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I got my professional pictures back from the wedding photographer last week. I got 2200+ photos back. I tried to make a smaller album on Google, but it is still a lot of pictures.  I was sick of looking at the pictures last week, since I spent too much time trying to edit down. Even on Facebook the album is large, despite getting it down to 350. We’ll call that a small achievement, haha.

I love how the pictures came out. I tried to just edit down the collages for this post. It’s still probably a lot, but I’m tired of editing down pictures, I need to get on booking my honeymoon!


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2015-09-28 12.45.18

I stayed up “late” the other night to check out this whole red blood super moon thing. I figured, why not? These are my best 3 pictures of the event. The first two phases I took with my nice camera, the last one was with my regular camera. Then I tried to go to bed, but couldn’t fall asleep. Fun times!


I didn’t even bother with my phone!

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Myself and cousin from France around 1995. I “Taylor Swift-ed” the photo for effect

My relatives from France sent me a funny surprise on Facebook, a few pictures from when they visited us around 1995. I was apparently going through a phase where I thought it was cool to shorten myself. I remember I got the idea from a music video, but I couldn’t tell you which one (definitely not Skee-Lo). I was sporting my “let’s do lunch” Garfield shirt I got from Dot’s. If you look close enough, you’ll see my cousin and I are sporting hair wraps. We were cool cats indeed! Speaking of, hair wraps need to come back! I used to do them myself with friendship bracelet string. I could make a living sitting on park benches with a basket full of string wrapping peoples hair.

I haven’t seen my cousins since the last time I went to France and Italy. That was when I was in high school. It was so long ago, I’m pretty sure I rode a dinosaur to the Eiffel Tower. But hopefully I will see them later on this year when we are taking a family trip to Italy for a wedding. I’m hoping to have enough time to hop a bullet train to Paris, since the dinosaurs are extinct nowadays. 

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I had a pretty chill weekend, I didn’t want to get carried away since I just returned to reality on Thursday. I still regret coming back, can I become a zombie burlesque dancer?! Anyway, there was some partying and drinking but nothing crazy. Fotor0601171221I got some new jewelry which I’m excited to wear! I was too lazy to take pictures of all of it, so I included a few pieces. I love cheapo costume jewelry. For me it’s about quantity not quality, haha! I like pairing jean jackets with dresses, so I wore the jacket with my cobalt Express dress. I love sunny days so I can wear my only expensive sunglasses, a pair of RayBan vagabonds. I also took some artsy-fartsy pictures of a cool lamp I saw.


Along my walk yesterday, I took lots of flower pictures. I should have taken it easy since I don’t feel great, but too late now! 


We also did a bit of shopping over the weekend. Andy bought some Lego’s and I was happy he got a set that includes R2D2 as a bar. Or baR2-D2 in this case? Andy has the patience for building things, I don’t. I just watch a movie while he assembles his creations. 

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I’m finally getting around to posting my living room pictures. I attached my fish-eye lens for most of these.

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?


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