asleep each night. I tried (and failed) to go to bed a little earlier this week to re-coup. But at least I’m starting to feel human again. 

This weekend will be the same issue, I don’t have time to sleep. I have relatives visiting from Michigan. Saturday I have an early morning appointment with the florist for the wedding. in the afternoon I have my hair and makeup trials. After that, my friends have a night in the town planned.

On Sunday, I am getting up early again for my friends bachelorette party at a spa and pool. I can’t stay the whole time, because I have dinner plans with the visiting relatives. The following weekend will be busy with Comic Con. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, I suppose!



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In May, my work had a mobile eye exam company park outside for the day. The office is this really nice RV with a back section for eye exams and front area for frames and sales. It’s really convenient. This year I decided to buy a pair of glasses from them. I got a nice pair of Zac Posen frames and lenses. The glasses arrived quickly. Everything was totally fine until recently, when I noticed that the back of my ears seemed to have some kind of reaction to the glasses.

The area got gross and scabbed over. I soon realized there is a small metal bit on the temple tip of the glasses. I guess I was experiencing some kind of skin reaction from the frames. I already got in touch with the company. Not sure if I can get a full refund or not, I’m guessing I can only get my frames refunded. So I may opt to put my lenses into another frame. Now I need to to cautious about what kind of frames I select. Ugh! I’m bummed these frames didn’t work out. 


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[photo] new specs from Firmoo

After spending most of my childhood and teenage years blindly walking around the hallways, refusing to wear glasses, I had to succumb to them in college. I had trouble seeing the projectors from the back of the class and my vision had gotten a little worse over the years. I mean, my vision isn’t that bad, but I do need to wear glasses full-time now. I’ll wear contacts once in a while, but I actually kinda like wearing glasses now. It’s like an accessory to me!

I discovered Firmoo.com during one of the #BiSC trips and I love how I can get good quality prescription lenses on the cheap. Since I have cheap glasses available to me now, I don’t think I’ll ever get laser corrective surgery. I don’t want to be one of those people that wears glasses without lenses. I feel like it’s cheating or some shit!


I was not compensated for this post. I purchased the glasses on my own, and all opinions are my own.

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Andy borrowed Google Glass from work, and I tried them last night before he brought them back today. I had trouble seeing the tiny screen without my glasses, which is odd because I’m near-sighted. There must be some kind of view settings in the menu that would have made it clearer to read. I didn’t really have much  direction on how to use them, so I experimented after I paired them with my phone through the Glass app. Oh yeah, I think the Glass app is only compatible with Android right now. I figured out how to Google things, and somehow ended up Googling Google.

It is voice-controlled and you can scroll by swiping your hand across the the side. It can also speak to you and you can watch video as well. I don’t recommend using it for a long period of time, your eyes will be very angry with you! It’s also kinda blinding to look at websites with a light background. Overall, I thought it was really cool! I took some pictures and made a video. They do limit the video to 9 seconds (?) though. Also, the only option to share is through Google+, which I loathe. Google+ makes me feel old because I don’t understand it and have no desire to try and figure it out. It also re-activated my profile without asking me, so yeah, I’m at war with G+. Anyway, please enjoy my lame video!



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I had an eye appointment on Friday. I went in because I was finally running out of my year-supply of contact lenses, two years later. My prescription changed slightly, and I could only use my insurance on glasses or contacts. I opted to use it on the contacts, which means I had to pay for updated lenses out of pocket. I wish I had just said no to the new lenses, I haven’t noticed my prescription changed. I probably could have gone another year. Oh well, too late now. After my appointment, I went out for dinner and shopping with my friend. Nothing like getting over spending $150 on new lenses by shopping for more unnecessary shit, right?

Anyway, it turns out that I find my current brand of contacts uncomfortable because my eyes are drier than the average bear. Who knew?! I sure as hell didn’t! I only notice that my eyes “taste like burning!” during allergy season. I’m doing a lens trial between two types of daily lenses right now. The first ones are certainly more comfortable than my 30-Day lenses. But, they began to bother me after 6 hours or so.

I had some “technical difficulties” this morning . My left eye is a jerk. I can get my right lens in with one try, but I have to go 2-3x rounds with my left. Lefty just doesn’t like contacts, and as an act of jackassedness, it decided to expel the lens at work this morning. Don’t worry all you disciplinarians out there,  I’m going to poke it later as punishment for it’s insolence. I PUT CONTACTS IN SO YOU CAN FUCKING SEE, YOU UNAPPRECIATIVE LITTLE BITCH! 

I’m hoping I have better luck with the other daily lenses. I have noticed they are much more flimsy than my 30-Day pairs, which might be why Lefty spit it out. Wish me luck!


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