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In addition to a Halloween party, I got magical unicorn hair over the weekend. I gave  my hair stylist 6 months notice that I wanted to do this. She has never done rainbow hair before, so she researched it before I hit the chair. It was a great success. I love it! Who doesn’t want to look like a unicorn?


My stylist used Joico Intensity hair color for the job. 



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I forgot to post about my awesome hair, haha. I went to the salon over the weekend to get my hair done. I had her touch up the purple and add a layer of blue. There isn’t much contrast between the two colors, but I dig it. I don’t think the blue will last as long as the purple, but no matter. It seriously looks like I’m trying to make bath tub wine when I wash my hair. The dye gets everywhere. I can’t even have my nails painted a light color because the dye will turn my nails purple. It’s kind of unnerving, but beauty is sacrifice!


Anyway, I finally booked my flights for our vacation in September.Apparently Andy thought I booked them weeks ago, oops!  We’re going on  a really awesome desert adventure, plus a wedding. We have a laundry list of things to check out like, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, ghost towns, hot air balloon, observatory, and a trip to that abandoned plane field as featured in Can’t Buy Me Love! We will be renting a car and cruising around America’s South West. In addition to flights, I also booked some hotels for my other summer adventures. I can’t wait to go to the beach and hang with friends this summer!


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I’m sure I posted pictures of my latest hair color choice before, but whatever. It’s my blog, I can be redundant if I want. Anyway, over the weekend, I got my hair re-pinked. I love it, she tried a couple things to make it EVEN MORE vibrant. I’m very happy with the results! 

This weekend kicks off a series of 3-4 Halloween parties. I’m saying 3-4 because not sure if we can go to the fourth, that is just a bit TOO much Halloween-ing for me. I changed my costume. I was going to be Gretchen Weiners, but I thought of something I like more. Maybe I’ll save Gretch for next year, if I don’t think of something else. I opted to change because the new costume involves beer, hip thrusting, and funny quotes. How could a gal resist?! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to practice my quotes and being able to see with novelty sunglasses on. 

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Here is some #TBT, Throwback Tuesday for ya!

Since my cousin’s wedding is over, I was really missing my funky hair color. So I added it back in during my salon appointment this weekend. I was going to wait until my following appointment to make the change, but I thought WHY WAIT?! At first I was going to go back to purple, but my friend just did purple in her hair and I didn’t want us to be matchy-matchy. So I went hot pink instead! I haven’t had pink hair since high school, so it was a fun throwback for me. This picture is from my senior prom. The second picture was taken over the weekend. 

I actually have to go back to the salon tonight. My hair stylist ran out of pink dye so my ends aren’t as vibrant as I would like. So she is going to fix it for me. I’m happy to be pink again. It’s been a long time. 

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Aside from going out with friends this weekend, I decided to focus on pampering. I got my hair done over the weekend, I had some more blonde added it. So each appointment I’m going to get lighter and lighter. I haven’t been blonde in a while, so this is a nice change. I also got a pedicure! It’s a pretty neon coral color, that the filter on my picture makes it look much lighter. You’ll just have to trust me on this, haha!

I also went shopping. There was a really cool and colorful dress I wanted from Express. But when I got to the store, they didn’t have any in my size. Which turned out to be for the best, because when I got to my parents house, some coupons came in the mail! I was a little worried I won’t get my order before my trip, but I splurged on shipping. Turns out I had a reward to use in addition to the coupons, so I got upgraded shipping for free! Talk about a score, right?!

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This weekend has been super busy, but fun! I went to a friends birthday party on Friday night and a 90’s rap and house music dance party broke out. I love me a good dance party, yo! I had to get up early (ish) for my hair appointment on Saturday. I was in the chair for like 3 hours, while my hair stylist foiled my whole head and re-applied the purple. I love how my hair looks, but I definitely want to go lighter in my next appointment by having her add more blonde pieces to mix in with the brown. Thankfully my next appointment is just before vacation number 1 of 3 this year. So I will have a chance to lighten it before I head to New Orleans.


That day, Jamie and I went to Bonchon for some delicious sushi and fried chicken. I definitely ordered way too much food and only finished like half of my meal. Yikes! We headed out for some drinks and went to the Sebadoh show. The show was really good! Andy and Mark joined us. 


The opening band was really strange! So we spent most of their set playing skeeball. Andy was a baller and gave us a wad of one dollar bills so Jamie and I could play skeeball while Mark and Andy played pool. We actually did fairly well!. In between some horrible games, I did get some high scoring ones. We also didn’t spend all of Andy’s one dollar bills, so I’m sure he appreciated that. 


Once Sebadoh came on, we made our way back to the stage area. I’m actually not too familiar with their music. But I downloaded a few albums off my Prime account and kept thinking they sound like Dinosaur Jr. Turns out, Lou Barlow (guy that looks like Cousin It in the pictures) was in Dinosaur Jr. Oh man, I didn’t realize how good I am! I took crap-loads of pictures. But I narrowed it down to just a few for your viewing pleasure. I hope everyone else had a really fun weekend too!


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REVIEW: DESSANGE VOXBOX! #JadoreDessange #Influenster #InfluensterVOX


I was super excited the other day when I got my Desssange Paris VoxBox from Influenster. I color my hair, so it can get a little damaged in between hair appointments. So I was happy to be selected to try the replenishing line from Dessange. These products can be purchased from Target for around $10-$12 each! This is great, you can get salon-quality products without having to sell a kidney. In my VoxBox, I got the DESSANGE Paris Oleo Miracle Replenishing Shampoo, Oleo Miracle Replenishing Conditioner, and Oleo Miracle Replenishing Oil.

DESSANGE Paris introduces Oleo Miracle Collection, a hair care line infused with nutrients from nature’s most precious oils. Bolstering delicious notes of orange, gardenia petals and sandalwood, the reparative collection works to help transform hair. Hair can be restored from thermal, chemical, and environmental damage for a visibly softer, healthier look. Offering intense nourishment, the formulas are infused with three key natural oils: Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, and Pracaxi Oil. These oils leave hair smooth, bouncy, and manageable. 

The Shampoo is infused with micro-drops of precious oils, the lightweight formula offers supreme nourishment to hair without weighing it down. The shine-boosting conditioner repairs the external layer of the hair for healthier, restored strands. The oil is infused with Argan oil. It is used as a leave-in treatment nourishes dry, damaged hair without leaving a greasy residue. 

I was definitely a little concerned that this line would leave my hair looking greasy, since I have an oily scalp. Thankfully this is not the case! The line has a really nice smell and washes out clean. I used several dabs of oil on my wet hair before drying it. I love the results! Not only does it help my damaged ends, but my hair feels so light! I will definitely keep using this line, especially since I plan to go blonde during my next salon appointment!

Facebook: Dessange Paris USA
Twitter: @Dessange
Hashtag: #JadoreDessange


I received these items complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

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