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Sneak peek of the professional photos. I can’t wait to see them all!

I got married eight days ago, and am finally getting around to writing about it. I didn’t really have time to take many pictures on my own phone, so I saved a bunch from wedding guests on Facebook. I made them into some collages. In case you couldn’t tell, it was a Star Wars theme. We had a lot of fun with it. 

I experimented with a video collage, no idea how it’s going to translate into this blog post. I didn’t select music, so I also don’t know what the sound will be, so be warned! Anyway, I was a bit anxious the last week before the wedding. I didn’t sleep much the night before. But that was to be expected. Everything went really well! Our ceremony was short and sweet, and my brother was the officiant. He dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi. I did an R2D2 inspired hair style, I even dyed my purple hair streak to blue.


I felt like a pinball for most of the reception, just jumping around from thing to thing. I tried to enjoy as much as possible, I danced, ate, drank, used the photo booth, and had a great time. But man, the day did fly by! I did have to escape periodically for pictures, but that was to be expected. Andy hates pictures, so that wasn’t fun for him. 


I am a little sad it’s over, but also relieved. I spent so much time planning, that it is nice to have spare time and income! I can’t wait for the professional photos, I’ll be sure to post my favorites later on. We aren’t going on a honeymoon until early next year. So we went to the Cape for a few days after the wedding. We were really fortunate to have awesome weather for the wedding and Cape. It’s was very warm for late September. But I can’t wait for the fall weather to kick in, I love boot season.


I just realized I collaged the same photo twice. Oh well!






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Are you ready for some barf salad this morning? Well too bad, I have important news of the romantical-type nature! I GOT ENGAGED! Crazy, right? I’m so excited, I may shoot lasers out of my eyes, and beep furiously…as any lady-Droid would do!


It’s a freaking R2D2 ring. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined getting something this COOL!

I’ve been absent from my blog because I planned to type up a nice post about this occasion. But ever since this happened, I’ve been too busy to sit down and write. I got engaged on a random Wednesday night in our kitchen. I’m not a cheesy-romantic type so a non-public proposal was a-okay with me. Andy wanted to do something special over the weekend, but the weather was showing snow at the time.

He had been working on this ring for about six months or so. This was between a jeweler drafting a design, saving money, and waiting for the jeweler to work his Jedi-magic. Apparently the ring was finally ready, and he just couldn’t wait to show me!

So while I was putting away clean glasses in the kitchen, Andy sidled up to me, and popped the question. I was stunned for a moment, followed by saying “OH MY GOD” several hundred times. He then asked me what my answer was, I didn’t realize I never actually ANSWERED. So (of course) I said yes. I mean, IT’S AN R2D2 RING! My mind started flipping out. I was shaking a little, and my right armpit would not stop sweating. Lovely picture, eh?

While waiting for my heart-rate to level, I began contacting family and close friends to tell them. We waited until we were heading out to dinner to finally make this “Facebook Official”. Now the wedding plans begin, there will definitely be some Star Wars elements to the big day. I’m actually looking forward to planning, because I want to think up Star Wars ideas. I mean, I can’t have a normal/romantic type wedding. That isn’t my style, I want to have a fun time filled with people and things I love (LIKE STAR WARS!). We also plan to stay local for the wedding, so no Disney World for us.


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Andy surprised me with a nice gift last night! He got me a 1/6 movie replica R2D2. I can’t wait to add him to my mantle, but we’re not done playing with him first. He comes with all sorts of parts and pieces, including a stand that lights up to recreate the Leia hologram! It’s the best R2 I have yet and I love it! This was definitely a nice surprise to come home to when we’ve all been stuck in this snowy hell and my apartment windows are springing leaks. Too bad I can’t train R2 to clean up the leaky water.

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I’ve been wanting an R2D2 bathing suit for a few years now. But the only website that had them (at the time) wanted to charge $100. Yeah, NO THANKS! As much as a I love me some R2, I couldn’t justify $100 for a screen print one-piece bathing suit. After that, I never bothered to check again until a week ago. I was filming a #VEDA video about obsessions when I got to thinking about that bathing suit. I did a quick Google search and it yielded some super-cheap results. I guess waiting a few years paid off, because now other companies have knocked off this bathing suit.


I ordered it from this China-based online shop. I have no idea how reliable it is, but I used PayPal and my order came to less than $12. So I figured it was worth the risk if I end up having to open a PayPal claim from a potentially sketchy website. I should have searched more though, they have lots of them on eBay for about the same price. Oh well! I just hope my Chinese bathing suit arrives before I go on vacation. Otherwise I’ll throw on some tights and be Droid Lady GaGa for Halloween. 

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It’s called “Let’s See How Many Days (or Hours) Germana Makes It Before Buying This” (#LSHMDOHGMIBBT?). In this round, we have two really cute dresses. One is a TARDIS dress and the other is (of course) R2D2. I already have an R2D2 skirt, so maybe I can talk myself out of getting that one. But it’s R2D2, so there is no talking out of anything when it comes to the Droid that holds my heart. Thankfully, neither of these dresses are expensive, ranging in price from $40-45 each. But still, I don’t need any more dresses. =|

I’ve been eyeing the R2D2 dress and just noticed they now have my size  in stock. So I’m giving myself only a couple of days of resistance before I  (inevitably) fold and buy. Now I have to think of occasions to wear them. Let’s see if I can make it until Wednesday/Thursday (which I think is the day the new cycle on credit card starts). HA!

Capture2 R2D2

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I had a great lazy morning yesterday. I slept until 10:30am and watched Trading Places and Coming to America. Once I start watching Eddie Murphy movies, I can’t stop! Thankfully, there wasn’t a Beverely Hills Cop marathon on, or I would have missed Christmas Eve. Last night, I went to visit my parents for Christmas Eve dinner. We don’t usually open gifts on Christmas Eve anymore, so no different this year. I sorta miss those days, but glad I got to do it when I was younger. We won’t be opening gifts until tonight, so no gift opening for me yet! I didn’t ask for anything this year, so I’m happy with gift cards and what ever I get. In retrospect,  I should have asked for voice activated R2D2, he also dances and plays tag! Maybe for my birthday? haha!

 Anyway, I stuffed my face with good food and can’t wait to have some more later.  I have a big family, so I mostly give out gift cards each year. It’s too hard to tell what each of my nieces and nephews like from year to year. Gift cards are definitely the way to go with teenagers. I did get my little nieces and nephew actual gifts, I’m sure they will like what I got them! It’s great to watch little ones open gifts and get really excited. Anyway, I  must get back to doing laundry and watching A Christmas Story for the 8th time in a row. Merry Christmas!



In case you were wondering, Dunkin Donuts is open! They were nice enough to leave me a note on my iced coffee.

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The R2D2 Christmas lights I ordered finally came in! The hazard of ordering them closer to Christmas is that you don’t know if they will arrive on time. But, the advantage is waiting until they go on sale! I got a good deal on them, so that’s how I ended up with 2 sets. One for my tree and other along the mantle. I didn’t need a new stocking, but a friend informed me that Target has Star Wars stockings, so I couldn’t resist. Oh yeah, Kelly sent me a pin on Pinterest of R2D2 and C3PO ornament set from Target. So, I knew I had to break my rule of going to a store during a holiday season for a good cause! It wasn’t easy to find the ornament set, I had to dig through a ton of Mickey Mouse ornaments to snag the last ones! See also: I have problems.


R2D2 stocking and lights!


Yay, the tree is complete!

Today, I had the satisfying feeling of shutting off my alarm clock, and realizing I don’t have to go back to work until 2014. WOOHOO! I love not having to wake up at the crack of dawn. This week, our trivia team came in 4th place. Not too shabby, but we could have done better. There were a few questions we knew the answers to, but second guessed ourselves out of a right answer. Oh well, it happens all too often.

One of the few things I like about winter is the return of Harpoon Winter Warmer beer. I definitely had some out of a football glass the other night. I was also excited that my masquerade mask came in for the party I’m going to. But, our plans might change since there is a band we want to see more on the same night. Not sure which one will win out, but I can’t get my money back on the pretty mask. So, I might have to figure out what else to use the mask for.



I have a hair appointment tomorrow, I desperately need my blue streak re-done. It’s so faded that you can’t tell it was ever blue. My hair stylist says she will be trying another blue dye on me, hopefully that will work better. Oh yeah, just to further solidify how crazy I am, i discovered the glory that is Starrily nailpolish when I got a promo code for. it. My shopping cart may contain a horrifying amount of nail colors, but I did do my best to pair it down before ordering it. I can’t wait to try the colors and review them. Well, I’m in need of a shower before I head out tonight.

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