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Between going to the Bahamas, Vegas, and Vermont, I’ve developed quite the tan this summer (for me). Normally I try not to tan, but I didn’t have much choice this year. I’ve been using sunblock when I remember, and haven’t gotten a burn at least. Anyway, Andy and I just got back last night from an awesome trip to Burlington Vermont. It’s one of my favorite places. This time we splurged and stayed at a hotel downtown, so all the bars and restaurants are walking distance. The weather was absolutely beautiful, we lucked out.


It was really hot there on Thursday, so we didn’t do too many outdoor activities. We (finally) went on the murder mystery lake cruise! It was a fun dinner cruise with a local theater company. Each week they change the mystery. This time it was a pirate theme, which is perfect. Andy and I made some initial guesses who the killer was going to be. I was actually right, and should have stuck to my guns.

The next day, we got bikes from our hotel and went on one half of the bike trail. We checked out this giant sundial along the water, it was really pretty! We also did our third Magic Hat brewery tour, it was fun. I tried some new beers, my favorite being Hocus Pocus. We went downtown for dinner, and I had some amazing kielbasa at the Farmhouse Tap & Grill. I recommend this place, if you’re ever in the Burlington Vermont area.


The next day, we decided to rent bikes along the waterfront. I regret this choice, as the bikes were heavy AF and refused to glide. So we did the other half of the bike trail, and did 10 miles total. My legs were ready to give way by the end of it, I would have been fine if we had used a standard mountain bike. We did spend our nights getting drinks at various places downtown. One of my favorites is the arcade. We also went to a balloon festival in Stowe. It was really cool! I brought my new DSLR with zoom lens for the occasion. Unfortunately, my stupid memory card is old and on it’s last leg. So it didn’t save some of my pictures. I’m ordering a new one from Amazon.


Oh yeah, before we left for Vermont, we rode bikes to check out local fireworks. It was a good choice, as the streets were very crowded, and traffic was terrible. We were able to zip around it on our bikes.


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I had a great time with my family this weekend. We all went up to my brothers cottage on the beach. It was nice to spend a few days at the beach. One day it was a little too cold for the beach, but I didn’t care. I still dragged my chair down and read a book. Don’t let the bastards get you down, yo! 

2015-07-06 09.35.54

Went to see fireworks on the beach. We got there early and got a good spot that could hold all of us, but the big show didn’t start until 9:30. One of my nieces fell asleep by the time the show started. My other niece complained that there were “too many” fireworks. haha! I wish I could sleep through fireworks, that is a serious skill.

Thankfully the beach house was fairly close to the fireworks, we were able to walk. But it was a tricky walk with no sidewalks and people parked on the side of the roads. So it was fun to squeeze my family and a stroller on the crowded streets. It was definitely crazy trying to get back, but it was so much better than driving! 

2015-07-06 09.35.00

My nephews Cornholio impression. Don’t worry, they’ve never watched Bevis & Butthead.

Anyway, I called off my diet for the weekend. There was no point in trying, I wasn’t staying home so there wasn’t a way to really stick to it. I didn’t care anyway, it’s too tricky to diet when you’re not at home prepping your own meals. Plus HOLIDAY! 

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