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Not that anyone remembers, but I made a post about this song I was trying to find without luck. The odd thing, I was just thinking about this song again last week and how I was pretty sure I’ll encounter it again someday. I’m mildly psychic about irrelevant things. I should start up a 1-800 line about giving out psychic readings for irrelevant life events. I think you’ll find that missing sock within the next three weeks! Anyway, I was thinking “someday” as in, maybe a in a few years I’ll find this song. I definitely was not thinking DAYS. 

I decided to start watching the Netflix series “Friends from College.” Boom, first episode the opening song is THE ONE I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND FOREVER BUT COULDN’T REMEMBER ANY LYRICS! Without further adieu, the song is “Cut your Hair” by Pavement. Which doesn’t have anything to do with an anchorman or weatherman, like I had previously blogged about. I must be thinking of another song from my college days? Regardless, I am just thrilled I finally found this song. 


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Saturday was an interesting night. Andy and I wanted to grab some burgers and booze for dinner. We had plans to see a friends cover band play in the area. We didn’t intend to stay for the whole set. The cover band was playing in the Foundation Room of the House of Blues. Meanwhile, down in the actual concert venue, Rick Astley was having a concert. I guess it was the last night of his tour for a while. We watched him on the TV’s upstairs, and they piped in the concert audio for us.

I give Rick a lot of credit. He played a 45 minute encore! Once his show was done, the cover band started to play. They were good, loads of Step Brothers references thrown in, they won me over just on that alone. About an hour into their set, none other than Rick Astley himself shows up. He asked to play with the band (Mr. Doubtfire) for a bit. This was a huge surprise, and we weren’t being Rick Rolled. I figured he would play a few songs, and be on his way. His tour manager told us they had to leave back to England early in the morning, so he was trying to keep Rick on a tight schedule.

It was quite the spectacle to see Rick Astley basically have a private concert for us. There was probably only about 40 or 50 people at the Foundation Room. I have to give him serious props, he played various cover songs with Mr. Doubtfire for a good hour and a half before calling it quits. So much for trying to leave early! We stayed until almost closing time. Which means there was a huge line for hot dogs when we left, so we couldn’t get any food from Sausage Guy. Bummer! But hey, we got a free private concert from Rick Astley, so I can’t complain. 



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Know what grinds my gears? When songs tell me what to do. I’m like, GFY, I’ll do what I want, asshole. Lately, I’ve been forced by my local radio station to endure 21 Pilots song, Heathens. Oh I’m sorry, “TWENTY ØNE PILØTS” *cough*.  

All my friends are heathens, take it slow
Wait for them to ask you who you know
Please don’t make any sudden moves

This song unnerves me. Not that it’s necessarily a bad song, but I don’t appreciate being told what to do. First of all, I’m expected to believe the two guys pictured above have shit loads of friends “on the inside”? Insert laughy face emoji here. Not only that, they have the nerve to tell me how to behave around said “friends.” Yeah, I don’t think so, Tim. 


Listen guys, if I want to meet your friends, I’m going to be myself. If I feel like flailing my arms, do some jumping jacks, climb walls, do a back flip, Imma do it. Except maybe the backflip part, that sounds painful. But also, I may even toss in some rapid-fire questions as well. They can answer, or not, I don’t really care. I’m only asking the rapid-fire questions, because you told me not do that. 


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I’ve had a song stuck in my head and I can’t remember any of the lyrics to it at all. All I seem to recall is the chorus where the alt-rock band sings, “ooh ooh ah ohh ohh ohh.” I recall listening to this song on my iPod on college. I seem to think either the song name or lyrics had something to do with a weatherman or an anchorman. But Google search is no help. I even found a site where you can hum a song, but the results were null. I also tried a lyrics site using the search terms anchorman and weatherman. No hits in the forecast either.

Confession time, I don’t usually clean the songs out of my iTunes library. So the songs there, I’ve accrued since I got my very first iPod. It was a pink iPod mini, and I loved it so! Still the only Apple product I don’t despise. ANYWAY, I tried to search my iTunes library, and I got nothing. It’s possible the iPod it was on died, or the song was lost between several computer changes/restores since my college days.

But all hope was not yet lost. I keep all my CD’s in a giant binder, this includes about 20 mix CD’s I’ve created over my high school and college days. Consider it my early 2000’s homage to the mix tape. Not only this, I also kept the index card with the songs listed on them! Wow, my younger self was so organized, and a music-hoarder. My mix CD search didn’t yield any results.

All I learned, was I probably should have bought myself a Doors greatest hits album. Most of my mix CD’s seem to have at least one Doors song. I had no idea I liked The Doors that much. I forgot to try my Amazon music library, and the few odd folders of songs on the drive of my computer that I may have forgotten to link to my iTunes library. All hope isn’t totally lost yet, but trying to find a song without lyrics is rather impossible. Especially when you’re sure the song wasn’t really a big radio hit, and you can’t remember the band name at all. 


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Saturday was a busy day. For one, we saw Soul Asylum that night. We started off with dinner and drinks at Rock Bottom.  I haven’t been there in a long time,  but I was a bit disappointed.  First, their beer list is tiny! I don’t remember it being so small before. Plus it took quite sometime for a server to acknowledge our table. The food was pretty good though, at least.

We ended up getting out of dinner later than expected, due to the slow service. So we missed a couple songs from the set. We were also surprised to find Soul Asylum wasn’t the headliner. This sorta blew my mind! The English Beat were the headliners instead. Too be honest we had never heard of them.  So riddle me that. 

The show itself was good though. The venue (Royale) sort of reminded me of Lupo’s in Providence, only a bit smaller. They are pretty strict with the shows starting and ending on time, as the venue also doubles as a night club. The club part is definitely not my scene,so I wouldn’t be going back for that, haha

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harpers 038

I’ve probably written about the time my friend and I met Jordan Knight and Rich Cronin, all at the same show. But it’s my blog and I can be repetitive if I want. Plus, I have a new twist on the story. So let’s dial back to 2006-ish. 22 year old Germana drinks PBR without irony, because it wasn’t cool to drink it back then. I actually don’t like PBR now, so I guess I’ll never be cool. OKAY, let me get back on topic instead of poking fun at my 22 year-old self and my beer choices. 


My friend and I were anxiously awaiting for Danny Wood to hit the stage, but he had an opener. We didn’t know who the opener was, but when he got off stage people approached him for pictures and to chat. We both shrugged our shoulders. Wondering if we should know who the mystery man is. Being snarky a-holes in our early twenties, Erin dared me to pretend to be a groupie and go ask him for a picture. The picture was for science, so we could figure out who he was later. So I did, and she snapped the picture for me. He was really nice about it! We never actually bothered to figure out who he was after, oopps! We got a bit distracted because we wound up getting pictures with Jordan Knight and Rich Cronin (R.I.P). OH MY GAWWWWWD!

So let’s switch it back to the present times. I went to Maine for my birthday with Andy. We wanted to grab food and drinks and not a lot of places are open in the small beach town after Labor Day. But we found a cool place by the water that served booze. I know the venue also does live music. When it comes to live music, I generally don’t have high expectations. But when Rob Benton took the stage, Andy and I were really impressed! There was something familiar about him. I knew I had seen him play before, but I couldn’t pin down when or where. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure it out until the next day. But since I was in Maine, I didn’t have access to my laptop at home to verify that Rob was the mystery man, I was dared to take a picture with many years ago.

I did end up finding the picture this morning and I sent it to him on his Facebook page. He thought it was really cool and explained why people were approaching him. I guess he had scored a record deal and people were congratulating him. He also was a contestant on America’s Got Talent, a few years back. I guess he is also a Vegas performer, and I’ve been going to Vegas every year for the last 5 years. Mystery solved!

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I just realized something, I  have never listened to a Taylor Swift song in it’s entirety. I feel like the only non-rock dweller that can say this. I don’t have anything against her, or her music.

I think I just lack the T-Swift gene? I mean the bits of her songs I’ve heard sound okay. But not interesting enough to sacrifice a precious three minutes to give it a complete listen. Andy doesn’t trust her. He says she is too nice, and nobody is that nice. Who knows, he might be right! Her music might have hidden subconscious messages, to make you help the needy and dis Spotify! E gads!

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