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I guess it takes planning a wedding to figure out how nuts some people can be. While brides and grooms can go crazy under all the stress, family can also be a cause of drama. Not sure if I actually posted about this before. But I’m already typing. So, let’s go back to a little over a year ago when Andy and I were sending out wedding invitations for our September wedding. We sent the invites out in early June, giving people about 2 ½ months to respond in August. This detail is key. He has two first cousins that are sisters. We invited both, one of them is married and the other (we thought) was single. Since we wanted to keep the wedding small(ish) we didn’t offer a lot of +1’s out until we had a better idea of how many relatives from Italy were coming from my side. We gave a +1 to the cousin that is married for her husband, and didn’t give one to the (presumed) single sister. Now, had the cousin that didn’t get a +1 contact us, we could have added on. Let’s also preface this by saying, I’m not very “bridal” so I didn’t really brush up on wedding invite etiquette either. But, Andy and I aren’t formal people anyway. So we trust that if there were issues, people would tell us directly.

 Anyway, so a couple weeks go by and we get two RSVP cards back from each sister. They both declined, and didn’t offer any kind of explanation to us as to why they couldn’t go. Let’s keep in mind, they basically sent the RSVP cards back practically right away. So we find out from Andy’s mom, the married cousin can’t go because she couldn’t find a babysitter. Ummm, what?! You have like 3 ½ months to find one!! So that’s clearly a bullshit excuse right there. I don’t think the other sister really even came up with an excuse. But the theory is, they are upset she didn’t get a plus one. Which AGAIN, had someone contacted us directly, we could have rectified the situation.

Andy was upset about their immature behavior, and basically cut off contact with them. People fail to understand it’s someone else’s wedding, not their own. So the bride and groom can do whatever they want with their wedding. Since Andy cut off contact with them, it just leaves me, as their Facebook friend. I didn’t hear anything from them until recently. 

 It turns out, the other sister has a boyfriend. They got engaged recently, and have been planning their wedding. Well, she sent ME a message on FB telling me they set their wedding date. They selected THE SAME DAY Andy and I got married. I shit you not. She also was explaining the reasoning behind selecting the date. To be honest, I don’t really care that they picked the same wedding date as us, or the reasoning. Just find it funny, that they decide to tell us why they picked the same wedding date as us, but couldn’t offer to tell us why they couldn’t go to our wedding.

Andy wasn’t ever planning on going to their wedding to begin with after their behavior. So no sweat off my back. But the mere fact they have the audacity to think we would even GO to their wedding is asinine. Oh ok, sure, I’m going to go to your wedding when you both were such divas about mine? Sorry guys, I can’t find a dog sitter this late in the game.

So I declined their RSVP and mailed it back within days of getting it. I am not offering up any kind of explanation to them either.  Andy didn’t want to respond at all, but I don’t have any intention of adding more fuel to the fire. I also declined the wedding shower. I didn’t actually know when it was, because Andy tossed the invite before I could take note. But I did have the courtesy of letting them know I couldn’t make it. I am being polite to their invitations and messages, since I’m not interested in adding more drama. I don’t think they know about this blog either, otherwise I wouldn’t post my rant. But hey, I wish them well. Just don’t expect Andy and I to be part of their lives.  



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Okay, I’m a bit ashamed of myself. I know customer service people don’t really have it easy. They are basically the front line of the battle with crazy and dissatisfied customers. So let’s go back to December 18th. I ordered a cute pair of shoes that cost nearly $100. I only wore them maybe five times, and it was always indoors around the office. I noticed a few weeks ago, the back heel tab split open on one of the shoes. I snapped some pics and emailed customer service on June 27th. Which is about 6 months and 10 days after order placement. This detail is key.

I got a sort of canned response back from the customer service rep I was working with the following day. Basically stating I was out of luck, because they could only replace defective shoes up to 6 months after order date. I argued back and forth with them, pointing out we were only 10 days out of the 6 month period, surely they can make an exception for the defect? No dice. The best they could muster was 20% off my next pair of shoes. I declined the offer, noting that would involve me spending MORE MONEY, instead of giving me money back.

I opted to call instead, this was a bad idea. My blood pressure was already climbing . I was nice at first, requesting a refund. Noting this pair is clearly defective, I didn’t wear them more than 5 times, and we’re only 10 days out from the six month replacement date. I got nowhere. Even though I was speaking with a different customer service rep, I got the same canned response about not being able to accept returns/refunds after 6 months. This was reallllly starting to get my goat. So I turned into an angry white lady, yelling at this poor girl. Still, no dice! Usually when you lose your shit, they would at least try to find a resolution. Nope, nada. I may have even yelled something about reaching out to the head of the company about this. oh yes, I’m ashamed to say, Dear Diary, that I went there during my crazed tirade. SIDE NOTE, I actually did call and apologize to her later. I’m not a total asshole.

Anyway, I figured either the customer service team has really poor training, or the company doesn’t give them the tools to really HELP a customer. In retrospect, since they were so unhelpful, I should have changed my tactics. I should have asked them what the options are, that don’t involve me spending any more money. For instance offering a comparable pair of shoes for free.  I would happily return the defective pair. Incidentally, the pair I bought is no longer sold.

So what did I do? I actually reached out to the president of the company. I should be ashamed. Andy was able to find his name due to some swift Googling. Unfortunately, his search skills did not yield contact info. I was able to figure that out myself. I basically tried various permutations of his name with the companies email extension. My fourth attempt worked! 

He actually got back to me quickly and was super nice! I wasn’t expecting him to respond, but I gave it a shot. He ended up offering me a free pair of shoes, which is the resolution I was hoping for, since a refund was not in the cards. I was happy with this outcome, as $100 shoes should certainly last longer than a few wears. But I truly hope the company can give the customer service team the tools to succeed going forward. I’m glad it’s resolved, but I hope other people don’t end up in my shoes (pardon the pun) and not able to get a refund if they end up with a defective pair of shoes days after the 6 month policy window ends. 

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I ordered a bridesmaids dress for my BFF Ginny’s wedding off Amazon. She opted to let us pick our own dresses, which is great. So I thought I found a great option and ordered it, despite the $20 shipping charge. Not only that, the dress would take almost a month to arrive. I think the long lead time had to do with the shipping location, and the seller supposedly custom stitching the dress to your specified measurements. I ordered the dress, despite the expensive shipping cost and shipping time. They asked for my measurements, and I sent them along right away to avoid delays.

About 3-4 weeks later, I got the dress. The color wasn’t what I was expecting, but I guess it is regency purple (since I ordered another dress from a different seller and the color is the same). The fabric on the skirt was also not what I was expecting. But I guess that can be the hazard of ordering things online? That is beside the point. The dress was about six sizes too large. Yes, SIX! I have no idea why they bothered asking for measurements when they clearly didn’t bother checking. Ugh.  I contacted the seller and sent them the measurements of the dress vs the measurements I gave them. After some back and forth, involving me taking loads of pictures with a measuring tape to show the size difference and screenshots of my original email to them, they agreed the dress was totally wrong. Uh, NO DUH!

Instead of being normal and offering me a full refund, they wanted to offer a partial refund and use the money to get it altered. I kid you not. I LOL’d at this, and declined. I’m pretty sure it would cost more than the full price of the dress with the crazy shipping to get it altered. Not only that, I don’t actually think the dress could be altered that much. You’re really only supposed to take dresses down two sizes, not six. So they gave me the refund on the dress, not the shipping. This was not acceptable to me. After all, it wasn’t my fault they sent the completely wrong size.

They said I could keep the dress as it was “customized to my measurements” [**COUGH**] and couldn’t resell it. Which I find perplexing, but whatever.

At this point, I was a bit sick of dealing with this seller as it was like pulling teeth to get them to admit the error and refund me. So a couple days later, I opted to reach out to Amazon directly to see if they could get my shipping refunded, or at least get it as Amazon credit. I guess what ended up happening was I opened claim. Since I’m not a seller, I don’t know how severe claims are against your seller rating. I ended up getting a sob story from the seller, saying she could lose her job…etc. I’m guessing they must have other claims against them, in order for the seller to freak.

I have no idea if her story is true or not, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and cancelled the claim. This allowed her the chance to refund my shipping without my re-opening it. Now suddenly, she wanted me to send the dress back?! She claimed it was part of the Amazon policy, but seeing as I cancelled the claim, I have my doubts.

She sent me an address of a person named Alex…who apparently doesn’t have a last name to ship the dress. I was mad at this point. So I opted to wait a few days before replying back. But hey, I’m still mad. So I called her out on the mysterious person with no last name, and told her I’d be happy to send the dress back, once she gives me a prepaid label to do so. TBD on what happens now, I’m expecting another sob story. In the meantime, I got another dress. I’m not in love with it, but it fits and it’s appropriate for the wedding. 




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I don’t do politics. I get easily frustrated with political candidates, and everyone with a keyboard blasting their views all over social media. I don’t mind people sharing their views, that isn’t what this post is about. I don’t really understand why certain issues are still issues in 2015? Get with the program, people! I get frustrated because I do not have a political party affiliation that suits me. I registered as a Democrat when I was eighteen, because EVERYONE [except Alex P. Keaton] is a Democrat when they register. 

But now I’m older, wiser, and pay taxes. Which means my needs have changed. That leaves me a bit marooned. When it comes time to vote, I generally go with the lesser of two evils. I’ve concluded I will NEVER find a candidate I like and trust. This is a truly depressing conclusion. I also can’t watch debates or over-run myself with articles. I used to do that, and all it did was leave me seething and full of questions. So now I just “opt out”. I know this isn’t really effective, and I’m taking the somewhat-ignorant escape route. But at this point, I’ll take that blissful ignorance. You can find me on an abandoned island drinking bathtub gin from a coconut during the zombie apocalypse. 

I would like to add, I do vote. I wish I lived in a swing-state where my vote would hold more weight.

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Remember in the 90’s, when all of a sudden people went on a “save $5 on a big screen TV at Walmart on Black Friday” frenzy to secure their child a Tickle Me Elmo for the holidays? The price of a $20 Elmo went into the hundreds and people were insane enough to pay for it! I actually never had a Tickle Me Elmo, but I do remember people losing their shit over him.

Ever since I spotted the interactive R2D2 in the Skymall catalog on my way home from Nashville, I wanted one. HE PLAYS TAG, DANCES, AND FOLLOWS YOUR COMMANDS! Also, he will carry your beer around for you. Clearly they kept the kids in mind with this one.


Anyway, this was (of course) before Skymall went the way of Buffalo Bill. I found it on Amazon for around $150, and that was much cheaper than Skymall (which is probably the reason they went under). But I never got around to buying it. [EDITORS NOTE: I guess Skymall was revived after another company bought them out.]

Cue to now. All of a sudden, the price has gone INSANELY high for said dancin’ R2. If I was iffy about paying $150 for it to begin with, I sure as fudge won’t pay $300-$400 for it now. So I need to find an email address for Amazon (LOL) and ask them if they plan to get more in stock. I’m (a new) hope(ing) if they flood the R2 market with more of my beer-toting friend, the prices will drop more dramatically than a Sally Field award acceptance speech. Wish me luck!

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Let me just Rantasaurus Rex here, for a minute. I really hate when people throw last-minute parties and “don’t get” how you already have plans on basically every Saturday. Birthdays generally don’t change dates (maybe people lie about the year, but the day itself stays put). So I don’t understand why people can’t plan IN ADVANCE?! If you want to throw something together for my mother’s birthday, let’s try making arrangements at least a month or two in advance. That way it’s not half-assed, and gives people time to align schedules.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love my parents. But I already got my mom a card and a gift (Read: I PLANNED IN ADVANCE!). I assumed we would get her a cake and some flowers and plan something for a SUNDAY. Which is the day of the week we all try to get together on, regardless. So my sibling sends a group message today asking if Sunday 11/1 works to do something for her birthday (at that point it would be a belated gathering), but I said it would.

Then all of a sudden, the day they initially suggested doesn’t work. It’s like why did you use that date to begin with?! So let’s just change to this Saturday, because you shouldn’t already have plans, right?! After more back and forth, I just said I’m out unless it’s some kind of lunch thing. I feel bad, but you can’t plan last-minute shit and expect everyone to stop, drop, and roll! I also told them I already got her a gift. My sibs are also awesome at buying expensive, last-minute gifts and expecting everyone to chip in for it. I put the Kibosh on that. Unless I’m given enough notice, don’t stiff me with essentially buying 2 gifts and a last-minute party to boot. Just to create a good example, I’m going to set a reminder for at least 30 days in advance next year. That way nobody can “spring” a party on me. 

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I get people like to raise money/awareness for causes by holding charity 5K,8K,10k, whateverK, races. But do they really need to be held in a major city? OR GOD forbid, have people do the run on the sidewalks?! I knew there was some kind of run business being held yesterday, but nobody told me they would be blocking off streets that are off mine, so people have to make U-turns on a narrow street with traffic coming at you in both directions. THINK YOU COULD WARN PEOPLE NEXT TIME?! Also, could you maybe not schedule two different runs at the same time? I mean, most people have places to be and things to do. We can’t be stuck circling in an endless loop of closed streets!

My suggestion is to hold these events at a field, stadium, or your local treadmill. I don’t think we need to close off major city streets for people to walk around, especially when there are perfectly good sidewalks available. Better yet, let’s designate an island or under populated town to hold all these races! That way you don’t need to inconvenience people that are NOT involved with the event. No need to be selfish guys, let’s find a solution!

I’m posting this without irony. I’m complaining about running events when I’m actually going to one this week. But at least it’s at a stadium, so there aren’t any blocked off streets involved. See, guys? Some races know how to do things right!

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