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Sorry guys, gotta run home to watch Sailor Moon

As a kid, I took summer very seriously. It was a time for TV, ice cream trucks, running through sprinklers, riding bikes, playing Legend of Zelda or the Home Alone game on my trusty Game Boy, and eating too many Pringles. TV was the key component for me, as my dad would be at work so I had the TV all to myself! SWEET GLORY BE!

Seeing as summer is a sacred time when you’re a kid, I had to figure out a TV schedule. This was back in the day when you had to turn to the TV Guide channel or consult an actual TV Guide to figure out what time/channel a show was on. So I would use the TV Guide and a notebook to outline the times and channels of the best “day time” TV. Options were limited, as day time TV is generally boring. I mostly relied on Nickelodeon, PBS, Disney Channel (when it became available with normal cable packages, my parents wouldn’t pay for the channel outright), and Cartoon Network. I relied on my notebook to tell me what I could watch during the day. I even threw in some This old House, Aleene’s Craft Show, and Keeping up Appearances. 

After lunch I would usually hang out with my friends outside. We built a really rickety tree fort. It was miraculous nobody fell off and broke a bone while using it. I also started up a Harriet the Spy club at some point. It mostly consisted of tracking peoples whereabouts, and notes on where to catch the best frogs and caterpillars. But I knew as soon as 5pm hit I had to run home to catch Sailor Moon. I would just dip out  and watch Sailor Moon. After that it was dinner time!

Oh yeah, I usually chased down the ice cream man on the odd chance I had money. When I got older, my friend and I had a crush on the ice cream man, so we used to peek out the window when he drove past to get a good look at him, for our Harriet the Spy notes. Fun times! Now my summers are filled with the same exact thing I do during all the other seasons, work 40 hours a week. 


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I was browsing the interwebz one day when I noticed that Tamagotchi’s are still around! Not only that, they have color screens and are bejeweled. I mean, how awesome is this?! I was so tempted to buy one, but the prices have also gone up exponentially since 7th grade. I recall getting them for around $10-$15 back in the day. The new versions go for around $35…yikes! Thankfully I read the reviews before thinking about purchasing, they are exclusively in Japanese. I don’t have the patience to learn Japanese or to locate English instructions online.

In my prime, I think I had almost a dozen virtual pets at once. I had gotten many as birthday or Christmas gifts. I think my favorite was the first one I ever got. It was a 8-in-1 digi-pet, meaning you could select from eight different pet options upon start up. I chose a dinosaur because they are awesome! I recall my dino sorta looking like Yoshi. I definitely didn’t hate that! At one point, I figured out how to rig the system to get my digital pets to age faster. This also decreased their life expectancy, but I wanted to see how far I could take it. Then like that, I was over it one day. I think it was a weekend and all my digi-pets were beeping at once so I threw them under a pile of clothes in the back of my closet and went back to bed. Cuz fuck dat shiz! 


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