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Nomad cosmetics shadow singles, Urban Decay Distortion, Juvia’s Place Douce, and Too Faced Chocolate Gold

I have done most of my Christmas shopping by now. All I have left is my younger nieces and nephews, plus my parents and in-laws. Considering how lengthy my Christmas list is, that is an achievement. In the mix, I bought myself some things as well. I got a bunch of new shoes over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and donated the old ones. It was time for an upgrade. I guess I’m getting old, because I splurged and got some quality pairs, instead of the ones I usually pick up from Forever 21 or Target. I mean, I’m not going to pass up a cute pair of shoes from either of those stores, but I want to pretend I’m an adult. 

Since it’s the holidays, a lot of new eye shadow palettes have been released. I was eyeing the Urban Decay Distortion palette, Too Faced Chocolate Gold, and the Juvia’s Place Douce.  There was some shipping drama with my Urban Decay palette though. Since I’m a Rouge member with Sephora, I got early access to it. So I ordered one for myself. Then I remembered one of my friends wanted one too, so I placed another order for her. Another friend also wanted it too, so I placed a third order. 

Unfortunately, Sephora uses Lasership and they tend to not deliver my packages before 10pm, which is problematic. I usually am asleep, or forget to check the porch before bed by the time it gets delivered. One of the orders actually got to me on time. The other got delivered at 10pm and sat on my porch until morning. The last order was “mis-sorted” and ended up someplace in East Who Cares New Jersey. I waited a few days before contacting Sephora. They said the package was lost and issued me a refund. But the eye shadow was sold out, so I couldn’t place another order. GAH! 

Thankfully, the shadow was re-released the following day. So I ordered another one, and opted to have it ship USPS. Through some odd stroke of luck, the order that was “lost”, got found. It was delivered on Saturday at 11:30PM. I grabbed later that night from the porch when I got home from the bar. I also did end up getting the 4th order yesterday. So lest Sephora charge me for the one that was refunded, I have returned one of the units. OMG, so much drama! But at least now my friends Christmas gift is in my hands. I have used basically all of these palettes at this point. But I need to get back into doing reviews. I think I’m going to upgrade my DSLR camera over Christmas, so I can take some nice pictures of swatches and things for reviews. Stay tuned!


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I just noticed I haven’t reviewed anything in a while. Oops! Well we can fix that. I got a bunch of things from Sephora over the last few months. So I’ll talk about a few of them right now, and save some for later. I started using the Farsali “Rose Gold Elixir” and it’s my favorite thing ever right now. The consistency is more of an oil. I generally use it at night and even put a tiny bit on my lips. I don’t actually know if you’re supposed to apply to lips, but I do. Let me tell you, it works miracles! I only use it once a day, so hopefully I won’t die if I continue to use it on my lips. It also does wonders for my skin. My skin feels plump, smooth, and moisturized in the morning. Bonus, there are tiny 24k gold flecks in the oil and you can use it as a makeup primer. Makes me feel so glam! Which reminds me, I need to review the Peter Thomas Roth “24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Prism Cream” at some point. I’ve been using that in the morning on top of my moisturizer. I think my goal in life is to look as youthful as C3PO? haha!

Next up is the Belif “Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream.” I always confuse Belief with Philosophy, they have similar packaging. I’ve only used this cream a few times, so I can’t say how well it works long-term. I’m waiting to use up my current eye cream before switching. But the consistency isn’t very creamy at all. It’s almost like a gel. So it’s not watery-looking, but a bit heavy. I don’t mind the texture, I actually don’t need a lot so I feel like it will help people use less product. It’s also a bit pricey, so it’s good that you don’t need to use a lot. I did find it moisturizes really well. I only have some fine lines and wrinkles, which are mostly caused from squinting a lot. Oops! I didn’t notice if it helped or not, but I generally only notice the lines when I apply powder makeup, or use a heavy concealer. So I think the heavy consistency will help makeup not settle into lines around my eyes.

I just got the Ciate “Dewy Stix.” I have an addiction to highlighters, so I had to try this. It’s not glittery like a typical highlighter, it’s more of a subtle shimmer. It is supposed to make your skin more dewy. It does that pretty well. It’s good for times when you want a subtle glow, and not look like a show pony. You can also use it to enhance your highlighter. The product can be used under any powder highlighter, which is cool. I haven’t tested this part yet, but I’ll try to report back when I do.


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REVIEW: Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask #Brandbacker #Valentiabeauty


I was selected by Brandbacker and Valentia to try the new Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask. I was very excited to be selected to test out this new product. I love using masks, so I jumped at the opp to use this one. It’s very easy to use, I washed then dried my face, and applied the mask. The clay has a bit of a scent to it, but it faded quickly when it was applied. I like that this mask has scrubbing beads built in, so you can exfoliate while you are rinsing the mask off. I left it on for about 20 minutes, rinsed/exfoliated. My skin tone looked much more even, after one use. I can’t wait to continue to use this mask!
Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask – Natural and Organic Ingredients – With Kaolin Clay, Hisbiscus & Cranberry Fibers

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.

– Kaolin Clay:Clay minerals draw impurities, improve skin tone, and tighten pores for smoother firmer skin.

– Plant Stem Cells:Naturally decreases the level of pro-aging toxins and works to soother the skin, reduce redness, and improve evenness.

– Spirulina: A botanical stimulant full of vitamins that hydrates the skins surface and contributes to tissue regeneration of the skin.

– CoQ10: Lessens the appearance of wrinkles by reducing free radical damage and stimulating health collagen production.

– Hibiscus & Cranberry Fibers: Both lend their anti-aging properties to firm and reinforce the skin, helping to reduce the creation of new wrinkles.

About the Brand:
The Roman Goddess of healing, Valentia, relied on nature’s gifts to heal the citizens of Umbria. People like Matriarchs seeking to maintain their youthful look, farmers seeking help for sun damaged skin, Valentia used berries, herbs, barks, and other natural ingredients. They rely on all natural ingredients due to their protective, preventative, and corrective powers. Just like their namesake, Valentia Skin Care products have been formulated with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients that will repair and protect the skin. Valentia listens to their customers, and do extensive research into using natural ingredients in their products. They also are sure to use products that are free of toxins and parabens. 






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2016-01-29 12.25.35

My hair feels and smells amazing, you guys!

It was about time to replenish some of my favorite items from Lush. While I was at it, I added a few new things to my cart to try. This haul I picked up some, Handy Gurugu cream, Mint Julips lip scrubOcean Salt cleanser,  Jungle solid conditioner, Jason & the Argan Oil solid shampoo, Mask of Magnaminty, and some tins for the soaps.

I love the handy cream as it contains a lot of cocoa butter and it keeps my hands nice and moist. I mostly use it before bed in the winter months. So it actually takes me a while to use up the whole tub. I also ran out of my favorite lip scrub. I only get the mint flavor, but they offer other flavors as well. My favorite part, the scrub is edible! So you can lick  your lips when you’re done.

I finally ran out of the ocean salt scrub, so I picked up another batch. I’ve been using the self-preserving kind, but I don’t like it as much as the regular ocean salt scrub, so I switched back. I love how it tingles when you use it and it smells great too!

I finally decided to dip my toe into the solid shampoo and conditioners. I’m trying them out for when I travel.  I usually do carry-on only when I fly because it’s easier/cheaper. So switching to solid shampoo and conditioner will save more space in my tiny ziplock bag for other liquids. I have to say, I actually love solid shampoo and conditioner way more than I thought. I’m considering switching to them full-time, once I use up my fancy color-care shampoo. The solid shampoo is a learning curve though, I used way to much my first time thinking it would take forever to lather. That was not the case! I will need to be more careful next time and only use a small amount. The conditioner is great too! It’s difficult to gauge how much to use, but my hair wasn’t a tangle when I got out of the shower, so I think I’m good. Side note, my hair smells, feels, and looks amazing! I may be addicted to their shampoo and conditioners now. Plus I noticed little to no hair breakage. That is huge because my thick hair sheds like crazy.

Lastly, I got some more Mask of Magnaminty. I haven’t used it in a long time, but I’m on a mask kick, so picked some up. I love the tingle of this mask and skin feels great after! Now I have to plot what other shampoo and conditioners to try next. 

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2016-01-06 11.07.56

I decided to try Wantable styling service. I wanted try something new, so I’m giving Wantable a try! If you want to sign up, please use my referral link so I can get credit. I started off by filling out a style quiz, so your stylist knows what items you prefer. You can also send them a note if you want outfits for a specific reason, like a party. I paid the $20 styling fee, which can be used towards items that you want to keep. I found all the items under $80 each when they arrived. I find the prices a bit higher than I would normally pay for tops, but the quality is quite nice! I ended up keeping 3 of the 5 items from my shipment. This service is very similar to StitchFix, which I have used before. I have also used Wantable for their makeup subscription box, that I loved. But I didn’t end up using after the first shipment because they were a bit pricier than other makeup boxes.

2016-01-06 11.09.11
This round I got the Skinny Ink Denim jeans ($69), Wantable Mixed Media Sweater ($78), Olivaceious V Neck high Low Top ($55), Shoney jacket ($80), and Dex Sleeveless Woven Snake Print Top ($59). I wanted to keep the jeans, but I found them a tad tight. Despite getting them a size up than I normally am, they just weren’t comfortable. I didn’t keep the mixed media sweater, it was too pricey and odd for me. I mean, I think it sorta grew on me, despite the look on my face. But in the end, the price was too high. I did end up keeping the gray V neck sweater, it is very cute and comfy. I also really loved the jacket, it’s amazing! I also adore the snake print top, I had to keep it too. I ended up wearing a cami under it, since the back has an open strip. It’s a little too cold for me to be wearing vented shirts, but it will be great in the summer. Overall, I really like Wantable so far!

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2015-07-16 09.58.42

I was selected to try Rocksbox free for three months.  I’ve become an IT Girl, and you can try Rocksbox too, use my ref code (germanabff)! Once you sign up for Rocksbox, you take a style quiz. Then you get three pieces sent to you on loan. The pieces are selected based off your style quiz by stylists. But you can also create a wishlist and they will sometimes include those pieces as well. Or you can specifically request a piece from your wishlist. I thought this was pretty cool!

I got my third Rocksbox set the other day. This one is my favorite one yet. To the point where I might splurge and buy all three pieces. I got a gorgeous SLATE Spiked Out Necklace in Gold ($65 insider price, or $82 full retail), Gorjana Crescent Studs ($28 insider price, or $35 full retail), and Gorjana Wrap Arrow Midi Ring ($28 insider price, $35 full price). I’ve been on a midi ring kick lately, so I’m happy they sent me one. Although it is a bit pricey! But I definitely want to keep at least the necklace, we’ll see about the rest. I can’t wait to wear all these pieces!

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I was selected by BrandBacker to try Restful Sleep™ herbal supplements. I was excited because, I LOVE SLEEP! So not only do I get try a natural product that helps promote restful sleep, but I get to uhh…SLEEP! I’ve been using it for a few days now and love the results! I noticed right away that it helped me relax and get a little sleepy. My first night I didn’t sleep so well, but the last two nights have been great.

So what do these pills do? They are a natural sleep supplement that calms your mind, so you can wake up refreshed, not drowsy. These use traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and essential minerals that:

– Calm and quiet a restless mind and body
– Promote a full night’s restful sleep
– Nourish chi to bring harmony and balance into the body
– Promote calm throughout the day
– Restore vitality to the spleen and heart organ systems

Can’t fall asleep? Wake up several times during the night? Trouble feeling rested even after a full night’s sleep? Oftentimes an overactive mind is what keeps us from getting a full—and good—night’s sleep (AMEN!). But traditional Chinese medicines dicate, your spleen is KEY to healthy sleep. Who would have thought?! That’s why Dr. Yan Ping Xu, certified practitioner of Oriental medicine and board certified herbalist, developed a safe, non-addictive, natural sleep supplement. The supplements help restore balance to your spleen (and whole body) chi (energy), so you can have a full night of restorative sleep and wake up refreshed, never drowsy.

The bottom line, when your spleen chi is out of balance, you can experience worry, fatigue, anxiety, and restlessness. Bu you can get your spleen (and whole body) chi back in balance. These pills use ancient Chinese herbs restore and rebalance chi for a good night’s sleep.The ancient herbal blend that the Chinese have been relying on for thousands of years,is called Yi-Fang. Dr. Xu personally selects each herb on her yearly trips to China, then makes sure each herb is processed, purified, and sterilized to remove any toxins—all done right here in the U.S.A.

Not only is yi-Fang used, she also included modern-day nutrients to help prepare your body to accept the herbs. This includes calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These nutrients help the herbs absorb into your body faster. The best part, unlike other traditional Chinese herbal remedies,she put all these potent herbs and Western nutrients into one daily dose of easy-to-take capsules! Unlike a lot of sleep remedies, Restful Sleep provides a gentle, restorative sleep. It doesn’t knock you out. Restful Sleep was created to work like an “off switch” to a hyperactive mind. If you’ve have not been sleeping well for years, it may take a short while to achieve great sleep so you use it consistently for best results. Dr. Xu tells her patients to “keep taking Restful Sleep and in a couple of weeks you’ll see that you are sleeping longer and better than you have in years.”



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Reader Discount Code: SAVEREST
ave 20% off your first purchase of Restful Sleep sold by Healthy Directions on Amazon.com. Promotion code expires 12/31/15
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