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[Photo] October Ipsy goodies!

My Ipsy bag for October has arrived! This month I got, City Color Be Matte Lipstick,  Figs & Rouge Hand Cream, Jesse’s Girl Mineralized Baked Shadow, and Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Wipes. Now I can’t be sure, but I thought I was also supposed to get the Acacia Protein BB Cream for Hair. I’ll have to ask them if I was supposed to get that or not. I haven’t used all the items yet. But I’ve tried out the eye shadow, hand cream, and facial wipes.

The hand cream has a really nice scent and moisturizes pretty well. The eye shadow came in handy this weekend because it ended up matching the face paint I chose. I used it to touch up my lids a little before heading to a Halloween party. It worked really well, I’m happy they coincidentally sent me the shade that matches my Halloween costume. Haha! Speaking of face paint, the facial wipes really helped get every last bit of blue paint and glitter off my face. The wipes have a really nice smell and they are foamy. I think I might order some when I run out of the face wipes I currently use. 


Photo of the face paint


I purchased the Ipsy subscription on my own. All opinions are my own.


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I gotta admit, I was bit disappointed in my Birch Box this month. I’ve decided to stop my subscription and just stick with Julep Maven and Ipsy for monthly boxes for now. I will keep my eyes open for other monthly boxes to try. This month I got a Birch Box phone screen cleaner, dry shampoo, skin transformer, incredi-peel sample, body butter, and a lip crayon. I really like the Camille Beckman body butter! It’s a nice luxurious cream that absorbs quickly. I also tried the LAQA & Co Lil’ Lip crayon, it went on bold and smooth. I would definitely try those products again. I’ll report back once I try the other samples. I also tried the screen cleaner on my phone and it does what is says it will, so no complaints there.

Oh yeah, just in case I ever need to reaffirm the fact I’M FREAKING CRAZY, I finally made Sephora VIB Rouge status. Yup, I’ve crossed the threshold into bat-shit crazy here people. Anyway, I have to get ready to sell some Avon at my friends party today, wish me luck! It’s my first party selling Avon and I’m no salesperson, this should be interesting.  


 *DISCLAIMER: I was not asked or paid to review these products, I purchased the products on my own. All opinions are my own. 

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I joined Yelp the other day to give a restaurant some constructive criticism, blame my Virgo-ness. Although most of my reviews are good, I am using it to get my 8th grade revenge (sorry, Mean Girls reference). With smaller places that I didn’t like, I was careful to include constructive criticism and not judge them too harshly. But the big places that have royally pissed me off for one reason or another, got put in their place.  Here is a snippet from one:

I’ll give it two stars because the food is good. The first time I went I had a good time. I got to mini bowl, yes MINI BOWL. It was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately,  I went back again on what I like to call “disco and dress-code Gestapo Saturdays” and it was my private hell. Disregarding the fact that we absolutely couldn’t move an inch to save our lives, my boyfriend was asked to check his Old Navy hooded sweatshirt by the dress code Gestapo. Yes, an Old Navy sweatshirt.  Also, it goes without saying that the zombie reincarnation of Stalin wearing an Old Navy hoodie probably had better odds of getting a table or a lousy string of bowling in before we did. Oh yes, and while I was continuously shuffled around to avoid being pushed, they seemed to pipe in a never ending stream of disco hits. I was dismayed to find that disco, in fact, didn’t die. It made me want to choke Donna Summer.

Moral of the story, don’t go on a weekend unless you’ve made a reservation 5 years in advance.

I also wanted to add this in regard to the hooded sweatshirt ordeal, but I figured the review was dripping with enough sarcasm already. I realize your anti-hooded sweatshirt crusade is a vain attempt at curbing gang warfare at your hoppin’ disco bowling establishment. You could remedy this by charging a small cover, thus eliminating the need to have a coat check for sweatshirts. No thug will pay a cover to stab someone when they simply wait in the parking lot and do it for FREE.

[EDIT:] The owner contacted me and offered us some passes to give them another try. That was really nice of him! Turns out, the hoodie thing was a request from patrons, not because the place happens to be in a town that has gang activity. We may give them another try. Thanks for caring, manager![/EDIT]


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