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I had a low-key(ish) weekend. I took Friday off because my husband was having some minor surgery. The surgery went well and he came home on Saturday morning. He didn’t want to stay in the hospital overnight, but the doctor wanted to be sure he was all clear. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been sleeping well because of the discomfort, but he’s getting better each day. Aside from that, I did go out for a nice dinner over the weekend. I have the leftovers in the fridge!

20180122_131837.jpgOn Sunday night, I went to a pop-up oyster party with some friends. It was so fun! The party was Mad Men themed. I managed to pull together an outfit with things I already had.  The parties are always at a “secret” location, apparently. This was my first one. It was sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, so the only drinks served were gin-based.


There was all kinds of flora and fauna in my gin and tonic. 

At first I was hesitant about that. But out of 4 different gin drinks, there was only one I didn’t like. I’d say those are great odds. I also decided raw oysters aren’t so bad? Normally I only eat broiled oysters, but for the sake of the party, I tried a few raw ones. Plus I figured if I get a tape worm, that would be a great diet to follow for my upcoming honeymoon. Har har. 

The party was at an old candle pin bowling alley. They had popup bars set up on each floor. The first floor had the oyster bar, and the second floor boasted a caviar bar complete with donuts and mini pancakes! There was also a DJ and the lanes were all open for party-goers to use. We played a string. I did bad, but I’m also not great at candle pin in general. Well, I’m also not great at regular 10 pin either, but I can somehow at least land a strike or two. After the party, we grabbed some burgers and made our way home. 


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Weekends just go by way to quick! On Friday we went to a trivia/dance party and helped raise money for JDRF. I was bummed our team “Super Nintendo Chalmers” didn’t come in first! I’ll blame it on too many beers and pizza. Oh yes, and probably naming our team after Ralph Wiggum.

We wiped the crud from our eyes early Saturday (9AM) and booked it to Ikea. I was sad we couldn’t buy our high-gloss red entertainment center quite yet, but we did get 80% of the things needed to complete our “groovtastic” ’60s living room. We plan to go next Saturday with our friends truck for the entertainment center. After Ikea, we headed to Andy’s brothers new apartment. I made some new friends named Charlie and Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne is bat cat

Charles in Charge (of my day)

Once we got back, Andy and I furiously deciphered and assembled various pieces of Swedish furniture. Here is a living room sneak peek. I’ll post more once it’s actually DONE.

I love lamp

I love rug

I love rug

I was glad to have everything assembled and DVD’s put away before J & K came to visit. We went to a new pub for good brews and tasty food. I got Shipyard Applehead and seafood mac and cheese. It was delicious!

Our waiter was certainly an interesting fellow. I actually took the name of the restaurant out of this post because I didn’t want to embarrass him. I mean like, since millions of people read this blog, you know?! *cough* We could tell he was really nervous.

He began by stating his name and proceeding to throw a pile of coasters. He also repeatedly had us look at his Batman belt buckle. I was grateful to be across the table and not eye level with the belt buckle with Fantastic Four belt. I felt bad for J, she looked rather uncomfortable. Andy was, of course, doing everything in his power to make Waiter stay at the table and discuss random topics like Waiter’s mom, girlfriend (?), and “hair-cut”. K and I were just trying really hard not to laugh.

One of the highlights aside from making us look at his crotch (batman buckle), was when a bartender forgot to put an orange in J’s Blue Moon. Waiter asked if she would like one, and she replied “sure, that would be great”. Waiter went off to ask for an orange slice to be sent over. This didn’t happen. Though, he did do everything in his power to try to get J an orange, without actually just getting it himself.

While we were on the topic of desserts, he inserted the conversation point of Waiter’s new diet. He loves meat and decided to give it up for a year in January. Which I guess only makes it giving up meat since January? He still encourages other people to eat meat. He just wants to “add” some notches to his Fantastic Four belt by giving it up. Oh yes, that was a joke right there. Did you see it? I didn’t either. He began slowly by giving up red meat, then poultry, followed by seafood. April marks shake month, “if you can drink it, you can eat it”. *cough*

That was it. We held in our laughter as long as we could. We quickly paid the bill and raced to my car and exhaled all the laughter withheld. Once we got to my apartment, I was backing into my driveway. This can be tricky when the street is a 1/4″ wide, and cars parked on both sides. While pulling out to to straighten my car, Andy said “watch out for the big-headed guy”. I turned to the drivers side window and loudly replied, “what big-headed guy?”. Now I can’t be sure, but I’m quite certain Mr. Big-Head heard me. Especially since J & K turned to face him as he was trying to walk across. This began the laugh reel all over again. Sorry Big-Headed guy!

To his defense, I don’t think his head was really big. I was repeating what Andy said and didn’t see him until it was too late anyway. Ooops! We then walked to the nearest bar where we continued our good time and I ran into a co-worker.

I went to my parents house for lunch on Sunday and got three clocks I ordered. I LOVE! Here are two of them:

Tick-tock goes the kitchen clock

I also decided Mad Men sucks. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I just don’t like it anymore.


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